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Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and all associated characters are the property of Rumiko Takahashi and are used without permission. This fan-fiction isn't intended for commercial use but is rather a tribute to the Ranma ½ universe.

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Lonely Match by Cloud Dreamer

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Author's foreword:

This is an alternative Ranma fan fiction based off the simple question of what would be the result if circumstances had caused Nabiki to see Ranma not as a freeloader and perhaps a cash cow but as a potential ally and friend instead. Yes, this is a Nabiki – Ranma pairing.

I apologize to anyone in advance who expects this fan-fiction to ever be finished as it is an 'open-ended' story; perhaps others would just say 'pointless'. In any case it is not an adventure but rather an alternative retelling of the base Ranma story line with focus on the characters instead of the action given divergent circumstances and a few extra ideas. I'm not sure how many chapters I will do before I quit.

If this bothers you, then that is your problem. I suggest you simply don't read the story; anything else probably infringes on my right to express myself in my writings.

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Prologue – A Lonely Night

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Kasumi stretched as she smoothed out her nightgown, settling it into place. She ran an idle hand over the cover of one of the medical texts she had borrowed from Tofu and then slid the book aside for the magazine underneath it. It was a travel magazine she'd borrowed from Tofu's waiting room. She slowly turned the pages wistfully looking at scenes she was sure she'd never actually see.

Hearing a slight noise, she reluctantly closed the magazine and stepped into the hallway. Noticing the light beneath Akane's door, she softly tapped on it. Not receiving an answer, Kasumi gently opened the door and peered into the room. She smiled as she noticed her youngest sister was boyishly sprawled across her bed yet clutching a teddy bear closely at the same time.

Kasumi's smile widened as she scanned the room; she noticed the copy of 'Romeo & Juliet' on the desk with the broken blade of a shinai used as a crude bookmark. Then there was the cute dress carelessly draped over the weight set in the corner, the dumbbells crossed together for easy access but partially obscured by the 'Hello-Kitty' panties.

She sighed as she wondered at both the extremes and the confusion her sister seemed to embody. Kasumi pulled the covers over Akane, and then turned out the light before closing the door as she left to check on her other sister.

Nabiki tossed and turned, her insecurities making her sleep restless. "Mommy," she mumbled. Kasumi heard her and sat next to her, placing a comforting hand on her brow as she slept.

Kasumi smiled as she listened to Nabiki talk in her sleep. She was one of the few who knew the real reason that Nabiki was often seen chewing on a pencil or sucking a lollipop. Nabiki tended to think out loud unless she had something in her mouth or was focused on what she was doing.

"So lonely," the younger girl sighed in a faint whisper.

Kasumi could only sigh to herself as she gently kissed Nabiki on the cheek and headed off to bed as well.

Tomorrow was going to be just another day, maybe.

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