Metal Gear: Shadow Snake


A figure in a long, dark trench coat stood on the torch of the Statue of Liberty looking down as the rain fell from the sky. A small smile crossed his lips and he whipped some of his wet, shaggy blonde hair from his face as a large tanker began to travel below him across the water.

"Stealth Camo activate," He whispered as he threw off his trench coat to reveal only the outline of a man's body from the rain striking him.

Classic Cowboy presents …

He then dove from the torch and fired a grappling hook gun at the side of the massive statue before swinging around and landing gracefully behind a crate on the deck of the tanker.

"Stealth Camo deactivate," he spoke silently, and reached down to rub his pants, then smiled broadly, "finally got it …"

Kim Possible

He stood up and adjusted his skin-tight Sneak Suit before leaning against the crate to listen for any guards. He then pressed into his ear and spoke almost inaudibly, "Otacon, this is Shadow Snake reporting. I'm onboard, preparing to search for the explosives."

"Roger that, Shadow," the voice on the other end replied, "I'm not picking up any unusual radio activity; it looks like they haven't spotted you. Good hunting."

Metal Gear Solid

The seventeen year old soldier ran a gloved hand over his five o'clock shadow, and then stealthily made his way to the inside of the tanker. It was the anniversary of Nine Eleven, and after the events of that fateful and terrible day, the United States Government reinstated the legendary anti-terrorist organization: Foxhound. Foxhound had received reports of terrorists sneaking a great number of explosives on this very tanker into New York Harbor.

Shadow snuck behind a guard and quickly and efficiently snapped his neck, then dragged him to a locker, "Sorry about that, nothing personal," he said, shoving the body into the locker.

He then eased into the cargo bay of the ship, and his light brown eyes widened in shock, "Damn it … they've brought a nuke!"

Metal Gear: Shadow Snake

"Remember your training," Otacon said over Shadow's CODEC.

Shadow nodded, pulled a chaff grenade off his belt, and tossed it across the floor. It exploded in a shower of sparks causing the security cameras to spark and move wildly.

Shadow moved quickly across the floor of the cargo bay and approached the large nuclear bomb in the corner of the bay. 'Remember, think like KP,' Shadow thought to himself as he removed the panel of the bomb, 'she'd never freak in a situation like this, at least I don't think she would … a lot can change in three years, just look at me … can't think about this now, it's time to work.' He then started on removing the remote detonator and deactivating anything on the bomb that could set it off.

"Bomb Disabled," Shadow said through his CODEC, but as he did, the ship rocked violently, "What's going on?" he asked, leaning against the wall.

"Coast Guard," Otacon replied, "They fired torpedoes at the tanker when it wouldn't reply to hails and fired on a boarding party. The Tanker's going down!"

"Damn it," Shadow cursed as an alarm sounded on the large boat, "Sounds like they're on to me too now,"

"Get to the deck, Shadow," Otacon instructed, "Snake's on the way in a chopper, so hang on."

Shadow nodded and ran toward the doorway, but came to a screeching halt as three guards dashed in with automatic assault rifles. Shadow quickly drew his twin SOCOM pistols and fired on the three. He hit two between the eyes with deadly accuracy, and then rolled backwards to fire on the final guard, hitting him several times in the chest.

Holding the pistols ramrod straight in front of him, Shadow eased around the corner of the doorway, stepped over the dead bodies, and carefully and quickly made his way out of the bowels of the ship.

After having to 'take care of' a few more guards, Shadow finally made it to the deck of the ship, and took refuge behind a crate, returning fire at the few guards who had yet to abandon the sinking tanker. He then looked up to hear the sound of a chopper's blades spinning, and saw a rope ladder and a man in his mid forties with long, dark hair, a bandana and a similar Sneak Suit as Shadow reaching down for him, Shadow replaced one of the SOCOMS, took the man's hand, and smirked up at him, "Thanks, Snake," Shadow smiled up at his friend and teacher.

The two climbed in the chopper as it circled the tanker before flying off, leaving the remaining terrorists to the Coast Guard. Shadow leaned back in his seat. "You did good, Kid," Snake complimented as a naked mole rat with a gray bandana climbed from a pocket in Snake's suit. The little critter was holding a pendant in his mouth, and leapt to Shadow's shoulder.

"Thanks for holding on to this for me, Rufus," Shadow said, stroking his pet's head and taking the pendant. He pressed a button on the side of the pendant and it popped open to reveal two photos. One of Shadow's late parents, and the other of a skinny, freckle-faced, fourteen-year-old boy with short, blond hair, a broad, innocent smile, and a pair of slender arms around his waist belonging to an equally happy looking, red-headed, green-eyed girl standing behind him with her chin on his shoulder.

"You ok, Shadow?" asked a blond-headed man from the copilot seat, noticing the longing look on the youngest agent's face.

"Yeah, I'm great, Raiden," Shadow said, closing the pendent, "Just thinking about old times."

To Be Continued …