The heart that bleeds
A RK fic - poem
AN: hey everyone.. This is a poem from Kaoru's point of view, on the
subject of Kenshin's past and how he has to forget it all for his own good.
ok, well, enjoy!! ^^

I can tell when he thinks of it,
His face grows dark and grim.
In the corner of the room, he always sits,
And looks back on all his sins.

He says it doesn't matter;
That he's repenting for every one.
But oh, does my heart shatter,
When he feels he has to run.

I don't think he knows,
Don't think he understands
That every fault and woe,
He's got to reprimand.

He needs to stand up tall,
To throw away these fears,
Try his hardest not to fall,
Try his best to stop the tears.

It just makes me so upset
To watch him pay like that.
With his eyes, so red and wet,
With his face, so pale and flat.

If only I could hold him,
Tell him it's ok.
Turn the lights down dim,
Then that's when I'd say,

"I know how you've been feeling,
There's no need for you to hide.
Your soul needs time for healing,
And I'm right here, by your side."