Ranma alternate fanfic     

Started - 15 October 2003                      Completed – pending

Last revised - 24 June 2004                   Reason – ending notes added

Disclaimer:  Ranma ½ and all associated characters are the property of Rumiko Takahashi and are used without permission.  This fan-fiction isn't intended for commercial use but is rather a tribute to the Ranma ½ universe.

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Lonely Match                by Cloud Dreamer

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Author's Ending Notes.

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NOTE :  the following is a temporary set of notes to let the readers of this story know what I had planned to write just in case it is a while before I return to this particular fanfic.  I have to admit that I am starting to lose interest in continuing it.  I realize that this is much less satisfactory than completing the story, but look on the bright side, few authors even do this much.

Cloud Dreamer

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Akane marries Tofu {hey, she ought to get her first crush in at least one story!} a week after she turns 20.  She has a pair of twin sons, part-time PE teacher in high school.

Kasumi marries Ryouga; he learns to focus on her so that he is rarely away from her side more than a couple of days at a time.  She attends medical school and eventually gains international notice as 'an angel of mercy' in that she 'somehow' manages to appear at the site of a major disaster in the vanguard yet without visible means of travel.  The fact that she also has several tons of medical supplies at her disposal as well adds to her mystique.  That her guardian was once filmed punching out a tank does little to diminish her celebrity status but does ensure that few trifle with her.  Three children, only the eldest is a wanderer.

Nabiki and Ranma marry shortly after he turns 18 in a double wedding [western] ceremony with Kasumi and Ryouga.  Pretty much follows Nabiki's plans to safeguard themselves; the new Tendou couple set up housekeeping at the dojo.  Nodoka becomes housekeeper of sorts for them while they finish Tokyo University.  They become a feared pair of international corporate raiders specializing in taking down the sleazy companies.  Their ability to covertly gather data for their work makes them very wealthy.  Nabiki has four sons; Ranma has accident when Nabiki uses instant Nanniichuan at urging of Kodachi and ends up 'mother' of twin girls.

Genma ends up with the Saotome home as his share of the divorce, she gets all the money, stocks, furniture etc. though.  He and Soun set up a bachelor pad there and turn professional in their act; Ami becomes their agent.  She is amazed that they stay 'in character' so well all the time.

Ukyou and Kodachi hit it off and after discovering instant Nanniichuan, decide to take advantage of the fact that Ukyou is legally a boy and marry.  Humm, ah, they take turns . . . well, one kid each.  Take Kuno name and become primary heirs.

After jerking Shampoo's chains a bit so that she matures somewhat, Cologne allows Shampoo's proposed plan to happen thus freeing her from her 'kiss' obligations though the elder is rather wistful about loosing Ranma.  Shampoo attends college majoring in international relations.

After mastering both schools (as anticipated, both fathers demand the return of 'their' copy of the scrolls after being kicked out of the Tendou compound), Akane, Nabiki and Ranma jointly begin teaching the combined school part time in the dojo; mostly as a form of stress relief from their 'normal' work.  Akane handles beginners, Nabiki intermediate and Ranma advanced classes (limited to family mostly).  Tofu and Cologne both help out; Shampoo is also taught the Anything Goes advanced skills in exchange for Cologne's teaching Amazon techniques.  Nabiki integrated their copies of the scrolls into one organized set that she later had printed out in limited book form after adding input from Cologne and Tofu. Of the five volume set, only the first volume (beginner) was commercially available.  The Tendou clan [Akane & Kasumi included] becomes allied with the Amazons.  Classes at the Tendou dojo are by invitation only.  A few are Amazons; there are usually an equal number of 'eligible' male martial artists as well among the remainder.

Ryu Kumon gets hauled off to china by a set of twin Amazons.  {He does get to learn all the sealed techniques though since he is now a member of the extended clan}.  Taro forgets all about his name problems after 'accidentally' defeating Dowel.  She is still looking for him; ah, well, she likes his cursed form too; scary.

Happosai eventually returns after several years [he toured the other lands first].  Makes the mistake of mouthing off to Cologne not realizing she is now also a master of his unified school as well as her own.  She pounds him, strips him of the various artifacts he's stolen and dumps him in spring of virtuous man before revealing to the others that he was her long lost [read thrown out] husband.  He sulks but is trapped; gets 'revenge' by training Mousse (especially in something called a lust aura which freaks girls out), arranging for eye surgery and helping him successfully challenge and marry Shampoo.  The fact that they had a dozen kids makes one wonder if she was really all that unhappy about how things turned out.

Herb found the kettle without any problems after Cologne offered to cooperate in exchange for his assistance arranging a meeting between the three powers of her homeland.  She slipped a powerful love/passion spice cocktail to Herb and Saffron just before a 'servant' splashed Herb with water with the ladle again during a private conference.  That evening, the Musk and Phoenix kingdoms were united.  Their 'countries' were too shocked to do much besides dither for a generation or so.

Tatewaki eventually immigrates to Hawaii to handle the family investments there.  He becomes a recognized member of the 'Greenwood' hobbyist circle.

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