Prequel to Krull

Disclaimer: Columbia Tristar Owns it, not me.

Summary: A series of stories detailing how the events in Krull came to be.

Chapter 1 Origin of the Beast

Llormordia was a technologically advanced planet. Until, that is, the fateful day that he took over.

The one known as Mordonas was interested in melding tech with magic. He managed to cast the spells which turned him into a shape-shifter. Then he began slowly playing the leaders of the major countries against each other. He finally managed to get control of one of the countries, posing as the ruler, whom he had killed. Then he managed to take control of another. And so on. Until he had control of all of the major nations. Then he slowly made alliances between nations, and consolidated his power. And then finally, the peace treaty was signed. All of Llomordia was under his rule.

Now he was ready to conquer the galaxy. But first, he needed an army. The Llormordians were not, for all of their bluster, fighters. They could do well against each other, but not against other races. He looked to the planet of Klarxan. The Klarxanians were known to be fierce warriors. They were also known for following orders as mindlessly as necessary. But they were strange-looking creatures, appearing as a brain and a spinal column. However, they had developed a sort of armor that would make them bipedal. Magical armor.

And he also needed better reconnaissance. Magical reconnaissance. There was a race known as the Teleopes. They were known for their farsightedness and their ability to see far away. He needed their eyes, at least one of their eyes...

Mordonas also needed a new name. He had used magic not only to increase his political power, but also to make himself bigger and stronger than the other Llormordians. But whereas the Llormordians were mostly handsome creatures, his magic had scarred him, leaving him an ugly monster. A gruesome, terrifying beast. Hmm.. a beast.

He would simply be... The Beast.

To be continued...