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wouldn't be alive to write this!)

The city is Domino, the time is 11:03 pm.......and Marik Ishtar, also known as the

'Wicked Romancer' is waiting impatiently in the doorway of Ryou Bakuras house.

"Damn you Bakura! Why can't you ever be ready on time! The girls aren't going to wait

for us forever! Move your ass!" Marik growled as he checked his hair in the mirror in the

entry way.

//He's probably jerking off// Marik thought to himself.

"Shut up you pathetic fool, wait a bloody minute and Ill be down! Bakura snapped from

the bathroom as he took a final glance at himself in the mirror. The platinum haired Brit

grabbed his leather jacket and met Marik at the door.

"Ra almighty, what the hell took your ass so long?" Marik grimaced as they walked out

the door.

"If I wanted any lip out of you I'd pull down your pants, got it?" Bakura shot back as they

got on their motorcycles.

//You should pound him into the afterlife for that one// Marik's darker side growled

inside his mind.

Marik lowered his eyes and growled as they started their bikes.

"Fuck you 'kura, Let's roll"

Marik and Bakura sped off for a club on the otherside of town. The club was called "The

Dragon's Den" and it was known to attract a very rowdy crowd. They parked their bikes

and lit up a cigarette before going through the large mahogany doors that separated them

from the outside world and the noisy club.

"So this woman you're hooking me up with, she's good looking, correct?" Bakura asked

as he took a drag of his cigarette.

"Fuck yeah, I swear to Ra. Come on now, let's go inside." Marik replied sharply.

Marik and Bakura squeezed their way through the crowd in the dimly lit club. The room

was foggy with smoke and smelled of liquor and cheap perfume. They ordered

themselves a beer and leaned back on the bar looking around through the crowd.

"We will never find them amongst all these people" Bakura groaned.

Marik took a big gulp of his beer and shook his head

"They're here somewhere. Just chill out"

Bakura took a drag of his cigarette and looked around. Still no sign of the women.

"So you met these women at South Point?" he asked curiously.

Marik nodded his head

"Yes, I did. They're not like the rest of the strippers there though. These two actually look


"They better for your sake Marik" Bakura growled.

They drank their first beers down quickly and ordered themselves another round before

they spotted the women they were there to meet. Bakura just about melted when he saw

his date.

"Lord Ra almighty, are those real?" he panted as he noticed her extremely well

proportioned chest.

Marik grinned at Bakura mischievously

"Imagine the possibilities"

"Ra have mercy" Bakura sighed as the girls approached them.

The taller blond walked straight to Marik and gave him a hug. She was very pretty. She

had bright green eyes, flawless skin and gorgeous blond hair that fell almost to her waist.

The other girl, who was also blond, could have passed for her twin, except for her slightly

shorter hair and light blue eyes.

"Hey Marik! I thought you guys were gonna stand us up! Glad to see you could finally

make an appearance!" The green eyed beauty chuckled as she rested her cheek on his


"It's Bakura's fault we're late. I couldn't get him peeled off the bathroom mirror" Marik

grinned as he put his arm around her.

"Well I'm glad you're here now. Damn you look hot tonight" she purred in his ear. Marik

could feel his cheeks redden as she nuzzled his neck with her nose.

"So this is Bakura? He's alot sexier than you let on Marik."

"Yes, yes it is. Bakura, this is Cari and .........uh, what's her name?"

"Misty" The girl responded sharply. "My name is Misty."

"Yeah, that's it, Misty. Bakura meet Misty."

Bakura licked his lips and nodded

"Hello" he said in his sexiest voice.

"Hi" she nodded.

"Why don't we go back our place, this club is pretty lame tonight." Cari suggested. Marik

turned to Bakura and raised an eyebrow

"It's fine with me, how about you?"

Bakura shrugged his shoulders

"I don't care"

"Great! Um.....can we catch a ride with you guys? We sorta took a cab here. Our

apartment is only a few blocks away"

"As long as you arn't scared of a motorcycle it's fine" Marik smirked as they started

walking toward the exit.

They foursome rumbled off on Marik and Bakura's motorcycles to Cari and Misty's

apartment. Once they were inside, the night began to take shape.

"Hey Marik, you look like a pretty flexible guy....I lost one of my earrings under my bed,

can you come and help me look for it?" Cari grinned as she twirled a locked of her long

blond hair innocently around her finger.

"An earring huh? Oo-kay, let's go look." Marik smiled back. He knew there was no lost

earring, it was just Cari's subtle way of coaxing him into her bedroom. He grabbed the

bottle of tequila they had been taking shots from and followed Cari into her room.

With Marik and Cari out of the picture, it gave Bakura and Misty some time to

themselves. Neither one of them had said much to each other since they met.

"So what's your story?" Misty ask as she propped her feet up on the coffee table.

Bakura crossed his arms and grunted. He wasn't much for small talk.

"You got a stick up your ass or something?" Misty spouted.

Bakura lowered his eyes and glared

"I'm not a chit chatty kind of guy, and to be honest I find you rather boring."

Misty grabbed the remote control to the tv and flipped it on

"Whatever" she growled under her breath as she cruised through the stations.

They both sat in silence for a few minutes watching MTV, when their attentions were

diverted to loud noises coming from Cari's room.

"Harder! Harder!...oh Ra,oh Ra!......*smack smack*.......AHHHH! YEAH!" came from

beyond the bedroom door.

A little grin spread across Bakura's face. Misty rolled her eyes and flipped to MTV2.

"Hey bitch! I was watching that" Bakura snipped.

"Like I give a rats ass. Shut the fuck up freak" Misty snapped.

