Scott stood in front of the mirror with his back strait, only moving when the tailor asked. In the mirror, he saw Karen behind him staring into space with a blank, yet with an almost worried, expression on her face. He watched her, not saying a word. He was trying to forecast what was going through her mind. It must have been a million things. Everything from the wedding to the hospital to chris and Jagger.

"Am I doing the right thing?" she asked, still staring into space.

"Are you asking me?" Scott replied.

"You are my father, right? The person that is supposed to give me guidance in my life?"

"I can't even guide myself. You should be talking to your mother or your grandmother."

"Yeah, like Mom is going to give me a nonbiased answer. She has always hated everyone that I have ever dated."

"Let me guess, we're talking about that nucklehead that you used to be married to?" he asked.

"Am I doing the right thing by marrying Chris? Things didn't work out who I had dreamed they would with Jagger. Or did I just give up too easily?"

"How often do dreams work out the way that we plan?" he asked her, with a note of sarcasism in his voice.

"Scott, why do you keep doing that? Why do you keep answering my questions with a question?"

"Because, you already know the answers. You're just letting the what if's make you miserable. And let me tell you, you've been miserable lately."

"Thanks..." she sneered. "I guess I was looking in the wrong place for a little support."

"Is support what you're after or are you looking for me to tell you what to do? Because, I learned a long time ago that you can't tell a woman what to do, especially a daughter."

"Chris has been so distant lately. You know, he didn't even come home last night. He's been at the hospital, Dr. Preston has dragged him into this research that she is doing and I don't trust her. She's always hanging around Jagger and now she is pulling Chris into her cluches."

"Well if you want my opinion, here it is. Don't let things eat at ya, kid. Kayla is going to be gone in a month. Just wait her out. She's gonna go back to Canada and be out of everyone's hair. Then Chris will turn back into himself. As for the nucklehead, clear the air with him. You're going to be much happier if you two talk it out and put it rest. But I can take care of him if you want?" Scott finished with bright smile.

"I didn't realize that my feelings for Jagger still ran so deep." She said flopping into chair at the tuxedo shop. "I thought that I was over him."

"Yeah, you thought that you were over him, but you haven't seen him since you left California. Everything was revealed and finalized by Air Express. You've got to bring closure to the relationship."

"Closure? It's not like you to use buzzwords, Scott."

"Yeah, well, It's not like me to wear monkey suits either but you bring the best out of me, there kiddo."

A/N: The next couple of chapters are going to put an end to this story. I had a lot more planned, but I started writing it so long ago that I got into a slump and then lost my inspiration. I know it is not my best work, but as I stated before, I hate to leave a story incomplete. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting the end shortly.