Outside the church, as Faen still laughed uncontrollably, watching the not- so-bright humans inside, Dae and Youko were spending the time relaxing under an old oak tree. "I hope she doesn't screw up anything. Like Amani said, I want my house to be here when I get back. We could go back and still be under British control. Sorry, but I like being a free demon." Dae buried her face in the crook of Youko's neck, breathing in his intoxicating scent. "You will be in heat soon, won't you?" Youko nodded.

"Hehehehe, we'll have some fun then, won't we?"

"Yes, my love, we will." Youko laid his warm hand upon Dae's cheek, stroking her silky soft skin. She stared in the pools of liquid gold that were his eyes. They were absolutely stunning. Youko placed a soft, burning kiss upon Dae's lips; she replied, devouring his mouth in her kiss. Youko's velvet-like tongue probed her mouth; it was like sweet candy.

A distance away, Amani lay in Yusuke's arms, freezing things at complete and utter will. She held a fist-sized rock in her palm, covering it with a thick liquid-nitrogenous fluid. Amani just stared at until the rock shook with an unseen force, shattering in her hand like dropped glass. Only tiny chunks were left.

"Hey Yusuke, watch me freeze the window in front of Faen. It won't take her long to unfreeze, but it's still fun to watch." Yusuke nodded, his long black hair draping parts of his face like a curtain. As Faen stared into the window, it became laden with several layers of ice. "Damn you Amani!" Sesshoumaru stood silent as a statue as Faen slowly defrosted the ice.

"Hey Amani, watch me do this!"

"Wha?" Her words were cut off by Yusuke's passionate kiss. A low growl came deep from his throat, reverberating into the kiss. "He must of seen Dae and Youko making out over by the oak tree. YUSUKE!!!" (A/N: MEN!) Amani thought as she accidentally bit into his lip, stirring the scent of blood into both their airways. Trying to control her cravings, Amani pulled away from Yusuke, her dark brown hair entwined about Yusuke's hand. She put a hand against his strong chest to distance Yusuke from her body. "Not here, not now. Blood will only risk the chance of us going farther than needed." Yusuke adhered to none of his lover's words; his urges were too much of a concern at the moment. Ripping her hand away from his chest, Yusuke placed a bruising kiss upon Amani's lips. She gave into her thirst of blood (A/n-no she's not a vampire, but demons do like blood), sucking the wound on Yusuke's bottom lip. He grabbed her arms, forcing her to the ground. Amani gave a little moan into Yusuke's mouth, exciting him more. Something was about to happen and neither of them knew what.

Where Faen stands

Faen was done defrosting the window when suddenly the ice returned quicker than before, layer after layer. When the glass could take no more, a loud popping sound resounded. Faen stared at the broken glass for a second before screaming, "HURRAH!!!" She then danced around in circles and was happy.

**** Amani could feel Yusuke growing hard against her leg she continued to kiss him. A rush of thoughts came into her mind: the great feeling of the kiss, the coppery-sweet taste of blood, but how this was wrong. Yusuke had moved his kissing to the side of Amani's neck, onto her shoulder. Abruptly, he bit into the soft flesh of her upper chest, making Amani yelp with pain and pleasure. She turned into her demon form, her powers going wild. Then the popping sound came from the window. Yusuke drew back, staring at the feral- eyed ice demon.

"Sh**, Amani, wha'dya do?"

"Thanks to some people, I accidentally shattered the glass. My emotions can affect my powers."

"Sorry, but you seem to have made Faen's day by breaking that window."

"That's the problem, dumass. She'll HAVE more fun!"

"Oh..sorry." Yusuke sweat-dropped and grinned in the "Please-don't-kill-me- I'm-only-human" sort of way. Dae stared at Yusuke, electricity dancing along her fingertips. "He's first to die."