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Chapter 11:

And the room exploded with noise…….. Loud exclamations of shock, anger and surprise were heard as Dumbledore struggled to regain control. Interestingly enough the moment that James had made his startling discovery, he fortunately had been looking at Harry and was gratified to note that the emotions of horror and fear had chased themselves across his face, before returning to the young man's usual stoic expressionless façade.

Dumbledore felt the blossoming of hope; perhaps the Potter's relationship with their son may not be so irrevocably broken after all. It would take time but maybe just maybe, this shattered family could be made whole once again.

Failing to subdue the rising tide of chaotic noise by normal methods, Dumbledore waved his hand and suddenly the noise dissipated, leaving the people in it gaping soundlessly. The old headmaster took a deep breath

"Now, if you are all quite finished. We can look at this problem reasonably. James, What happened?"

As James recounted how Lily had been captured, Dumbledore's mind began to look at possible avenues of action. It was a daring ploy on Voldemort's part, which indicated that his old nemesis was getting desperate. The past few years had been terrible and arduous for both sides with the Dark Lord's forces suffering as many, if not more causalities than their own. He feared that the end was near, although this end showed a future that was not entirely certain. Yes, Tom must be getting desperate…… either that or there was some vital piece of the puzzle he was missing, some aspect of this deadly chess game that he had overlooked or misjudged.

Dumbledore sighed as he studied his gnarled hands and reluctantly looked up at Harry. Green eyes stared unflinchingly back at him.

Harry knew what was coming. The final battle was coming sooner than expected and he knew what was required of him. The blasted prophecy made that very clear. A murderer, that's what he would become, a cold-blooded murderer. He had killed before, many many times and he wasn't overly troubled by it. In battle it was kill or be killed. However, this death seemed to weigh more heavily on his conscious. Perhaps because this death resembled more an execution than a death in the heat of battle. It was a pre-meditated, pre-destined murder, with him wielding the sword of justice.

It was a burden he could easily live without. However, what in his life had ever been fair? When had he ever expected things to be easy and if he had to kill a man in cold blood to see his family and friends live, then that's what he would do.

"Its time." These two words brought the room to a halt, once again. James Sirius and Cyanna looked at Harry, the latter two with understanding and sadness and the former with confusion. Cyanna tightened her stranglehold on his right hand, he could feel her fear. She knew as well as he what was coming. He felt her fear and terror of the thought of his death. And he would die. It was unlikely that he would survive the encounter with Voldemort.

He knew that if he died, it was likely that she wouldn't live long and that was the thought that was truly terrifying. He didn't fear death, but he feared hers. Her death was the one death in many thousands that he had witnessed that he couldn't stand the thought of. She deserved to have lots of children, live her life and grow old and fat, surrounded by laughter and love. She didn't deserve this life, the only life that he could give her but for some unfathomable reason Cyanna loved him and he was just selfish enough, just weak enough to not be able to push her away.

He sighed inwardly and thought of the children that will never be. Children with curly black hair and gold eyes, little girls with her smile and his nose, flitted through his mind. That life was not meant to be his. It was why he fought and why he would give his life so that people like Ron and his wife could live their lives without the shadow of fear.

"The time for talk and deliberation is over. We must assemble everyone. Call in every operative, every spy, every wizard who's on the wavering between light and dark. It's time for them to make a choice. We will be fighting Voldemort within the next week. By kidnapping erm Lily," Here Harry stumbled, uncertain of how to label the woman who had given birth to him. "…he had made this battle unavoidable. We will fight and we will win because the sacrifice of his voiceless victims will be heard and they will not die in vain."

Harry's voice rose as he spoke, his green eyes burning with an internal light and at that moment Dumbledore knew that Tom Riddle would never win as long as people like Harry existed.

Harry looked over at his father and nodded grimly.

"We will get her back for you, I promise." And with that they began to plan.

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