Title: Magical Intervention

Author: Cloudy daze

Rating: Right now it's PG-13 but it will change to either R or NC-17 soon enough. ^^

Category/Warning : Angst, Sap, Fantasy, AU, Yaoi of course, OOC. It may have rape in it I'm still on the fences with that one.

Pairings: Kei x Ranmaru and Masa x Kai

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Author's Notes: And yay it's a Kizuna fic! I just couldn't help myself. I'm too in love with this manga. This is what happens when you're looking at it for like three hours one night. All these ideas start popping up and the muses won't take no for an answer. Although I'm sure Nagi will be very happy cause well it's Kizuna! ~glomps Kai~


Magical Intervention

Chapter One

The hardened gaze took in the lined beds against both sides of the white walls, all filled with injured soldiers. Various nurses scurried back and forth, tending to bruised and broken bodies. Eyes landed on the burns that covered many of them before frowning. War is such a cursed word; so many die and all for such a stupid reason.'

The battle between kingdoms had lasted for several years, causing endless death and destruction. It was all because of a simple sibling rivalry. Their king had been the oldest son of the royal family. When his father had died he took up the throne, much to the anger of the man's younger brother. His sibling had then left with his followers, forming his own kingdom to begin the horrible war.

General Araki. Are you here for the daily report?

The man glanced over at the doctor, nodding in reply.

We had 36 casualties today. About 47 men have injuries that require attention, 23 of which were serious. Many have terrible energy and fire burns, the doctor exclaimed.

The general swore softly, rubbing his temples. I thought we had their mage killed.

I hate to be the one that tells you this but I spoke with several of your men and they said the attacks came from several weapons, not the same person.

Brown eyes widened at the statement considering the ramifications of the words. The bulk of the war was fought weapon to weapon, making each side evenly matched. However there was a certain turning factor and that was magic. Although very rare several mages had emerged in the battle, one on their very own side. His men had orders to kill any mages on the opposing side, knowing just how much damage they could do. Luckily since they were so unusual it find neither side had very many. It was amazing to consider that the mage in his troop had lasted this long.

The black haired man smirked at the thought. I don't think anything can bring Kei down. The man is too damn resilient. It's a good thing he's on our side.' Mages weren't all powerful however as in they didn't have the ability to give others their abilities. Therefore in order to have several men using magical weapons there was only one answer, which caused a feeling of dread to form deep in his stomach.

Please don't tell me what I think you're telling me, Masa warned.

I'm afraid so sir. Either they've gained about twenty new mages, which both you and I know isn't possible, or they've gained a magic charger, the doctor said gravely.

Damn it. The king is going to be furious. It's almost impossible to stop the influx of magic if one of them is involved, the black haired man cursed again, ignoring the looks he received from injured troops.

Although mages themselves couldn't hand out magical powers to others a charger was different. They had no control over the elements, any way to heal, or ability to shield themselves. In all appearances they were much like any normal individual, but with one special difference. They could charge normal weapons, giving them magical properties. A simple sword could have the power of a blazing blade, yielded by any individual who could hold it.

I can't believe the opposition found a magic charger. I didn't think there were even any alive anymore. He or she must have hidden very well. I know if one was found here the king would snatch them up right away. I don't know how he plans to combat this situation however.'

Are you going to tell the king? the doctor inquired.

I'm afraid I'll have to. I suppose I'll have to find Kei and we'll talk to him, Mass exclaimed.

Good luck with that, Sir.

The black haired man laughed faintly, I know. I haven't a clue how he'll react. I just hope he doesn't have us do something drastic.


Gasping breaths filled the dark cell as the pale teen struggled to remain awake. His exhausted and bruised body pleaded with him for release but he knew it wasn't possible. If he did succumb to slumber the man standing over him would just kick him to consciousness.

Come on you little brat. The king wants five more charged weapons out of you. If I have to continue to beat you black and blue for them I will, the man sneered, landing another sharp gap to the slender figure's stomach.

The teen with reddish blonde hair groaned in pain as he attempted to curl up on the floor, body shaking from hurt and hunger. The king had been furious with the deaths from the last battle and had blamed it on weakly charged weapons, beating and allowing him no food for several days. Well maybe if they fed me more and gave me a better place to live I wouldn't be so tired and therefore make weak weapons.'

Give me them already, the teen barked out, allowing the swords to be placed by his hands.

He sighed deeply as he set his trembling hand on the blade of one. Light brown eyes closed as he felt the energy slowly leave his body, charging the object. He continued with each weapon, dropping into a hazy daze when finished. He didn't even know the cruel man had left, feeling nothing as his mind attempted to slip into unconsciousness. He was almost gone when he felt a soft hand caress his face, another one running tenderly through matted hair.

