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You're not Alone

By: Of Memories Past

Part XVI

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If the near battle that Sesshoumaru and his family had encountered earlier that day was not enough for Shippou's amusement, the announcement that dinner guests were on their way was.

Especially since it was Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi.

The fox snickered when Inuyasha cringed and Sesshoumaru trudged away muttering something about spending the evening in the bathtub with Katsue. Mentioning "Katsue" and "bathtub" in the same sentence only led to another round of shouting from Inuyasha before Rin managed to placate her brother-in-law by assuring him that the water-loving toddler would not be left unguarded. Inuyasha just snorted and left for his currently inhabited room.

Kagome, on the other hand, immediately snatched Kirara's arm and dragged her to the kitchen while Rin fled to the fire-cat's room to borrow some clothes. Company could arrive at anytime, and they were women with a cooking mission.

"Life is good," Shippou sighed, dropping onto the couch with his fingers laced behind his head. "Not one thing for me–"

"Shippou, run to the store and get some salad."

"What?! Why me?!" Just when he thought he had it easy, Kirara ruined the day.

"Don't forget some salad dressing too," Kagome added, her attention on the food she was preparing.


Shippou glared. Now they even had Rin on their side. "Are we forgetting the near death experience some of you just had? We shouldn't be going outside!" That reminder should keep him from running any errands.

At first it seemed that his ploy was going to work, and Shippou grinned happily from the couch.


Shippou stopped grinning as the girls placed their ace of spades.

However, Rin smiled at her mate when he lazily waltzed into the kitchen. "Can you go with Shippou to the store? He seems to be a little afraid to go out after what happened."

Shippou glared and Kirara snickered.

Saying nothing, Sesshoumaru locked eyes with Rin for a moment before slipping his concealing necklace over his head and snatching Shippou up on his way out the door. The fox's protests could be heard all the way out in the parking lot before the sound of an engine dying in the distance faded away completely.

"Oooh, call out the big, bad youkai and Shippou has no excuse!" Kirara laughed, popping a carrot into her mouth.

"He needs to come up with better excuses," Kagome grinned before flippantly adding, "what's the big deal with a near death experience anyway?"

Rin and Kirara burst out laughing.

"Don't worry," Rin piped in, jumping into a goofy fighting stance, "my husband will beat up any of the big bad men that come along." She laughed and threw a few sloppy punched. "Jab to the right, then the left!"

"Oh, wait wait!" Kagome cried, sticking her hand into her mixing bowl. She pulled out her hand, now dripping with sauce. "Poison claws!"

Rin fell over laughing at Kagome's impersonation of her husband just as Inuyasha walked out.

Kagome could not help herself.

"Blades of blood!"

Inuyasha jumped as sauce came out of nowhere and hit him in the face. Some succeeded in finding its way up his nose and he nearly gagged at the strong smell. It took him a moment for him to realize that this was one of those times that Kagome...well, was Kagome.

The culprit who had cheaply ripped off his attack had joined Rin on the floor.

"Not amusing," he muttered, leaving the squealing trio to clean up Kagome's sauce attack.

"He'll be smelling that for a week!" Kirara howled, sinking down to the ground and clutching her stomach.

It was nothing less than a miracle that dinner ever got finished.

Inuyasha leaned over the sink in his bathroom and splashed cold water onto his face. He grimaced and then splashed some more water, trying to get rid of the sauce. It certainly did smell strong when it was stuck in his nose.

He tried blowing his nose a few times to rid himself of the scent, and though it helped a little, he knew it would be a few days before it was totally gone.

The price of love.

Though he would not admit it aloud, he loved how Kagome would just do her silly little things. He loved how she would just play.

But now someone wanted to threaten that. And they were getting too close for his comfort.

Eyes narrowing in the mirror, Inuyasha growled quietly as his blood pounded furiously in his ears. They wanted her life, but he would not let anything happen. Seeing what his family had gone through today was just about enough, but if they were to come after Kagome like that...

His eyes bled red before he even had time to notice.

Sakura looked up from the television in her uncle's room that she and her siblings were watching when she noticed a new scent in the air. For a moment, she was confused, noting the familiarity of the scent but also detecting something she had never scented before.

A deep guttural growl coming through her uncle's bathroom door suddenly explained everything. Her eyes widened at the sound as old stories jumped into her memories. Her ears picked up her uncle's voice, yet now it held an uncontrollable tone to it. It was only a moment before her own instincts kicked in.

"Maro!" she screamed, scrambling to get up, "get everyone out of here now!"

"What?" Maro asked. But his own eyes widened when a fist with abnormally long claws thrust through his bathroom door.

Shouting out an expletive vile enough to make his father cringe, Maro hurriedly snatched up the five youngest pups and dashed out the door with Hana and Sakura hot on his heels. Sakura carried the injured Matsu on her back.

Needless to say, Kirara, Rin, and Kagome were not expecting for a room full of screaming pups to burst into the kitchen.

"What's going on?" Rin shouted above her children's screams as four of them flew by her.

"No time to talk," Hana yelled back, pulling open the front door to flee into the streets. Unfortunately, Shippou and Sesshoumaru had returned, and the fox was in the way poised to open the door, a bag of groceries in his hands.

Sesshoumaru stood behind him.

Or at least he did. Hana opened the door and completely disregarded her father and the fox, plowing right through Shippou. The force of her body sent the fox plummeting backward into Sesshoumaru, who just managed to catch his daughter by the back of her skirt before she took off down the street.

Hana swallowed at the glare her father fixed her with as he brought her back into the house with Shippou following behind.

"Papa, Uncle Inu's lost it!" Matsu shouted from Sakura's back.

Sakura frantically nodded her head.

"Oh no," Kagome groaned.

Kirara frowned and stood solid, ready to take any attack that came through.

But Katsue was unconsolable. "Papa! Uncle Inu...Uncle Inu go grrrrrrr...door, door, baftub...broken–" All of a sudden Katsue's eyes widened at the thought of the bathtub being broken. "Save da tub, Papa!"

Well, there was no time to save the tub because Inuyasha emerged from the bedroom and stood in the kitchen doorway, his youkai blood in complete control.

Kagome swallowed, and she and Rin slowly made their way toward the others.

"Bad Uncle Inu!" Katsue scolded. "Broke baftub!"

"I'm afraid he's going to break more than the bathtub, Katsue," Maro whispered, his eyes not leaving his uncle's red ones. "We're in trouble."

The doorbell rang.

Kagome's head snapped to the door, knowing the her three friends were the ones waiting on the other side. "Real trouble."

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