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Or Is This a Skirt?

As the party in Aura's realm flamed on, everyone noticed something wonderful. Not Tsukasa's hot body, not the fact that A20 was still attacking Bear("Stay down, Inukoro!!!"). It was the fact that Sora was missing. This realization came in mixed ways from our stoners/drunkards. Some cheered, some were attacked(Subaru) and some simple continued drinking/smoking as if nothing was wrong.

"Soooooooooooooooooo," BT drawled after a few minutes of Sora's absence. There came a rustle from the near by bushes. Everyone wielded the closest thing or person as a weapon. Weapons included cups, bottles, Tsukasa's shirt, Aura's teddy bear and Subaru. [A/N: 0.o] Then, out from the bushes came a bouncy figure with green hair.


Yes, it was Sora. Out he bounced, with an overly happy look on his face. Yet, there was something different. What was the difference, you ask?

"OMFG! Those are my clothes!.... I think... cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese..." Tsukasa trailed off, rolling his eyes to the back of his head. And indeed they were. Well, half of them, anyways.

Sora had opted to wear the lower half of Tsukasa's outfit, without Tsukasa's shirt(which was being wielded as a weapon by Maha), or any shirt for that matter. [Sora fans, rejoice!!] Everyone stared at him. "What?" They continued staring. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? I'll have you know this is very very comfy. One thing I can't figure out though." As he continued this part of his explanation, he picked at the skirt like fabric covering his underwear[Or there lack of. XD]. "Is this a tunic? Or, is this a skirt? "

Tsukasa, who had been having a vodka chugging contest with BT, after his outburst, suddenly exploded into tears. "ALRIGHT, DOD GAMMIT!!! I ADMIT IT!!! I'M A CROSS DRESSER!!!!!" he sobbed.

Subaru, after wrestling herself away from a position as Mimiru's weaponry, walked over to Tsukasa and took his hand in hers. "I don't mind if you're a cross dresser. I'm in love with your sou-"

"OMFG!" Mimiru yelled. "MY SWORD IS TALKING!!!" As we all know, Subaru is not a sword, but Mimiru, being very high, thought she was. After all, all of the .HackSIGN cast was either drunk, high, or both at this point. So, Mimiru promptly grabbed Subaru and attempted shoving her into a sword hilt while screaming about a haunted sword. She seemed oblivious to the yells of "I AM NOT TETSAIGA!! I AM A FISH!!! BOING!!!!!!"

Meanwhile, Sora, who had been cough innocently talking to BT was interrupted. "So, after you screwed the football team, you did the basket ba-"

"Tsukasa," Morgana said from her place in the sky. "You have finally returned."

Our lovable Wavemaster, not BT, the other one, hid behind Crim, who was still dancing with Maha, forcing Tsukasa to mimic him from behind. However, it was Sora who Aura walked over to. She stood on her toes and Sora bent down to listen to her. She murmured something into Sora's ear, to which, he responded with an enthusiastic, "Alright!"

With that, the Twin Blade picked up the Key of the Twilight, and walked about a mile away, to do naughty, masochistic, NC-17 things, which will not be written for the sake of the authoress' sanity.

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