Ice Cold

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Summary : Anna gets a near-death experience when Yoh, Ryu, and Morty are off training somewhere. Since HoroHoro is the only one around, it's up to him to help Anna get better. (Anna/HoroHoro)



~+-Chapter 8-+~

~+-The Ending Secret-+~

Horohoro and Anna sat together next to Yoh and Monta.

"So. . ."

"So. . ."

Monta jumped up after a moment of silence. He looked directly at Anna.

"You said you wanted to marry the Shaman King. Now you're going after Trey!"

Anna glared to Monta.

"His name is Horohoro, Monta. Also, if it wasn't for me training Yoh, he would never be at the skill level he is today. Why is it your business anyway? Do you want me to be with Yoh? Or is it you want me with him so you can fight off that affection for him? You want Yoh? Have him! But don't ever use me."

After saying he true opinion, Anna got up and left.

Horohoro looked around before going after her, leaving Monta and Yoh alone.

"Monta? Is that true?"

Monta looked to Yoh before leaving.


Anna walked around in the dark, unaware something was following her. It was sharp, flying towards her, inching closer. . .


The sharp point of a long glaive hit her in the back, blood spewing everywhere. She felt it being pulled back out as she fell to the floor.

'Who hit me?'

She closed her eyes before looking up and seeing gold eyes staring at her.

'Is that what happened before?'

All of a sudden, the figure became clear. It was Tao Ren.


He bent down to Anna, a smile placed upon his lips.

"Are you with Yoh?"

"No. . ."

Slowly, the smile slipped away.

"Wha-. . .?"

Horohoro all of a sudden came out and ran to Anna.


He skid down on his knees, pulling Anna up in his lap. He all of a sudden saw the gash in her back, the same type of gash she had when she was nearly dead.

"Ren! Why?"

Ren was in a state of shock.

"I was trying to. . .I was trying to break Yoh, but you're not with him. . ."

Anna blinked.

"S-sorry. . ."

With that, Ren ran off.

Horohoro lifted Anna onto her feet.

"It's deep. . ."

Anna whispered.

Horohoro just smiled.

"It's not as deep as you think."

"We're not talking about my back, Horo. . ."


"We're talking about us. . ."

She smiled and softly kissed Horohoro, which soon turned into an all-out makeout session, only ending when Anna's back started hurting more.

"I love you Horohoro. . ."

"And I love you Anna. . ."


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