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Title: Undisputed

Rating: PG-13 but I don't know if it'll stay that way.

Contains: slash, angst, adult themes



"What-What the hell is goingon here, J.R?" King exclaimed as the theme music rang out over the arena.

"I don't know, King, but it looks like Matt Hardy is back on Raw!" J.r said.

Sure enough, the tall brunette made his way down the ramp, smiling broadly and self-assuredly. In the ring, Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore's jaws dropped uncerimoniously as Matt made his way in to the ring and over the ropes. Jeff fought hard to contain his anger and keep a steady composure as his brother made his way over the the ring corner to strike his pose and grab a microphone. jeff glanced over at Shannon, noting that his best friend was breathing shallowly and standing stiff as a board.

Jeff never could understand why Shannon did this every time he even brought up Matt's name, but it was obvious that the two of them were not on good terms with the older Hardy.

Matt raised the microphone to his mouth as his music finally stopped.

"Well, well." he started, "If it isn't my little brother and the little ex-Mf'r. It nice to see you both again." he said calmly.

"What's he doing?" King whispered.

"I don't know, just listen." J.R replied quietly.

Matt walked around the ring, carefully studying his brother and friend. "Oh, it's been a while, you two.It's been a while since you both came over here and I was left on Smackdown!, all by my self. That's right. You left me. You both did."

Jeff glared as his brother caught his eye. Matt leaned his head to the side before bringing it back up, never letting his eyes leave Jeff' hazel ones.

"Little brother .... Little brother." he repeated.

He shook his head, heading over to Shannon, who stiffemed a bit more, straightening. Jeff could hear Shannon's breath coming out in frightened gasps.

"What's the matter, Shannon?" Matt asked, "It wasn't that long ago when you were following me around like a lost puppy."

Shannon glanced over at Jeff to see what he was doing, but he couldn't read Jeff's expression.

"Your saviour."

Shannon turned back to Matt when he spoke.

"Am I not right, Shannon? You were fine with me until little Jeffy came back. Left me, and went back to following Jeff around, didn't you? Just like when we were kids."

Matt laughed and shook his head a bit. "Some things never change, huh? I bet you didn't tell him yet, huh?" he said, jerking his head slightly towards Jeff.

"Come on, Shannon, let's go." Jeff said softly, taking Shannon by the arm and leading him from the ring.

Matt smirked slightly as the two headed backstage before he left the ring, himself.

"What was that, J.R?"

"King, I don't know, but it sounds like something is up."


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