Ice Cold

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Summary : Anna gets a near-death experience when Yoh, Ryu, and Morty are off training somewhere. Since HoroHoro is the only one around, it's up to him to help Anna get better. (Anna/HoroHoro)



~+-Chapter 1-+~

~+-What's Wrong?-+~

Anna lay there on the ground. Blood was slowly spreading around her. She wasn't dead, yet wasn't alive. She was knocked out, and on the brink of death.

"Hey, Anna! You still want me to do those dishes?" Horohoro looked around before seeing Anna on the ground. "Anna!!" Horohoro ran over to Anna and skid down on his knees beside her. "Anna! What happened!?" It was a little too late for questions. She had already lost enough blood.

Slowly and carefully, Horohoro picked Anna up and began his long run to the hospital.

Only had 15 minutes passed since he began his run. He collapsed on the side of the road and dropped Anna beside him. He then looked down the rest of his path, his tears flooding down his cheeks. "T.T I can't even help Anna T.T."

Kororo then looked at him. She then looked at Anna. Horohoro jumped up, picking Anna up again. "You're right, Kororo! I can't give up!" He then began running again.

~+-About 15 Stops Later-+~

Horohoro panted as he reached the front doors of the Emergency side of the Hospital. He looked around then was taken by surprise when a doctor took Anna from him. The doctor then escaped into the crowd before Horohoro could follow him.

~+-Later that Night-+~

A nurse walked up to him about 5 hours after the accident. He had fallen asleep, but was waken by the nurse. "You were the boy who brought the girl with blonde hair, blue dress, and many beads in, right?" Horohoro (I'm just calling him Horo from now on) nodded.

The nurse led him to Anna's room. She looked paler than usual, almost dead O.o. She didn't look bloody anymore at least. She did look better, in some ways. The nurse then whispered to him. "Do you know who did this?" Horo shook his head. The nurse looked sympathetically towards Anna before leaving.

"Anna?" Horohoro took a seat in a chair next to Anna's bed. "Can you hear me?" Anna just breathed softly. Horohoro also looked sympathetically towards the girl. "Will you be ok?"


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