"Hey, Ruth-Anne." Maggie walked into the shop, looking around. An older lady with a pleasant face nodded in response. There was a boy next to her, about 19 or such, who was sweeping.
"Good morning Maggie," he said cheerfully. "Hi Ed," she replied. She walked over to a shelf and sighed. Why weren't things working out with her and Chris? Maybe because every time she saw him-
"Maggie," someone greeted. She turned around, to see Chris. The young and ruggedly handsome man who she had been dating since---, went over to kiss her. She kissed back halfheartedly. She didn't know why she wasn't falling for him anymore- maybe it was that stupid haircut, or his dreams about other women. Or that fact that he might get arrested any minute for skipping parole.
But she knew what it really was. It was Joel. Joel Fleischman, the idiot who showed up in this town of Cicely Alaska, hated it, annoyed and irritated her to the point of adoration, and ended up proposing to her. She loved him. After he had gone on sort of a self-finding trip with her, he returned to his hometown of New York City.
How she hated that city.
Audrey Miller sat on the plane, nervously twirling her long, golden- brown hair. Her parents were moving to this town that she had never heard of so they could be with her grandmother. She was alone on the plane. Audrey was starting college at 18, and still unsure of which one to go to. She was visiting her parents over the summer before she left for the unknown place. When she got off the plane, at Anchorage, she got into another (much smaller) plane, piloted by a woman named Maggie O'Connell.
"So, I hear that you are Ruth-Anne's grand-daughter" she said. Audrey just nodded. Maggie hesitated. "Um, everyone in town loves her. She owns a shop, you know."
"I know"
"Oh" There was a short silence. Then Audrey smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry; I'm just a little tense. I don't really know why, It's just that new places do that to you. And I have jittery nerves about which collage to go to."

Maggie nodded understandingly. "I get that same feeling about new places. New people. Old people. Old people's places." She trailed off, noting the confused look on Audrey's face. "Never mind" She said, hesitant.
This plane finally landed. "Do you know who is going to get me to my parents' house?" She asked. Maggie thought for a second. "Um, I think that Ed is," she answered. Audrey raised an eyebrow (Who was Ed?) but didn't say anything.
She didn't feeling like even talking about a guy right now. Her boyfriend from Maine, Hank, had just broken up with her. Actually, she was considering breaking up with him first, because she discovered she did not have any feelings for him. The thing that upsetted her was what a jerk he had become. He became sexist, flirted with other girls. she didn't even want to think about him.
Luckily she didn't have to. A twist of fate occurred just then.
A truck pulled up near Maggie's small plane. She and Maggie loaded heavy suitcases into the trunk. "What do you have in here, bricks?" grunted Maggie. Audrey shrugged with a half smile. "I'm a fashion fanatic, a book fanatic, and a video fanatic. I love the old classics, Audrey Hepburn, Carey Grant."
"Wow, I love classic movies too," a voice came from the truck. A boy about her age, maybe a little older, stepped out.
His long black hair cascaded over his shoulders, clad with a leather jacket almost the same shade of black as his hair. He had soft, beautiful, and meaningful blue eyes, and a sweet voice. His facial features were both cute and handsome at the same time. He was blushing at her, a reflection of her blushing at him.
So this must be Ed.