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Title: Undisputed (I still don't know why I chose to call this that ...)

Chapter Rating: PG-13

Content: language, adult themes, and slash.

Jeff took a shakey breath, his hands, which were cupped around a hot mug of cocoa, were slightly shaking still from the thrill of what had just happened. The officers had cleared out about a half an hour earlier after questioning the three of them. A few paramedics had went to check on Shannon in the back room but it looked like Shannon had just taken sleeping pills and Jeff didn't want to add the stress of Matt's slipping them to Shannon on the blonde when he awoke.

Jeff only hoped thatShannon would be okay and that nothing else had happened while he had been here alone with Matt.

"So what exactly made you guys come here?" Jeff asked quietly as Adam poured himself a mug of cocoa and sat across from him with Jay.

"I told you that I could get Jay to believe us. I told him everything that we thought and he agreed."

"It all fits together now, everything that Matt had fed me." Jay sighed.

"What'd he say? What'd he do? Have you seen him hurt Shannon?" Jeff asked quickly.

Adam put a hand up to slow down Jeff, shaking his head slightly.

"Matt told me that he had proof that you were doing all this stuff to Shannon. Like drugging him and forcing him in to bed with you. He told me that he could get you to admit it was you if we laid off cause you'd want attention for your plan. Matt never really did anything with Shannon while we were here today. He never really layed a hand on him.

"When we got back here, Shannon was so scared that he just curled up on the bed and couldn't say a word. He was terrified to say the least. His eyes were wide and you could tell he wanted to cry. He watched us moving around the rooms the whole time but when we'd sit down or just stay still he stared at the wall. He was totally spaced and scared.

"Matt was really caring to Shannon, though. He kept saying all these nice things. Like that he loved him and he was here for him. So when he gave Shannon those sleeping pills right before I left I really didn't think anything of it. I should have realized what he was doing and that it was wrong and I'm sorry." Jay said, locking eyes with Jeff.

Probably if anyone else had said that to Jeff, he would have snapped, but there was a genuine look of sincerity and apology in Jay's eyes that he couldn't have forged if he wanted to.

"No problem. I'm just glad that you guys got here. I don't know if I could have handled everything if I had been by myself." Jeff said, smiling softly, "So how did the cops know that we needed help?"

"I had my cell phone on me. It has an automatic 911 button. I just reached back and pressed it when I knew we'd need it." Adam explained.

"We're lucky, y'know that?"

"Yeah. Who knows what Matt might have done."

"I hope that they get him in to somewhere where he'll get help AND be safe." Jeff said, thinking back over Matt's actions.

Adam and Jay silently agreed. Jeff sighed heavily, standing up and stretching then placing his cup in the sink.

"I'm gonna go check on Shannon." he said.

Three months had passed quickly. Matt was moved in to a phsyc ward over in Raliegh; Jeff visited him at least once every two weeks and they talked on the phone sometimes. Matt was getting out in a couple of weeks and then would be put right in jail for ten years on proven charges of abuse, drug abuse, rape, and initial terror.

Shannon was doing a lot better. He had quit taking classes, but it was definately for the best. He was still a bit smaller than usual, but he had garnered some of the weight he had lost back. He was smiling a lot more and almost back to his usual self. All they really had to deal with now were the nightmares that he had.

Adam and Jay had moved down in to Cameron to be closer to the two. Ever since they came to visit Cameron the first time, they had wanted to live their. Their lease went up on the house they were sharing in Florida and they found a house out by Jeff and Shannon. Adam was getting ready for a come back, too, which really had Jay happy. He'd missed being on the road without his now-boyfriend.

Jeff had even talked to Vince a couple of weeks back. Vince agreed that he and Shannon could come back and re-debut together on Raw. Vince had even switched Adam over to Raw to team with Jay again and fight Shannon and Jeff (1).

Jeff was snapped out of his thoughts as a hand waved in front of his face repeatedly.

"Helloooooo. You spaced out on us there, buddy." Adam smirked, coming in the kitchen through the back porch.

"Oh, yeah, just thinking."

"Well are you gonna come back out and join us, or are you gonna stare at us out the window forever?"

"I'll be back out."

"Good, cause Shann's been asking about you coming back out."

Jeff just nodded, still somewhat in thought. Adam's screetching his chair across the floor as he pulled it out took Jeff back in reality again.

"So, how's Shannon doing? Y'know, when you guys are alone?" Adam asked softly.

"He's still scared, but he's getting better. A lot better. He let's me hold him now, and he sleeps close to me again. He won't let me kiss him or anything like that, but I know that takes time. He's getting better around everyone."

"Yeah, you shoulda just seen him and Jay out there."

Jeff set the glass he was drinking out of back on the table. "Ready to go back out?"

"I gotta get Shann and Jay sodas, but then I will."

Adam grabbed the sodas from the fridge, happy to feel the cool air against his hot, sweaty skin. He followed Jeff back out back. Jay and Shannon were playfully shovingat each other and splashing each other while Christian and Joey were just lounging around on the lawn chairs.

