Koh rolled over, pleasant images of different easter egg colored sushis filling his mind. "MmmmMMMmmM!!"

Koh sighed loudly in his sleep, rubbing his stomach. But no, ever since his father Guy disappeared, his family never had enough money for such delicacies. Only Ghosh and Selphi Rode had enough money to blow three to five hundred gil every day on food. How irritating it was too, the way they rubbed it in his face whenever he passed by. Ghosh was the absolute worst, he acted like a king simply because he carried around fifteen thousand copper coins in his purse every day to spend on some girl or another.

Koh rolled over on his bed, so his head faced the door to the kitchen. The slumbering redhead pushed his face into the mattress so the morning sun didn't bother his eyes. 'That Ghosh, always believing he's doing girls a FAVOR by showing them attention. Boy, would I like to show him something.' Koh growled and muttered to himself, gnawing the white sheets of his bed. The not-quite fifteen year old wriggled his legs like a pup restlessly. 'Stupid Ghosh! I bet he would even flirt with his own sister, if it pleased him!' The boy stopped after he thought that for a long moment.


The only girl Koh was fairly certain Ghosh would never settle his gold dusted mitts on was Nico, the second most annoying girl Koh knew. He didn't even know if he should call Nico a girl, she acted like such a man sometimes. Speaking of which, sooner or later her barely clad butt would be…


uh oh…

Koh was flipped over as Nico's rump hit him. Weedy jumped up soon afterward, squealing. 'The same thing every morning, darn it, doesn't that girl ever give up?' Koh waved her off and curled back up over himself, looking like a ball of red fluff and feet.

"Get up Koh, it's almost high noon!" Nico yelled, same as every morning. Except well, Nico's high noon was Koh's six AM.

"Geez Nico, can't you be a little more gentle?" The ball of red fluff replied.

"Jeewhiz Koh!? When was the last time you bathed? You smell worse than a pulumpa!" 'Whoh', Koh thought to himself, 'that one was new.'

"If it suits you Ms. High and Mighty queen of all kings Nico, and if it will make you go away, I shall bathe until my skin is raw!" Koh answered, well, the fluff named Koh answered.

"Hey, don't treat me like I'm Selphi. She doesn't treat me right either, you know! She laughs at my ideas to build a fountain!" Nico said, before agreeing and striding out of the room, Weedy at her heels.

"Finally!" Koh muttered, letting himself sink in for a few more minutes of uninterrupted slumber.

"I knew you wouldn't get up you lazy ass!!" Nico ran in and kicked Koh out the window of his house.

Koh barely realized what had happened when he found himself outside on the dewy um…dirt, next to his bathing barrel. Koh opened his crimson eyes and looked about himself. He sighed when he spotted the barrel. Two weeks, just two more weeks until he was fifteen, and he could afford something better than this barrel outside, where every one of his twelve aunts could see and ridicule him; not only them, but every girl and their father/sister/brother/uncle/aunt/grandpa/monster/whatever. Goodness knows the lecture he would get from his mother if that happened! And what if Ghosh—wait, why would he care? Let the blonde buffoon gawk at him all he wanted to. Koh smirked to himself and confidently stripped, scattering his clothes where they landed, on the dirt, in the road, in the well…wait, that wasn't good. Koh ran over and fished them out. He returned and before another thought, jumped in.


Koh climbed down from the roof, goose pimples raising on his skin. 'WHY WAS THE BATH SO COLD!?' Koh glowered at the barrel, standing next to a sign his mom put up, entitled "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL" Apparently, Wreath was very proud of her dirt. Koh, being the bright boy he was, decided that he would need to heat the tub the conventional way, with friction.

Selphie was humming to herself as she walked calmly along the road to the pool. She grinned to herself at the run down shacks of various townspeople's houses. It was nothing like her own abode, which had nine rooms in it and two piping hot baths. But, she felt like an early morning dip in the pool, which is where she was heading towards when a familiar shock of red hair caught her eye.

"Hey puffy lips!" Selphie crowed to him, laughing to herself as she passed by, not bothering to turn her arrogant gaze to the boy crouched buck naked beside a barrel. If she had seen it, it probably would have mortified her, but, fortunately, (or unfortunately, for those non-Selphie fans) She passed on, and Koh was undisturbed.

