Chapter One- Enter the Virtual World

"But Vincent! Why can't I go with you? Why is it I'm always stuck at home, while you get to travel?" Veronica followed her brother around their large estate.

"I've told you, Veronica. I need you to stay home and keep our people busy. The company doesn't stop running the minute I step out of the office, you know." The eighteen-year-old patted his sister's head. "Besides, I let you come to the Caribbean last month, remember?"

"That's not the same thing. That was for my birthday!" Veronica insisted, as Vincent pulled his overcoat on.

"Ronnie, I said no. Now I've really got to go. I'll miss my plane. Just do everything Macie tells you, okay? And no Internet surfing on the main computer."

"Okay." Veronica sighed. "When will you be back, Vinnie?"

"I don't know yet. I'll call you." Vincent left the front hall, and a few minutes later, Veronica heard the echoing of the door slamming.

It's not fair!! How come Mokuba gets to go everywhere with Seto, but I get stuck at home?! I hate it! I hate it!! Veronica stormed upstairs to her room, slamming the door. She glared at the poster of the Kaibas she had on the wall. "Just once I'd like to have the relationship you two have, with Vincent!"

After a while, when she'd calmed down, Veronica walked down the hall to her personal arcade. This was where she let off her steam most of the time. She started off playing Dance Dance Revolution, then eventually worked down to her favorite game. It was a virtual reality game that a friend had designed for her. It was actually modeled after the game Seto Kaiba invented in the Yu gi oh series, and it played out like it as well. She felt safer in the virtual world sometimes. It always felt like things were going to go her way every time. In this world, she was her own boss, and she could go anywhere she wanted.

This particular game started out a little differently though. Instead of her tree house, Veronica's virtual form was in a deep canyon. "Hey, someone's been tampering with my game link!" Veronica exclaimed. After a minute though, she shrugged, and found herself enjoying the change. She played until the sound of Macie was heard on the estate PA system, then stopped, with a reluctant sigh. She stepped out of the cubicle, patting the side. "I'll be back, and then I'll try and reset everything."

She ate dinner in the long hall alone. The only company was their butler, Max. He was kind enough, but Veronica was tired of eating meals with him. She wanted her brother back. As she ate, she tried to remember the last time they'd had a meal together. To her utter frustration, the young girl could not remember. "Max? When was the last time Vincent and I ate a meal together?"

"Before your father passed, Miss Skylar." Max replied. "He wants to be here for you, Miss. You have to know that."

"Well, it doesn't seem like it to me. He's always on business conferences or something. Even Seto Kaiba doesn't travel that much. If you wanna talk empires, there ya go." Veronica mused.

"This Seto Kaiba you speak of is a cartoon, is he not?" Max asked as he brought her a brownie for dessert.

"Yes, but he's smarter than Vincent. He doesn't leave his little brother home."

"Perhaps Vincent thinks you will be bored." Max suggested.

"That doesn't matter! At least I'd be with him. One of these days,I'm going to be gone, and he'll regret it."

"You must not talk like that, Veronica. Your brother loves you very much. You're the world to him."

"Sure I am." Veronica drained her milk glass, and then returned to her arcade. This time, her game wouldn't even turn on. When she plugged it back in, there was a blue screen. "What's going on here?!"

"I am."

Veronica looked up at the screen. "What…..?"

"Put the helmet on so you can see better, Veronica."

The girl stepped closer to the cubicle, and put the helmet on. "W-who is this?"

"I'm Noa Kaiba. I had assumed you'd know that."

"Noa…..Kaiba?" Veronica cracked up. "Oh boy. Onyx really went to lengths with this upload."

Noa chuckled a little with her. "Onyx did not do this. I hacked into your system myself."

"That's funny….You're only a cartoon." Veronica remarked, trying to reset the game. "What's going on? Why won't it reset?!"

"I told you. I'm in charge of the game now." Noa replied . "In a small way, you called me here."

"I did no such thing!" Veronica exclaimed. "This isn't happening! I'm dreaming. That's right….too much fudge brownie always makes me dream crazily."

"Veronica, touch the console panel. I want to show you something."

"Okay. Sure." Veronica decided to humor Noa, since he was only a dream. She put her hand on the console panel. "Now what?"

"You'll see."

In the next instant, Veronica felt her body start to pull. "What…" She didn't get the rest of her sentence out. In another minute, the room was empty, except for the girl's games.


"Where am I ?!" Veronica looked around the white room with wide eyes.

"You're in my world. The Virtual world." Noa appeared beside her. He studied her closely. "You're Vincent Skylar's little sister. Ten years old. On you last birthday you asked for the new Duelist Disk system they came out with, but you didn't get it. Your most difficult Duel Monsters opponent is Onyx Madison, owner of Madison Incorporated." He smirked at her apparent shock.

"H-how could you possibly know all of that?!"

"Wouldn't you like to know." Noa replied calmly, grabbing her arm firmly. "Come with me. We have to talk."

"Okay okay! You don't have to yank. I'm coming." Not like I have a choice, is it? I don't even know how to get back to my normal world! A few turns later, Veronica found herself in a richly decorated room. "What is this place, Noa?"

"My living room. Have a seat." He snapped his fingers, making a black and purple chair appear behind Veronica. "Your favorite colors, right?"

"Y-yes…." Veronica sat down, totally dazed at what was going on.

Again, Noa snapped his fingers, and two cans of soda appeared. "Want a coke?"

"No… thank you." Veronica studied her host now. "You're the real Noa Kaiba? But I thought he was destroyed?"

"That's what the TV told you. But you and I both know how deceptive that program is."

"What do you mean? It's just a cartoon." Veronica insisted.

"But you don't truly believe that, do you, Ronnie? I see how you envy my adopted brothers. You want your life to be like theirs. It never happens though, does it?"

"No." Veronica replied in a low tone, looking at Noa. "Knowing those things doesn't prove you're Noa Kaiba. " She added with a decisive tone.

"No?" Noa stood up now, and walked over to her. "Stay with me, Veronica."

"No! Are you insane? I have a company to run!"

"That I believe, was a task appointed to your brother, not to you. He doesn't care what happens to you, you know. If he did, he'd make like Seto, and cart you around with him."

Veronica looked at the floor. "He just wants to make sure I'm safe."

"Safe from the outside world, other than dueling when wants you to. Are you his sister or his servant, Veronica? Besides, he couldn't save you from me, now could he?" Noa smirks slightly. "No, he could not."

"Enough of this! I want to go home!" Veronica jumped up.

"Sit down, Ronnie. You're not going home right now." Noa replied smoothly, gently sitting her down again. "You're mine now, and I'll be deciding your future for you."

Veronica found herself intrigued and fearful at the same time. Something inside told her this was indeed really happening, and the person who now had her really was Noa Kaiba. "Please don't hurt me…." She whispered now.

"Of course I won't. If you know the cartoon, you know I have repented. But in this world, I control destinies, and I have a great plan for you. However, I must test you first."

Veronica merely nodded. "I accept your test. Let it begin."