If Only I Could
An Inuyasha poem
hey guyz!! This is a poem from Miroku's POV, and its directed to Sango, and
how he wishes he could express his feelings to her. Yea, well, enjoy!! ^^;
I sit here alone
Night after night.
Thinking how to atone
For what I haven't done right.

How I made you stand there
Stand there and cry
Leaving you to bear
With all of the lies.

But it's hard for me as well,
To watch you shed your tears.
My soul, I would sell
If I could take away your fear.

And my heart aches so
When you become so jealous and mad.
I wish I could say, "No,
I'm really not that bad."

I wish I could hold you,
Whisper in your ear,
Be born anew
With you, my dear.

I cannot tell you how I feel
After what I put you through.
But I swear that these things will someday be real
And my love, forever true.

If only I could express
What I feel inside.
If only I could confess
Everything I hide.

If only I could just tell you
And finally get it out.
If only there was something to do
To get rid of all these doubts.

I don't know how to say it;
To say that it's all true.
If only I could admit
How much I really love you.