I now officially own a plot bunny farm. I mean really they just keep popping up every where! Now on to my first ever Buffy Fic! Disclaimer: Uh huh yeah I own Buffy the Vampire slayer. IN MY DREAMS! If I did would I be writing Fan fiction? Nope this would be the script for an episode.

"Will I am with child, and he is yours." A pretty woman said. The poet William looked at his long time sweetheart stunned.
"Is it to be a boy or a girl?"
"I know not."

10 months later:

"Dearest William,
It is with deepest regret that I in form you of this new development. You have a beautiful daughter; she is perfect to my eyes. But, I sadly must say, you will never see myself or the child we created again.

All my Love, Amber"
William read the letter then promptly crushed it in his hand. A single tear coursed its way down his cheek.

One year later:
A pained yell pierced the otherwise calm London night. In a dark alleyway a man crouched over a fallen boy and laughed horribly.
"What? Could it be that the poet, who writes so often of pain and suffering, has never truly felt it?" He laughed again "But you will now my boy; you will now." With that the vampire left, leaving behind him a new demon that knew nothing about the life he was about to lead.

Fourteen years later:

The vampire Spike, formally known as William, was hunting a girl of no more than fifteen in the streets of London. He waited in the shadows until she was alone before he struck. He had her, and then he noticed that she looked familiar. As if he had met her before. Then it hit him, he was staring at Amber's mirror image. He was looking at her daughter. 'So she did marry and have more children.' Spike thought. 'Or maybe she is as I am.' He couldn't help himself.
"Amber?" He asked in disbelief.
"No. I am Amanda, Amber was my." she never finished her sentence. Spike fell on her, yet he ran before he could finish the job. Little did he know he had turned his own daughter.

CHAPTER 1: the past will always haunt you.

"Spike! Open this door right now!" Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer, was banging on the door to his crypt so hard that Spike thought it would cave in.
"I'm coming! Keep your bloody pants on!" He yelled back s he lazily went to open his door. "What is so bloody important that you have to try to kick my door in?"
"Her." Buffy answered as she pointed behind her. "She wouldn't shut up until I brought her here." Spike looked behind the slayer and would have fainted if he could. In the doorway stood-
"Amanda?" He blinked to be sure his eyes weren't deceiving him.
"Yeah dad, hi to you too."
"Spike is there something you're not telling me here?" Buffy asked.
"Buffy, what would you do if I were to tell you I had a daughter?"
"First I'd ask you how, then I'd stake you for not telling me sooner. Why?" Buffy replied innocently.
"Well Amanda was born when I was 19. As in still human." Spike replied.
"Yeah but that wasn't enough for you was it? No you just had to sire me! On the door step to my own damn house too!" Amanda seethed. "And by the way it's Jade now." Spike was gob smacked. Not only did he have a daughter, but she was immortally a teen. Could his unlife get any worse? Oh wait yes it can. "I'm moving in dad. If you don't like it tough."
Did the powers that be hate him this much?

So what thinks you? This is my first Buffy fan fic so be kind. Sorry for the fact screw ups, but I can only research so fast. BTW- Spike has a soul but no chip. Sorry if I was unclear on that.