Sacred Blood
A Sequel to ReCreating Hell
By PasifikStar

* All Standard Disclaimers Apply: I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters.

This story is a sequel to my first story on ReCreating Hell. This story focuses on RJ Leonheart (Squall & Rinoa's daughter) and Hunter Almasy (Seifer & Quistis' son) as well as their parents. Here's a brief background on ReCreating Hell:

In the Underworld of vampires, sorcerers, werewolves (lycans), and shape-shifters, a several century long war between the races has finally stopped and they are trying to make peace. In the Underworld, there is a time called the Blood Moon that weakens sacred seals. The greatest seal is the one that keeps Hell's Gates closed. During the Blood Moon, the vampiric sorceress Adel tried to open it but was foiled by a Squall, Rinoa, & company. They manage to keep the gates closed, but sacrified Squall and Rinoa, who were sucked into the gates. Five years later, they appear at a memorial ball in their honor with their child, RJ.

After ReCreating Hell, is a series of three mini-stories after the original that gives background to RJ and Hunter, including who they are, their past, and who they grew up to be. At the very end of third mini-story, RJ was kidnapped from Seraphim's (Hunter's little sister/ Seifer & Quistis' daughter) party by Sephiroth, who was supposed to have been killed in the original.

This story doesn't sound like much, but it'll really clear up what's going on in this story if you read it. The story itself is heavily cameoed by many characters of the other Final Fantasies. There is also a guide to this world I created for further help. So please read ReCreating Hell!! But if you're too lazy, here's the break down of the major players in this story:

Raine Julia (RJ) Heartilly Leonheart - Squall and Rinoa's daughter, born in Hell's Gates. She's a natural vampire with high magic abilities. Her 'gift' is to speak to the dead, most often her grandmothers of whom she was named after. She went to an Arts Academy in Deling City, Galbadia. Love Interest: Hunter?
Hunter Seifer Almasy - Seifer & Quistis' son, a skilled gun blader, intelligent, and best of his class at Balamb Garden. Sarcastic, full of pride, but not as arrogant as his father. Grew up with and likes to tease RJ, but they haven't seen each other for a few years up until his sister's party. Love Interest: RJ?
Squall Leonheart - Son of Laguna, the leader of the Loire Vampire Clan, the biggest and most powerful vampire clan. Mate to Rinoa Heartilly, father of RJ.
Rinoa Heartilly Leonheart - Daughter of Julia Heartilly and General Caraway, the leader of the Caraway Sorercer Clan, the most powerful Sorcerer Clan in the world. She is one of only two full blooded sorcerers who was successfully turned into a vampire by her mate, Squall. She was the last living full blooded sorceress of the Heartilly family.
Seifer Almasy - Older brother to Selphie Tilmitt (took her mother's maiden name), and half lycan and half witch. Quistis' husband, Hunter and Seraphim's father.
Quistis Trepe-Almasy - Half shape shifter and half magic user, she is 'gifted' in that she is also a telepath. Seifer's wife, Hunter and Seraphim's mother.
Irvine Kinneas - Full blooded lycan, Selphie's husband, Seifer's brother-in-law, father of Rinoa "Rinny" Kinneas.
Selphie Kinneas (used to be Tilmitt) - Younger sister to Seifer, half lycan and half witch, high level of magic for a hybrid, went to school with Rinoa and Quistis. Irvine's wife, Rinny's mom.
Zell Dincht - Shape-shifter whose family works for the Loires. Squall and Irvine's best bud, now teaches at a Garden. Squall "Torch" Dincht's father.

Seraphim (13) - Seifer and Quistis' daughter
Rinoa "Rinny" (14) - Irvine and Selphie's daughter, named after Rinoa.
Squall "Torch" (8) - Zell and Library Girl's son, named after Squall.
Angelo II (3) - Rinoa's dog (the original Angelo died in his sleep, Angelo II is one of Angelo's puppies)
Squally-Poo IV (6) - Laguna's cat (Squally-Poo I was run over by Irvine, II 'mysteriously ran away', III M.I.A. Kiros and Ward assume him dead.) named after Squall.

Final Fantasy Characters -
My theme for my stories (okay, so I wrote two so far...) are that they are AU's and that they always have cameos of other Final Fantasy Characters. This is because I'm too lazy to create new ones and since most people already have an idea who who these characters are, I just put them in there. MANY other FF characters had cameo appearances in the original story and so they will often be referred to in this one. Also, I include Squally-Poo, Laguna's cat. Why? Because I can see Laguna owning a cat and naming him Squally-Poo.

Okay, I think I covered all the major details. If you're REALLY confused, please read ReCreating Hell. It'll make SO MUCH MORE sense afterwards, I promise! Enjoy the story!

- PasifiKStaR