Sky diving with Marik and Bakura

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warning: who knows, I'm sure there will be something bad here


So what's your idea again? Bakura mused as he tied his sneakers.

Sky diving. I heard from one of my rare hunters that it's better than sex

Bakura rolled his eyes

NOTHING-can beat sex.

We shall see Marik grinned as he pulled on his coat.

They tookoff on their motorcycles to a small airport just outside of town to get the ball

rolling. A few days later that had finished all the necessary classes and were prepared for

their first jump.

While they were strapping on their gear, Bakura looked over at Marik nervously,

I'm not so sure about this

You'll be fine Bakura. Don't sweat it. Marik grinned.

I'll break you're fucking face if something goes wrong Bakura snapped back.

Oh shut it, don't be such a pussy........hey, I have an idea. It'll make this jump even better.

Bakura looked up at Marik with a patronizing gaze.

I dread to hear this.......but go ahead.

Marik grinned mischievously.

I've always wanted to try this....but I don't want to do it alone....let's take this jump in

the buff!

Bakura's eyes got huge,

SAY WHAT! Are you bent, man?

What? You got something to hide? what can it hurt? I heard it's a major rush,

pleeeeeease Bakura? Would you do it for a Scooby snack?

Bakura rolled his eyes,

Shut up, I'll do it. But you owe me one. This is insane.

Marik smiled proudly.

That's my bro.....

They purposely strapped their gear under their clothes and headed on board the small


The air craft took off, and when they were at the right altitude, the instructor started

sending people out the door.

Marik and Bakura were the last to go.

Are you going to jump or what? the instructor ask firmly.

Marik gave Bakura one final sneaky grin.

Yes sir, we're ready.

The instructor counted.

Marik flung himself and got suck out into the open sky.

He yelled as he began descending.

Bakura jumped out seconds after him.

Oooooooh FUUUUUUUCK! he screamed as he was free falling.

Marik gave the signal and they both started pulling off their clothes. By the time they had

to pull their parachute cords they were butt naked.

Their adrenaline was sky-rocketing as they floated all their manly glory.

Without warning, a strong wind gusted and pulled them off course.

Oh oh.....this isn't good Bakura groaned as they blew further and further off track.

They couldn't make out what was going on below, but they could tell there was a large

gathering of people.

Marik? I think I might have to kill you once we land. Bakura yelled

Marik grinned, but it was obvious he was having regrets of taking this jump without any

clothes on.

As they neared the ground, they were able to make out more of what they were going to

land in the middle of, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Seconds later they reached solid ground again, but not on the grass. They landed in the

middle of a runway....right in the middle of a Victoria's Secret lingerie show. They

scrambled out from under their parachutes and were met with the eyes of hundreds of


You are so fucking dead Ishtar! Bakura growled as he got to his feet.

Cameras were snapping pictures all around them, and reporters were zero-ing in on them

with their video cameras.

Shit.......let's fucking run for it man! Marik yelled as he unclipped his landing gear.

They both ran off the stage and headed straight for home. As luck would have it, they

were only a few blocks away from Marik's, so they grabbed a couple jackets they saw

laying on some chairs and ran for it.

After running all the way to Marik's, they threw open the door and ran into his room.

Marik borrowed Bakura a pair of jeans and a shirt to wear while they laid low. They

turned on the television to kill some time. A couple hours later Marik's sister Ishizu

walked in with a bag of groceries.

Hey you two...did you hear the big news around town?

They both played stupid.

No, what's going on?

Ishizu opened a bag of chips and sat down on the couch next to them.

Some crazy sky divers landed right in the middle of the big Victoria's Secret show

downtown today. Word has it they were completed nude! she laughed.

As she finished speaking, the news came on.

Today in Domino, two young men caused quite the disturbance at the Victoria's Secret are seeing footage of their grand entrance. The newscaster chuckled as

Marik and Bakura's faces were shown on live tv for all of Domino to see. Ishizu just

about choked on her chips when she saw her brother on the television.

"Oh my gods.....that YOU! and BAKURA!"

Marik held up his hands infront of him.

Uh.....I guess

Guilt was written all over his face.

Tea Gardener was at this show, and she claims to know the two individuals who pulled

this stunt off the newscaster continuned.

Bakura and Marik gaped in horror as Tea gave out their names.

That bitch is dead.....she is SO dead! Marik hissed.

Let's go kill her NOW! And once we get rid of her....I'm going to kill YOU! Bakura said adamantly to Marik.

The two of them took off in a homicidal rage looking for Tea.....with full intentions of

doing very horrible things to her.