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Damned to the Depths

Author: J.L.Dexter

Rating: Lessee- that's a tough one. How 'bout PG-13 cause I try to maintain some sort of dignity on this site since young kids read this stuff.

Summary: It's a Jack/Ana- Will/Elizabeth- Butt kicking, adventure wielding story and you still need a summary?!


The sun shone brightly, the wind was just right with enough force to be helpful and cooling, the ocean was calm and the skies were clear. Plunder had been high and each raid had been prosperous and done without so much as a casualty. Supplies were abundant, moral was soaring and the victory celebrations in the end were jovial. One could say luck had been shining down upon the Black Pearl and her crew.

And no man better delighted in this thought than Captain Jack Sparrow; captain of said lucky ship and crew.

He had his ship, his crew, his plunder, his lovely wife and of course, his occasional bottle of rum, and each day, things only seemed to be more and more in his favor. Jack gripped the helm tightly, a smirk on his face as he thought, Life can't possibly get any better than this.

Below on the foredeck, several of the crew went about, their daily routine taking place. Swabbing the decks, manning the sails, oiling the cannons, tightening the rigging, furling the sails and of course, the sporadic off key singing of Jack's personal favorite little ditty.

Ah, yes, Jack agreed with himself, Life is good.

From the corner of his eye, he caught a flash of brown and black and his grin grew wider as he turned to what had captured his attention. He gave a small bow and held out his hand, his fingers grasping those of a much smaller hand than his own. "M'lady," he greeted with a dip of his head.


Jack quirked an eyebrow, his arms encircling the waist of his young bride. For eleven months now, Jack had been happy to just have Anamaria in his arms and in his bed beside him. Not much had changed, except once the crew discovered the bit of news, not only did they celebrate, they offered new found respect for the captain's wife. Both Jack and Ana couldn't help but wonder if Gibbs had somewhat been behind it all.

The old sailor had been the first to find out, though he had his suspicions at the time. Quite unsuspecting to Gibbs had the news come as he and Jack shared a bottle of brandy late one night, each equally drunk, when the announcement had slipped from Jack's tongue. Gibbs hadn't said much of anything except a disgruntled, 'It's about time,' and offered a hearty slap on the back.

A superstitious old fool Gibbs seemed to be, he never really believed that Anamaria was bad luck, and he had personally told her so after he heard of her taming the wild Captain Jack Sparrow. Ana had blushed and thanked him with a friendly hug and quick kiss on his cheek rewarding Gibbs with a blush of his own.

So here they were, eleven months after the deed and things were great as far as Jack was concerned. But some things had been concerning him as of lately. One concern being Ana. She had grown unnaturally quiet over the past months and it seemed to Jack that she was declining more and more of his offers to celebrate their victories.

He figured maybe she was still adjusting, but one would think after almost a year of the same routine, the other would be well acquainted with their new environment. But Jack didn't press the case any knowing that the few times he had, she had refused to share with him, offering of herself to sooth his worries and cease his constant badgering of her behavior.

The time they spent together had dwindled so it was when Ana was in a giving mood that Jack was all too happy to comply.

The pirate captain tightened his grip on the young woman in his arms. She seemed to be in good spirits if she allowed the closeness and his touch and Jack took advantage of the acceptance while it lasted. Ana turned in his arms, her back to his chest as she rested her hands on the helm, gently guiding the ship.

"Where are we headed?"

Jack placed his chin in the crook of her neck and shrugged. Ana raised a hand and reached back, her palm stroking Jack's face as she shifted to gaze at him, their lips meeting. There was a sound of someone clearing their throat causing Jack and Ana to break apart, both turning toward the sound to see Gibbs standing there a smirk on his face.

Ana pulled out of Jack's grasp, her dark eyes full of sadness as she cast one last glance at her husband before walking away. As she passed Gibbs he greeted, "Ana." She replied with a silent nod before disappearing. The old sailor glanced at Jack and asked, "Still not lettin' ye near 'er?"

Jack frowned at Gibbs and huffed, "I hope ye have a good reason for interrupting me."

