Chapter Eighteen-Home Once More

"Sister of Vincent Skylar,CEO of Skylar Corporation was found mysteriously at four o'clock this morning, after a two month search carried out by half the city. It is still unclear how ten-year-old Veronica was returned to her estate arcade. Sources expect the girl herself might've runaway. She is in City Hospital undergoing a full medical examination….."

Vincent scowled at the news report, and turned the television off. He sat down beside his sister's hospital bed. "Ronnie….I don't know even where to start." His sister was quiet, and unresponsive. "Where have you been for the last two months?!"

" I was with Noa and his brothers! I told you that before, Big Brother." She replied softly. "And he said if you don't treat me any better,I can come back."

"Nonsense!" Vincent retorted. "Lying doesn't become us, Veronica. Our corporation has always been held on it's honesty. I expect nothing less from this family. Now,come. Tell me the truth."

"I am telling the truth." Veronica said, even softer. Noa and his brothers had encouraged her to make something more believable up, but she too, believed in the value of honesty, and so had opted not to. She fingered the long stem that was the Virtual Key, and smiled to herself. With the key, she could return to her adopted oniisan anytime she chose.

"Veronica, if you were to tell the shrinks who are coming to see you that, that'd commit you for a long time. The press is watching every move we make right now, Baby."

"Look at my eyes, Vinnie! Can't you even tell when your sister isn't lying? I was kidnapped by Noa Kaiba, and later,his father. It was just horrible. I almost died,and then the yamis of Marik and Bakura were there too, and I had to duel them in order to be freed. And guess what? I can go to the top o f our skyscraper and look down now! Do you know why? Because Noa made me get over all of my fears! All of them are gone!"

Vincent's eyes widened, when he looked at his sister. "Oh my….you're not lying…." He picked her up, and held on to her tightly. "So….you really did meet Seto Kaiba?"

"Yeah! And he's not like you think he is." Veronica smiled, hugging her brother tightly. "Well….he's a little bit like you think, but he helps his family when they need it. And Mokuba is SO cool!"

Vincent smiled. "And….Noa. He's your favorite Kaiba, right?"

"They're all my favorites now, but he was." Veronica replied. "He wants me to come visit when I can." She held up the Virtual Key. "This is mine, Vinnie. Can use it to make a door in the VR pod. Then I can go to either Noa's or Mokuba's."

"I see….." Vincent frowned. "Maybe you should let me hold on to it for a while."

"No!" Veronica knew if she gave it to Vincent, she'd never get it back. "It was a present from my oniisan! You can't have it, ever!"

"Your…….oniisan?" Vincent looked startled. "What's that?" He might've had Japanese in his blood, but he didn't know it as well as his baby sister did .

"Big Brother. Noa adopted me." Veronica grinned, tucking the Virtual Key in her shirt.

"I see….." Vincent frowned again. "Ronnie…..You can't tell anyone else about this, you know…"

"I know that……but Morgen already knows. She knew the second night I was gone."

"What?!" Vincent scowled. "Why didn't she say anything?!"

"I told her not to. I wanted to tell you for myself, so you could see in my eyes that I wasn't lying." Veronica held on to Vincent tightly. "I won't ever leave you, Vincent. You're my brother, and I love you."

"I was afraid I'd lost you forever….Veronica, I promise….I will spend more time with you, and less time in the office or on a plane." And I'll get rid of your virtual pod too. I'm not taking any chances of Noa splitting us up again.

"You don't have to spend more time with me….Spend more time teaching me, Vinnie. I want to know about Dad's company too. I may not end up running it, but at least I can learn a thing or two about, for emergencies." She and Mokuba had come to that choice together the night before Noa sent her home. He would pay a little more attention to Seto when he did business,and she would pay more attention to Vincent. Maybe they'd get a chance to compare notes later.

"Alright. We'll start first thing in the morning." He set her back down. "Why don't you go play? After that long adventure, you've got to be itching to try out some of your games again."

"Okay…." Veronica walked slowly down the hall, and went into her arcade. She looked around its space, and shivered. She could vaguely remember the day Noa had taken her. There had been an argument,and Veronica had sworn she'd be happy to never see him again. How quickly I changed my tune when Gozabouro showed up….I never wanted Vincent more than I did then! She knew she'd never wish something like that again, now that she knew Noa would take it literally. She sat down in her pod, and turned it on. She half expected Noa's loving face to show up on the screen, but it didn't. He's probably spending time with his brothers. I hope he and Seto won't fight too much over Mokuba. Mokuba was worried about that….I'm really glad there's only me and Vincent. If I had a third brother or sister show up,I'd go nuts! She lost her train of thought, as the virtual game started, and she was glad it was just a game.

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