Title: Never bring the marauders to a hockey game

Character: Lily, James, Remus, Sirius & OC's

Rating: PG for swearing

Summary: Takes place in 5th year. Lily brings the marauders to a hockey game, during summer break. Sirius has a little chat with English policeman, Remus has a strange obsession with chocolate (he's a chocoholic). Peter get's locked in a bathroom and James is at it again! What crazy stunt will he pull of this time in order to win Lily's heart?! Read and find out! Muahahaha

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Never bring the marauders to a hockey game

Part 1

Chapter 1

by: JosieEvans44

At Lily's house

"I'm bored" exclaimed Sirius all of a sudden . They had been at Lily's house for an hour, and already Sirius was bored. It was the first week of summer vacation and Lily barely had time to think: "Ah! Two marauder free months!", when her mother entered her bedroom announcing that they were going on vacation.

"Really?!why that's fantastic!, I'll start packing right away!"excitement flooded trough her, unfortunately it was quickly extinguish.

"No, no dear, me and your father are going on a two week vacation with the Potter." The Potter? that meant trouble. Olivia and Harold Potter had been best friend with her parents since first year. They had meet at the train station. Unfortunately for her that also meant a lot more of James and since last year Sirius also. Sirius had moved in with the Potters last summer, he was having family problems. But that didn't dampen Sirius's mood in fact he wasn't even perturbed, he was thrilled.

"Yeah! No more Regulus and Bellatrix , and Mother who's always screeching..." This speech had lasted a little over an hour.

"Yes and since Olivia doesn't want the boys home alone, can you blame her, there gonna spend the whole two weeks here with you." her mother informed "Now Punita will be gone and that nice little friend of yours Remus will be joining you. Am I missing one? I clearly remember a short pudgy little boy, Petachew?"

"Pettigrew mother, Peter Pettigrew."

"That's it, there spending the summer over at the Potter, so they'll also be joining you. Isn't that great hunny?!" All Lily could remember saying before passing out stone cold was: "Call the neighbours, run for your life, there gonna blow up the town!!!"


Now here they were, Lily had showed they were they would be sleeping and had turned on the television.


"I'm bored" exclaimed Sirius all of a sudden

Lily sighed "What already?! It's only been 10 minutes since we sat down."

Remus: "Yes well he has a short attention span"

Sirius: "Hey I resent that!"

Remus: "Well it's true"

Sirius: "Yeah! Well at least I don't have to have a chocolate frog every hour!"

Remus: "What are you talking about?" he said a little nervous

Sirius: Ah! Comme of it!, you're a chocoholic man, face the truth, you'd go bonkers if you didn't at least have 20 chocolate frogs a day!"

Would too

would not

would too

would not

would TOO

Would NOT



Remus: haha got ya!

Sirius pouted, he couldn't believe he had fell for that again. The whole time James, Lily and Peter had sat on the floor in front of the two eating popcorn and looking at them as if they had suddenly became the television.

Abruptly Sirius's face light up. "Alright I bet you 40 gallons you can't last one day without chocolate."

Remus: "Your on" they shacked hands and sat on the couch.

Sirius: "I'm bored!"

Lily: "Alright, Alright let's go to the arena and watch a hockey game" as she said this she got up put her jacket on.

"Were going to the antenna to watch socks?" asked Sirius being, well serious

(A/N: sorry no pun intended.

Sirius: it's alright Josie!

Josie: Thanks Sirius yer so cute!

Sirius: Ah! Thanks, hey look at that a closet.

Josie: sorry Sirius got to get back to the story.)

James: "No the arena. It's this place were muggles haves ice year round and can go skating. Hockey's a muggle game originally from Canada. (A/N: Yah! Canada rocks!) It's kind of like Quidditch but there's no brooms. They use skates instead of brooms and have sticks to hit the ball called a puck." the explanation was provided by: Professor Binns

Lily looked at James Thunderstruck (A/N: hehehe! I looove that song. Go AC/DC yah! *Starts bouncing up and down on bed and falls off. "Owie! Right on with the story!")

James just grinned "what?! I may listen during muggle studies. It's sometimes interesting"

Lily: Riiiight

Sirius: "That sounds boring."


Half an hour later they arrived at the arena. Why it took so long you ask, well it cost Lily all the strength she had to stop Sirius and James from throwing dungbombs at pacing cars.

Sirius: "Wow!, so this is the arema?!"

Lily: "ARENA Sirius and yes. Oh look the snack bar's open, you guy's hungry?"

All 4 marauders with Peter at the front charged at the snack bar, with Lily slowly trutting along in the back.

Lily: "Oh hey Adrian!" she said to the guy behind the counter.

Adrian: "Lily!" Gives her a hug "How are you? I haven't seen you in so long!"

Lily: "Oh I'm fine thanks, you?"

But he never got to answer because, out of nowhere a dungbomb exploded in his face.

Lily: JAMES!!!

James: All innocent "What?!"

Lily: "Don't *what* me!"

James: "Ok I'm tired of this, I just stand here minding my own business and I get blamed, but whoever threw that, it was Bloody Brilliant!"

Lily: "you trying to say that it wasn't you?"

James: "That's exactly what I'm saying!"

Remus ran and hit behind a wall at that moment.

Sirius: "What up with him?"

Lily: realisation hit her.

(Sirius: Really?! But how can it hit her?

Josie: Not physically, metaphorically

Sirius: but...

Josie: Sirius stop disrupting the story

Sirius: but...

Josie: on with the story!

Sirius: but Josie..

Josie: I said on with the story!

Sirius: alright)

Lily: realisation hit her. "Remus?"

Remus: muffled voice "Yes?"

Lily: "Did you throw that?"

Remus: "Maybe"

Lily: "Why?"

Remus: "Give me a break woman! I haven't had my usual supply of chocolate, I act without thinking..." see's a hot girl walking by. "Hey baby!"

Hot girl: *giggles* "hey!"

Remus: "Hey would you look at that a closet!"

All: bewildered

Hot girl and Remus walk to the closet

Sirius: "Hey! That's my line! That little bastard!" gives the end of his t-shirt to James "hold me back, hold me back!"

James: "That was..."

Peter: "Cocky?"

James: " No, strange you idiot!"

Peter: "riiight! I knew that! Hehehehe"

James: "Sure you did!"

Peter: "I've got to go to the loo!"

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