            Speaking of whom, he mouthed off behind her back, and flipped her a finger. Not his middle mind you, but his pinkie. It was his way of making fun of the way she held things, pinkie way out in the air. Her good for nothing brother did it too, now that he thought of it. Koh snorted at the roaring (not really) Fire, and hopped into the barrel, eager to get his naked form out of the public view. Not that it really embarrassed him, as he was notorious for streaking, (everyone can recognize his red hair with their eyes closed) but he didn't feel particularly like being accosted. As he waited for the fire to do it's work, Koh leaned his head back and closed his eyes, turning his thoughts back to the only other male his age, Ghosh Rode.

            He almost was a girl, Koh scoffed; always cavorting about in various pastels and shades of lavender. But, Ghosh had this fluid tenor voice that could be instantly recognized. It was too unfortunate that such a nice voice be used to say such nasty things. It was only now and again that Koh had ever heard Ghosh slip, and lose his brash demeanor. Like when describing a good food for example, but the teen always caught himself.

 Rodes had an eye for beauty; Koh noted briefly, they were always attracted to things with high aesthetic value. That was most likely why the blonde always wore the finest clothes, bought the finest swords, owned the most expensive things. The more money it cost, the more beautiful it was. No wonder the Rodes didn't like Koh, he didn't cost anything. He might as well be a ruddy stone on the road, all the respect they ever paid him.

Ghosh forgot too often that he was not the only one with a personality, and that people weren't put here to simply amuse or serve him. There was a hidden quality to the Rode family Koh didn't like to admit he was attracted to. The potential. Ghosh had all the potential in the world to be a kind man everyone respected. But, because he respected no one, no one respected him in return. They might act it, but not many truly liked Ghosh.

            Koh was a boy of passion; he always was, and always will be, just like his father. He always was full of unlimited energy, and put his all behind everything, just like the monsters he had come to love, as his father had done. Ghosh had a passion sometimes, but mostly it was a false pretence to a bored and lackadaisical outlook on life. There were two things that truly sparked him, Swordsmanship and Self confidence. When he could not bully someone, and when they showed a lack of insecurity a look came into his eyes that Koh couldn't ignore. He was drawn to it. What else lied under Ghosh's deportment? Could anyone strike a true passion in him, such as a passion to live, or a passion to love? Not the fake smiles, or roses he presented to ladies, but a look that would turn his azure eyes to amethyst? Koh wanted to, at least once; he wanted to make Ghosh so livid his eyes would turn violet. He'd seen it before. It was difficult he had to admit, and he was most often greeted with an icy blue gaze filled with contempt. A shadow fell over his face and Koh blinked open his scarlet eyes, only to meet the icy orbs he had been musing over moments before.

            Ghosh Rode leaned over his barrel, with a look that was somewhere between embarrassment and anger. Something was there Koh never noticed before, a slight flush. It was a look the boy had never seen Ghosh wear, and he was unaware how to react. So, he did the thing that he did whenever Ghosh was around; be as annoying as possible. A grin cracked his face from ear to ear.

"Hey there, Mr. Rode, You're looking bright and flowery today."

            It was true. Perched in the painstakingly groomed blonde tresses was a red rose, just illuminating his face. Ghosh's eyebrows knitted together, and he tried to kill Koh with his glare.

"What are you oogling at, commoner? Only beauties with a Y chromozone can admire MY finely bred body." Ghosh retorted in his usual mannar. Koh winced, and he grinned.

"What are you talking about? You look like you could have both an X and a Y and plenty others to spare. Are you wearing lipstick?" Koh inquired not-so-innocently. Ghosh huffed, feeling the urge to strangle the infuriating redhead.

"Look you, if you ever speak to me with that tone again I'll see you hang from a noose at the top of your beloved tower!" Ghosh growled dangerously low. Koh knew better than to push his luck, and let it go. After a moment, Ghosh stalked off, headed after his sister.

Koh glowered in the teen's direction. 'I know so much about him,' Koh thought to himself, 'but I just can't figure him out."

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