Angel, the show and character(s), do not belong to me but to Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. I am writing about the current events (Spike is still a ghost-of sorts-and Lorne just had his big Halloween 2003 Bash) with my take on how certain events will play out and how I'd like to see certain outcomes come about.

This is a story about Spike becoming corporal again, however after that it's someone else's story. The story will follow as my muse directs me to write it. However, as with all the rest of my FanFics, this will be rated "R" as always.

Part 1-

Spike's "essence" was trapped in Los Angles and to Angel. His Grand-Sire and oh how Spike hated him. He was arrogant as Angelus, ever since he was cursed with a soul Angel as been totally no fun, and Buffy-well we won't get into that, since it's a sore spot for the both of them. They both were in the Slayer's heart, she loved them both dearly, but which one was her soul mate, the one she was in-love with, well neither one knew but thought for sure it was him.

"We've come up with a way to set Spike free from the amulet and become corporal again!" Fred rushed into Angel's office all excited, followed by Wes who was a little more weary of the prospect of unleashing "William the Bloody" onto the world again.

"It involves part of the prophecy involving you becoming human again, it's a huge part, and you can't ignore it. If you wish to be able to go out into the sun again." Wes volunteered knowing that if Angel ever hoped to become mortal again then this would have to be done.

"Yeah, I bet. I was hoping you two would never come up with anything and he'd just eventually slide right into hell forever. Besides, I'd see him again soon enough. Because there's no hope for me, either; I'll be going to hell myself, it's just a matter of when." Angel finished glumly enough.

"Oh, come now! You want to disappoint little Fred, after she's worked so hard." Spike quipped while entering the office.

"Okay, Fred what have you found. Oh and Spike! This is not for you, it's only because Fred and her team have spent so many hours and put so much work into this," Angel spoke pointedly.

"Well, it involves the shedding of your blood, Angel. However, your blood must spill directly onto the amulet, covering the entire crystal, and then you (and only you) must shatter the amulet in a holy place against a holy relic. While the amulet remains entirely concealed in your blood." Fred finished and then Wesley explained the other part of the story.

"Before you can do that, Spike must choose someone who's died too early and is in Heaven. He must be in the holy place with you and he must speak the name after you coat the crystal and before you shatter it on the holy relic. It's because Spike will escape hell, that the laws of cause and effect-balance of power, if you will-that require heaven to return one soul back to earth in a corporal form, also." Wesley said despairingly enough.

"Good, I already know who I am going to bring back. We could use her and her expertise. Right-e-o now, let's get going!" Spike said all enthusiastically.

"Anything to have you out of my hair, ASAP!" Angel finished while getting up and circling around his desk then exiting out of his office with Spike right behind him, grinning like some chestier cat.