"Are you guys getting in?" Jeff asked, kicking Joey's chair.

"Are you kidding? That water is freezing." Joey replied, "I'm fine right here."

Jeff rolled his eyes, "Hey! You guys thirsty? Get out here and get your drinks, cause I ain't going over there to get splashed."

Jay climbed out of the pool, helping Shannon out as well before they came over to where Adam and Jeff were standing. Jay was quick to wrap himself in a towel, but Shannon just took the can from Adam and stood, shivering, between Jeff and Adam.

"Shann, you're freezing, steal Jay's towel before you get sick."

"Hey!" Jay argued, shoving Adam lightly for his comment.

"Hey, he's smaller than you are."

"Oh, sorry, Shann. You want this?"

"N-no, I'm fine. I'll g-get back in the water in a minute." Shannon replied, wrapping an arm around his waist for a little warmth.

He finished his soda and threw it in to the can bag. He turned to head back in to the pool, but Jeff caught his arm.

"I need to talk to you. Don't worry, It's nothing bad." he added when he noticed the worried look cross Shannon's face. It killed him every time he saw that look.

Shannon nodded, but that didn't erase the look on his face. Jeff led him through the back porch and in to the bedroom. Jeff headed around the bed to the dresser and looked for a light coat or blanket for Shannon to use, but Shannon stood at the door, ready to bolt if he felt the need to.

"Shannon, you're freezing. Here, wrap up and then take a seat on the bed with me." Jeff said, tossing the blonde a blanket, "You can sit right by the door if it makes you feel safer."

Shannon sat on the edge of the bed. "I know you wouldn't do anything, but ..."

"I understand, look, it's okay. Don't worry. It's just, I have to explain to you the whole thing with Vince and with wrestling and all that."

Shannon took a quick breath, looking back down at the sheets on the bed and pulled the blanket tighter around him.

"I told you it's not bad, Shann. It's just that, Vince agreed to take us both back at the same time on to Raw. At first I thought that'd be bad because it was at just the beginning of this thing with Matt, but now I think it'd be good for us. Adam and Jay'll be there, I'll be there. We'll all be together again and we'll watch out for ya. All the guys like you over there anyways."

Shannon nodded quietly, but a smile played on his lips the more he thought of the idea.

"Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah. Yeah - I mean - That's great. I'd like that."

"What's wrong?" Jeff asked, noting the still sad tone of Shannon's voice.

"Nothing ... it's just ..."

"Shann, Matt won't be there. Remember, you don't have to worry about him. And Vince said he'd take us back when you're ready."

"It's not that, Jeff."

"What is it? Are you sore now, were you out there too long? Do you need your medicine or something?" Jeff said quickly, getting up to get whatever Shannon needed.

"Jeff, calm down, it's not that. It's just ... there's something I've wanted to do. For a long time."

"Well, we've got all the time we need, there's no problem with that. We can do it, whatever it is."

Shannon laughed, "No, it's nothing like that, Jeff."

"Well, what-"

Jeff tried to ask what exactly it was, but was cut off abruptly by Shannon placing two fingers over his lips.

"You're hands are cold." Jeff mumbled, caught off guard by Shannon's actions.

"No problem. I'm not using my hands." Shannon replied back quietly.

He ran his hand through Jeff's ahir once, before cupping his face and kissing him tentively. Jeff was so suprised by this that he had no time to do anything but take it. He closed his eyes slowly, sinking in to the kiss. He didn't think that Shannon would push anything further, but he soon let Shannon take course and deepen the kiss.

When they were nearly breathless and their lips were kiss-swollen, they pulled back. Shannon was watching Jeff cautiously, chewing his lip in anticipation.

"I've wanted that for so long." Jeff whispered.

"So have I." Shannon smiled, "What took us so long, then?"

"I was afraid of pushing you too far."

"I was, too. Listen, Jeff, I-"

"Hey, are you guys coming out again or what?" Adam asked, poking his head through the doorway, which Jeff and Shannon had left open.

"Yeah, we're coming, I just wanted to warm Shannon up a bit." Jeff replied.

"Well, you obviously did a good job, cause he's flushed!"

Adam smirked at Jeff before jerking his head to the back yard, gesturing the two back outside and in to the summer sun.

"We're coming."

Jeff took Shannon's hand and led him outside.

"I love you. Okay? And I'll make sure nothing ever happens to you again." he whispered to the blonde before they go to the yard.

"I love you, too. And I trust you. I know you'll be there."

"Always. You don't have to worry."

"I don't, anymore."

Shannon smiled back one more time, standing on the top step that led off of the porch. He wrapped his arms around Jeff's neck and kissed him again. He had waited so long, and nothing, not even Matt could seperate them again.


(1) - Although there are rumours of Adam switching back to Raw and of Jeff returning, I know nothing. This is not a spoiler, nor do I know any of the WWE's plans to do anything like that.