War was going to break out in the colonies of America. Voices reached out to the people to take up arms and stand for truth. A meeting in a small church was being held where these voices called out in great numbers. 'The Crisis, No.1" was being read to the crowd inside, which included the presence of the great George Washington himself. A porthole had appeared just outside the French doors of the church. Faen the dog demon stepped out of the porthole with her love, Sesshoumaru, and the 2 other couples.

"Yay! We're finally here! Now I can bug Ol' Georgie boy!" Faen nearly shouted. Daegarafwen shook her head in disbelief. Friends for over 100 years at least, and Faen still acted like a hyper human child at "Disney World".

"You mean George Washington, soon-to-be President of this country right? I personally want to go home to a regular nation, so if you even try to hurt him, Faen, you die." Amani wrapped her hands around Yusuke's tanned arm. "Plus, we can't even get in the church because this is hallowed ground, and we're definitely not sacred." Faen went into a string of cursing which was stopped by the tender kiss of Sesshoumaru.

"Thank you for shutting her up, it really helps." Dae reclined in the comfort of Youko's arms, his scent a comforting smell.

Silence, except for the murmuring of voices from the church, held the couples till the sound of "OOO! WINDOWS!!!" came from a particularly very loud and hyper dog demon. Sesshoumaru grabbed the back of Faen's shirt before she could run off, like a mother with a hyperactive child. Faen now wore a black tank top with tight black pants and stylish enough boots. Amani, coincidentally, wore a long black velvet dress with Japanese-styled sandals and a moon amulet around her neck. Dae wore a silk crimson top with a black skirt, which came down to her knees, and stylish black pumps.

"Let the idea go, Faen. We can't be here. We might as well either go home or enjoy 18th century scenery."

"But the windows!!" Her aura, detected by all demons, flashed a bright orange."

"Fine, Fine, play around if you like, but I am not coming to your aid if you get shot at or something." Amani folded her arms under her breasts, making her black velvet dress crumple a bit under the pressure. Faen let out a cry of utter excitement while running towards the white-walled church.

"The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot-what in the Lord's name?" Thomas Paine looked over at the window towards his far right from which a "Wooo!" sound came from. "Did anyone besides me hear that?" A few men replied yes, and the crowd broke out into discussion.

"Must be the wind, Mr. Paine, do carry on," George Washington said to Paine who still carried a look of bewilderment upon his face.

Paine returned to his speech as told, but with a disturbance much louder and ominous this time interrupting him. Outside the window a cough was heard before the awful screeching sound of someone singing "I'VE GOT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCONUTS DIDDLY-DEE! THERE THEY ARE A-STANDING IN A ROW!!!"

"Faen! Hush would ya? They might try to find us!" Dae said, getting ready to shock the hell out of Faen. Meanwhile, endless rambling had commenced.

"Gentleman, Gentleman! Let us ponder about the statements we have just heard!" Ol' George once more brought peace out of chaos.

"Sir! I do think I know what these ungodly statements mean!" A thin, scraggily looking man stood up from the audience. His cropped brown hair framed his thin box-like face. "I do believe that 'co-co-nuts' is meant to be cannonballs and 'diddle-lee-dee' is some town!" Shocked voices could be in a roar, even outside the church.

"That's absolutely, positively-brilliant!!!" Paine had finally spoken up after being stopped in mid-speech twice. All Faen could do was laugh at the stupidity of the men.