He adjusted the strap of his school bag as he walked into the classroom. The students milled around, talking and gossiping like they usually did before lessons officially start. Finding his usual seat in the back, he dropped his canvas bag onto the floor and sank down into his seat. At that moment, the bell rang, sharp and shrilly; cutting through the babble of students and announced that class had begun. The students quickly scattered and rushed back to their seats.

Unfastening the clasp of his bag, he reluctantly pulled out his (empty) History notebook. He sighed, preparing for a long and boring History lecture on the First World War.


Ten minutes into the lesson, he started to feel his eyelids drooping shut and his ears awash with words that he wasn't listening to. As much as he was part of the in crowd, he didn't like being overtly rude to teachers, or treat them without respect. He supposed this had something to do with the training he had with Kurei when he was so young. So he was rather desperate for a way –any way- for him to at least keep up the pretense that he was listening to her in class.

His eyes dropped to the corner of the table and remembered that he had had an unfinished conversation with the mysterious somebody. Though, of the mystery person, he had known two things. One, this person was extremely bitter. And two, the person was a she. He had deduced it from the fact that her handwriting was too neat and tiny and cursive to be a guy's.

Curiously, he leaned down and read the sentence that was added below the first two lines.

Don't attempt to humour me. As if you would know anything on life to lecture me.

The girl was obviously rather angry at what he wrote, judging by the way the table had new indentations where her full-stops were, and also by the way her script had the jagged edge of someone rather about to burst her top.

He smiled, feeling the last vestiges of sleep leave his mind. Just what he needed, he thought, something to stimulate his brain out of its state of lethargy. And indeed, he found the mysterious she rather interesting. In fact, he felt an almost pull towards the mysterious person, almost as if he had recognized a kindred spirit…

He was just about to add a response to her line, when he pulled back his pen. Defacing school property, as much as it was fun and in this case interesting, was something he tried as hard possible not to do. Not because he was a rule follower, but because if he was caught it would bring too much unwanted attention to him and in particular, his past.

The History notebook would finally have some use after all, he mused.


Internally, she sighed. Yet another history lesson with Mrs Foriat, she thought, feeling bored already, and the lesson hadn't even started yet. She went to her seat and sank down tiredly. It had been a long day and was unnaturally hot and humid for the time of the year; the ending of summer was usually marked by steadily declining temperatures. The rest of the class had obviously shared the same sentiments. They were like drooping flowers, slightly wilted, and limp.

The bell rang tiredly, covering the mumbling of the sloth-like students.

Mrs Foriat began her lesson.

Ganko, though she had never really liked Mrs Foriat, had always felt indifferent towards her. Yet today, her voice was grating on Ganko's nerves. They were, without a doubt, the most monotonous, the most inflectionless voice she ever had the un-luck to hear.

She leaned against her hand, and caught sight of her jagged handwriting below her elbow.

Underneath her own line were two words.

Below table.

She frowned, creating furrows in her brow.

Slid her hand unobtrusively underneath the table and felt a book. She closed her fingers over it, took it out and laid the book on the table.

On the cover, in the same handwriting as the one on the tabletop, was the big word (written in permanent marker), History. Curious as to why the other person had wanted her to look at it, she flipped open the cardboard cover.

The first page was remarkably empty, except for the writing scrawled across the first line of the page.

I'm not humouring you, I wouldn't dare! ^_^ And the truth is I think I do have enough experience to comment on your opinion of life. Though, as surprising as it will be for you, I know that life isn't all smiles and sunshine. Oh and by the way, I hope you don't mind using this book to further insult me, I don't think I'd like for our conversation to be available for everyone to read.

Ganko read it and re-read it to make sure she had seen what she had seen. Truth be told, she was feeling quite confused. All things considered, she had been rather mean to whoever was writing to her, and yet, here the guy (she had assumed it was a guy from the atrocious handwriting) was, joking with her. Actually seeming to be willing to continue to talk to her. She was quite shocked, surprised, and flattered.

 Though, not so long ago you never would have been shocked that someone wanted to talk to you, a little voice in her head piped up, in fact, it was downright natural. Everyone flocking to Ganko, pretty Ganko, popular Ganko.

The voice was taunting, slightly disdainful of her. It appeared rudely and suddenly. She squashed it.

We-ll, she thought, as her pen hovered hesitantly over the lined paper. To write or not to write… We-ell, she thought, she really didn't have much people she usually, wait, scratch that, ever talked to. And, he seemed to know a bit more on how life really is like. If his words were anything to go by. At least, he would be interesting, which was more than she could say about the rest of the people around her. She sneaked a look over at the girl sitting diagonally to the right of her colouring her nails in with a permanent marker and shuddered.

She put the tip of the pen onto the paper, and started to write.



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