Chapter 5 Krull

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There was one planet that was the crux of the Beast's former plans. It had power beyond imagining, but it, like his home planet of Llormordia, had lost most of its technology in a series of wars. It was now a medieval world, run by feudal kings, quite unaware of the power they possessed.

And the daughter of Eirig, unbeknownst to anyone on Krull, had the ability to unlock that power. The ability to reactivate the ancient transport systems that led to other worlds, and the ability to summon the old technology and the more powerful magic of Krull.

She also had the power to destroy the Beast. Half of the power, anyway. There was one other, the son of Turold, who held the other half of that power. If the two were to meet, they together could wield the power that would turn the Beast into ashes.

The Beast ought to just kill them both and be done with it. But he only wanted to kill the boy. The girl was the key to increasing the Beast's power enough to rule the galaxy. Kill her and he would be safe, but get her to join him and he would be emperor.

So the Beast took his castle toward the planet of Krull. He prepared his army of Slayers. Soon, it would all be his.