"Aye, I do, Jack," Gibbs replied shuffling toward him. "Cotton's parrot spotted a ship 'bout 6 knots East o' here."


"Not sure. Blasted parrot wouldn' tell us."

Jack nodded. "Then by all means, Gibbs. Ready the crew for a possible raid."

"Aye cap'n," Gibbs answered as he headed to the foredeck. He stopped and looked at Jack. "Sorry fer interruptin' ye and the lass, Jack."

The pirate captain waved him off with a nod before concentrating on the horizon, his mind scheming out a plan of action for the ship that was due to feel the wrath of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl.


Ana sat at the desk in the cabin she and Jack shared her head in her hands. She had been hoping to talk to him, but it seemed every time she got up the nerve to do so, they were interrupted. She wasn't exactly sure what she was going to tell him when she had the chance, but she knew it had to be done.

What do I tell him, she thought dryly. Hi Jack, look I just wanted to say that, I can't go on the raids with you anymore. Jack, I'm tired of killing. I'm tired of plundering. Ana shook her head. She had to tell him something. He was getting too suspicious and she wasn't sure how much more of his insistent prodding of her problems she could take. She was tired of raiding. She was tired of the fighting, the killing. It was simple- Ana was growing tired of being a pirate.

There were others things to life than roaming the sea, even if she was with Jack. Don't get her wrong, she loved Jack with everything she had to offer, but she was the last person to admit her defeat when it came to his winning charm. Jack had never said those words to her and she in kind had not repeated them. Ana just assumed those three words were nothing but reassurance, and she sometimes found herself wishing she had it; but she knew Jack loved her, despite his lack of saying so. It was in his touch, the way he looked at her and kissed her. She was his everything.

Ana sighed as she glanced out the small window in the cabin, a soft breeze entering and gently caressing her hair. How she wished she could just tell Jack what was bothering her. Months ago, if someone had told her she was having these feelings or having trouble telling Jack what was on her mind, Ana would just have laughed at them. Oh how things change as the years go by and when you're, Ana stopped short.

It wasn't the years that caused her to feel this way. It was her occupation. Ana's father had been a respectable banker, the son of a wealthy Englishman whom Ana never met in her life. Ana herself was raised in a society much like the one Elizabeth was brought up in, and now here she was, a pirate and… the wife of one as well. She absently started twisting the silver band on her left hand as she lost herself in thought.

Why did you have to be so dashing and charming? Ana thought with bittersweet emotion. Why didn't I just walk away from you? Because- because I lov-she was suddenly cut off as the sound of a cannon firing echoed through the cabin.

Ana jumped from the desk and rushed to the deck, her eyes taking in the sight before her. They were alongside a ship of equal size and splendor of the Pearl, flying a red flag that wavered above blood red sails fluttering in the breeze. Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes skimmed the ship, her mind registering its name on her tongue. "The Belladonna?" she whispered as she made her way to the helm.

The ship didn't strike a single cord of recognition in her as she reached Jack's side, her hand readied above her sword should she need it. She caught her captain's stare and frown, but ignored the silent signal he sent her way as she said, "Do you recognize her?"

With a defeated sigh, Jack gazed back at the ship before him. "No, I don't. You?"

Ana shook her head no and tilted her chin. She squinted as she saw someone appear at the railing and stare back at them. He was tall, lanky to say the least with broad shoulders and close-cropped brown hair. His eyes were beady, the glow of the fading sun providing an evil glint in them as he smiled at Jack and Ana, his expression sinister.

He was obviously the captain of the opposing ship, the crew running at his beck and call. For some reason she couldn't explain, this man did offer a bit of familiarity to Ana as he leaned against the railing, his eyes blankly trained on her and Jack.

"Well, well, well- if it isn't the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow," the man called out to them, his head slightly dipped as he studied the two pirates.

Ana felt Jack bristle beside him, but it was the feeling of her own blood going cold that worried her as she immediately placed a name with the voice of the captain. Jack felt her shiver suddenly as she backed up, her eyes full of what he could only denote as fear. He made note of her fearful expression as he reached for her, his fingers brushing against her arm as she glared at the man on the other ship and hissed with malice, "Derrick."


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