Kai, come back to me. Come on wake up brother. I know you're stronger than them, a caring voice whispered.

The teen slowly snapped out of his daze, reaching up to touch his older brother's cheek. He frowned when he realized there were tears.

It's not as bad as it looks, Ranmaru. You should be used to this, Kai pointed out, wincing when he set his arm back down.

I'll never get used to this and it's all my fault, the older individual murmured.

You stop that right now! I'm the one that got both of us caught. Just because they're using your life to keep me here doesn't mean anything. They're just heartless and cruel, the charger remarked.

I know. I just wish I could help you more, the blonde said with a sigh.

You fix me up afterwards. That's more than any of them well ever do, Kai exclaimed. The small figure groaned as he attempted to sit up.

Don't you dare move! Ranmaru warned. He then lifted his brother into his arms, placing him on the lone cot in the cell. He frowned at how light the teen was. I need to sneak you more food. They're not feeding you enough.

The king's mad because the weapons I charge aren't stronger. He's withholding food cause of it. Of course without food I'm weak and then my magic is weaker but he's just too stupid to figure that out, Kai remarked with a scowl.

Ranmaru sighed as he ruffled his brother's light red hair. He then set the empty bowl and rags he had brought with him on the bed. He lifted his right hand above the bowl, closing his brown eyes. Water slowly began to drip from his palm, filling the bowl.

Ranmaru I've told you many times not to use your magic. They'll make you go to war if they find out, Kai whispered harshly.

I won't have you use that dirty water in that little sink of yours. Its light brown and filthy. Speaking of which does your water jug need to be filled again?

Kai sighed inwardly as he nodded. Ever since he had been thrown in this cell his brother had realized how terrible the water he was given was. One day Ranmaru had snuck a gallon jug into the cell, hiding it under the bed. He then made sure to fill it everyday so Kai had clean water to drink. The charger supposed he should be grateful the king actually gave his brother mostly free reign of the castle, knowing he would never run away. He could escape but he won't leave me. I'm the one keeping him here.'

He watched as the blonde filled the container before returning to the bed. Kai winced as the wet rag was pressed to his bloody wounds, cleaning them off.

Sorry brother. It shouldn't take too long and then I can put some herbs on them and bandage the wounds, Ranmaru soothed, Then I'll sneak you something to eat. You can't survive without sustenance and our king should realize that.

Kai smirked at the hated emphasis his brother placed on the word King'. He despised their ruler as well. He didn't care about anyone and was too busy trying to take down his brother's kingdom to focus on anything else. His countrymen were starving in the streets and the man just didn't care.

I swear Ranmaru I want out of this dump so bad. I'd join the other side in a heartbeat just as long as we both can get out, Kai remarked softly, fearing a guard might be nearby and overhear him.

I know. I just pray this war ends soon and our king is the loser. At least then we would be free. I always wonder why are father actually followed the man to this new kingdom in the first place, the blonde whispered back.

Our father was a gullible idiot who feel for the lies our king gave about riches for those who followed him, Kai spat out.

His brother quickly hushed him, hoping that no one had head the outburst. He waited several minutes before breathing a sigh of relief. Sometimes you just don't think before you act.

I know. I'm just glad I have you to make sure I don't do anything too stupid, Kai remarked with a smile.

The older figure rolled his eyes but allowed himself a soft laugh as he finished treating the last wound. That should about do it. The bruises will just have to fade on their own but I'm sure you already knew that.

Well you know I've been through this a fair amount of times. And don't look at me like that again. I'm used to it by now, Kai stated, giving his brother a reassuring pat on the leg.

Ranmaru nodded, forcing himself to try to stop worrying. It was hard though knowing your younger brother was being beaten and stripped of his powers on a daily basis. I'll just continue to pray to every god and goddess above that we'll be able to escape. That's really all I can do.' He gave the injured teen a quick hug before slipping out to get him food.


I can't believe him. Does the king want to give us a death sentence? I mean I know I bug him sometimes but I didn't think I was terrible enough that he would want me dead, the raven haired man exclaimed.

That's enough Kei. The only way to tip the war back to our side is to kidnap that magic charger. We can't let the enemy keep him or her, Mass pointed out.

I know but I swear to sneak in there is suicide. We're going into the heart of enemy territory.

The general nodded in agreement, rubbing his head in hope of alleviating the headache that was beginning to form. I was afraid the king would do something rash and I guess I had reason to worry.'

We're just going to have to be careful. Not do anything to draw attention to ourselves and get out quickly. Pretending to be servants should work, Masa suggested.

Servants huh? Well that could be interesting. I think I'll get some help in getting ready, Kai said with a grin before racing out of the room.

I really don't think I want to know, Masa exclaimed. He sighed softly before he began to get ready as well.



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