*A poem based on Dominique's changing feelings toward Sion in my fanfic "One More Time". The fic itself isn't complete yet; I'm using this poem as a bit of a filler.*

I stood outside my door
And felt the drops crawl
Through my curled blond hair
And down my cotton shawl.

Only I couldn't feel them,
Only the pressure from the cold
As the clouds drifted overhead
And the chill grew bold.

I shuddered in my skin,
Which seemed so fake.
I know why it feels like
A different make.

And you talk so sweetly to
The one you love so dear,
Yet inside a worm twitches
Like he's lived so many years.

You try to keep it in,
Away from synthesized eyes.
You try to make me happy
Without once traumatized.

But I myself have a worm too
It's as pink as my cool cheeks.
I've swallowed it so long ago
From you within a week.

I already know so long ago
The secret I hold as my body.
So my friend, don't hold back.
It's already out to everybody.

*Again, this is just filler, but it does give a little insight to my fic. I WILL finish it someday...*