"Excuse me? Use that tone of voice with me again and I'll banish your pathetic ass to the

Shadow Realm!" Bakura hissed.

Before Misty could answer back, the sounds started getting louder from Cari's room.

Hearing all the screaming and smacking noises was turning Bakura on, and even though

Misty was a bitch, he knew he had to relieve the pressure building up in his jeans. So

instead of mocking her, he decided he'd try a different approach.

"Misty, why are you being such a rag? I'm not all bad."

Misty looked quite astonished at his direct question, but she answered it as best she could.

"Cause I can be. Why should I be nice anyway? It doesn't get you anything."

Bakura had to agree with her. He had a good side, but he didn't let it out much. Everytime

he had done something good for anybody it blew up in his face.

"Isn't that the truth." he sighed.

"I mean it's fucking bullshit. Like tonight for instance.....only reason I agreed to this

double date thing with Cari was because I was being nice.....and look where it's landed

me! I'm bored as hell, sitting home with a guy whose possessed by a 5000 year old spirit

of a tomb robber! Yeah, I know your story Bakura.....Cari told me everything Marik told


Bakura wasn't quite sure how to respond to Misty's outburst. One part of him wanted to

belt her one, but another half thought it best to just shut up. He considered allowing his

"light side" to make an appearance, but he recalled the last date he was on where he had

let his "light" out. It was horrible, they ended up at the library playing chess. Bakura

cringed at the thought.

"If it's any condolence to you, I am one good looking 5000 year old tombrobber" he


"Well, yeah, you are, but ....but..." Misty just shook her head and didn't finish talking.

The noises from the bedroom were getting so loud neither Bakura or Misty could take it

much longer.

"Sounds like they found the earring" Bakura chuckled.

"I knew Cari had something up her ass all night" Misty snickered.

"Leave it to Marik to look there for it" Bakura responded with a half smile.

"Leave it to Cari to loose it there" Misty giggled.

It seemed as if they had finally broken the ice. The tension in the room had finally


"You like horror movies?" Misty asked as she fumbled through a bookcase full of cd's.

"Yes, I do." Bakura responded.

"The Exorcist?" Misty asked as she pulled out a case.

"Sounds intriguing, pop it in"

Bakura and Misty watched the entire movie, and Marik and Cari still hadn't emerged

from the bedroom. Misty had turned on the surround sound, so it covered up all the racket

Marik and Cari were making.

"That movie was quite interesting. You say that it's based on a true story?" Bakura asked

as he lit a cigarette.

Misty got up and took the dvd out of the player and put it back in the case as she spoke

"I guess, that's what Cari told me, but I can't say for sure, she likes to fuck with my


Bakura grunted and nodded his head

"Just like Marik. That dirty bastard tried telling me that the reason turkeys don't fly well

is because they are hatched with stuffing inside of them, and the stuffing weighs them


A grin spread across Misty's face as she reached for the remote control.

"And you believed him?"

Bakura wrinkled up his nose and glared.

"Yes, at first.....but than we accidentally hit one while driving on a back road in

Wisconsin, there was no fucking stuffing in that damned bird and I was not only pissed

because I was hungary, but also because there was a dead turkey stuck to my hood."

Misty snickered and shook her head.

"Coulda been worse. I hit a cow with my old car. There was hamburger all over the road

and my car totaled."

"Is that why you had to take a cab to the club?" Bakura asked.

Misty nodded her head

"Yeah, I only had liability insurance. How about you? Is the turkey incedent the reason

you ride a motorcycle?"

Bakura shook his head

"Not really, I prefer riding my motorcycle because I look much cooler on it than I did in

my car. Woman don't look twice at a guy in Reliant"

Misty laughed and surprisingly put her hand on Bakuras thigh.

"Shit dude, a Reliant! That's what mine was!"

Bakura noticed her hand on his leg and daringly put his hand on top of hers. She didn't

pull away either.

//This is going much better// a voice in Bakura's head gloated.

Once Misty had turned off the surround sound, the noises coming from the bedroom were

once again apparent

"I think Marik is looking for his earring now" Bakura sighed.

"Maybe" Mistly grinned.She bit her lip. A look of confusion spread over her face, Bakura

wasn't sure what exactly she was thinking about. He hoped she wasn't thinking about

being a bitch to him again. if she did, he knew he'd have to send her to the Shadow


"Uh.....erm.....Bakura? Do you, uh.....would you like....argh! Do you wanna go to my

room and fuck?" Misty blunted asked.

Bakura was quite astonished at her choice of words, but he wasn't going to give her time

to rethink them.

"Yes, let's go" he smirked.

The next morning, Bakura woke up before Misty. She was sleeping soundly next to him.

He quietly slipped on his jeans and made his way to the bathroom to take a piss. He

walked right in on Marik doing the same thing.

"So did you score with that chick?" Marik asked as he zipped up his pants.

Bakura grinned as he took his place infront of the porcelain goddess


"You snake...you did her didn't you" Marik grinned as he exited the bathroom.

Bakura couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He didn't smile alot, but when he did it only

ment he got away with something. After he'd finished his business, he joined Marik in the


"Let's get going.....I really need a shower." Marik said as he grabbed his leather jacket off

the table.

"Hang on, I need to jot Misty a note"

Marik shook his head and laughed at Bakura

"A note? damn 'Kura, you going soft?"

Bakura glared sharply at Marik as he found a pen and paper.

"Shut your trap Ishtar. Let's go." Bakura snarled as he tacked the note up to the fridge

with a magnet.

The guys than went their separate ways. Marik went streight home, but Bakura decided

he'd let his 'light' have control of their body for a while. He needed time to think about

everything.....was he really turning into a softy?