Sacred Blood
A Sequel to ReCreating Hell
Chapter Ten: Dance of Souls
By PasifikStar

Author's Note:

* All Standard Disclaimers Apply: I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters.

RJ watched as the glowing woman turned to her and smiled. "RJ..." she said in a soft intent voice. "Look how you've grown...are nightmares troubling me, my child?"

RJ's eyes teared up as she nodded and fell to her knees and bowed her head. "Princess Sara, please give us your strength," RJ stammered. "He had taken my blood..."

"Sephiroth?" Leon said. He looked towards the others. "Is he haunting her?"

"He refuses to die," RJ said. "He claims he was wronged and will not rest until he takes Princess Sara for his own."

"They always want what they cannot have," Sara said. "Rinoa, what do you need of us?"

"Please keep the Gates open so that Hunter's soul may transcend within and battle Sephiroth," Rinoa informed them. "RJ and I shall perform the Black Summoning to secure the way for him."

"But he is not of full sorcerer blood," Sara countered, a confused look on her face. "He will not be able to transcend completely."

"Forgive me for my brash words, Princess," Rinoa said. "But you underestimate Hunter."

"Hunter..." the glowing vampire said as he turned to the blond behind RJ. Narrowed eyes studied him with intense scrutiny. "You wish you mate with the blood of MY kin?"

Hunter felt himself deflate at those words. *Oh great...not only do I have to worry about RJ's dad, grandfather, and CLAN, I also have to worry about THIS ancestor...*

"Very well," Leon stated as he finished studying and judging Hunter. "I approve."

"Sir, it's not like that..." RJ said, flushing furiously.

"He's cute." a little Adel said behind her mother's legs.

"Well, he does take after his father..." Seifer snorted out arrogantly. Adel tilted her little head and looked at Seifer.

"Whose his father?"

"Psst...!" Irvine, Zell, and Selphie burst into fits of laughter as Seifer growled at them to shut up.

"Will you four stop it!" Quistis said. "Hyne, this is not the time!"

"Very well then," Sara said. "Prepare the Black Summoning. We shall hold the Hell at bay for you."

"Thank you," Rinoa said humbly. She looked up as the family returned into the seal. Rinoa walked forward on the still glowing seal and opened the wooden box. She took out five candles, one at a time, and put them on the ground in a large circle. "RJ, come here."

"Hunter, go sit in the middle." Quistis informed her son. Hunter nodded and walked towards the center of the circle. Rinoa lit them all with a fire spell as soon as he was in the circle. He sat facing RJ, who sat across her mother.

"While we're in here...what's everyone else going to do?" Hunter asked nervously as he watched RJ's mother, who was still standing, bring her wrist to her mouth.

"Damage control," Rinoa whispered. She bit into her tender flesh and slit her wrist with ease. She held her hand out and dripped her blood over the candles in a circle. The blood red flames roared up. "RJ..."

Rinoa held her wrist over her daughter's mouth and RJ accepted her mother's blood. Hunter sat their, watching in awe. RJ's head was tilted upwards, her eyes closed as her small pink mouth opened to accepted the dark red life wine.

Rinoa brought her hand back to her mouth and healed it closed before sitting behind Hunter. She closed her eyes and began the chant.

"Whoa!" Zell said. He whirled around as a strong gust of wind blew through the area. "It looks like a storm!"

"It's part of the spell!" Quistis assured him as the roar of thunder in the distance could be heard. "Don't worry."

"I'll put up a barrier!" Selphie said.

Squall kept his eyes on his family. He could barely make out their figures through the leaping black and red flames. He knew that RJ and Rinoa's bodies had gone stiff as a swirling mass of smoke was created right above Hunter.

The blonde's head tilted up and his green eyes went wide as a swirling mass was forming above his head. He swallowed hard as a dark glow called to him from within. It beckoned him to let go of his body and somehow allow himself to transcend into the world of the dead.

Beyond the ring of blood fire, he could hear his mother's voice. She was telling him to let go. "Let go...?" he whispered. His eyes felt heavy as he closed them. "Let go of what...?"

He felt his body grow tired and soon lost feeling as the darkness surrounded him. Through his closed eye lids, he saw a flash of white light, forcing him to open his eyes. They went wide as he saw Hell's Gates before him. He remembered being told that the Gates were different to each person. It was representative of what they thought it would be.

To him, it was wall of darkness and heavily sealed iron door. He could hear the damned souls calling him for aid from their prisons. As he seemed to fly towards the gates, he saw three people. Two adults and a child stood by the gates. They were glowing white and seemed to be the only light in the darkness.

They opened the door for him and he could hear the faint whispers of 'good luck' in his ear as he passed through the darkened gates. Behind it's massive doors was a darkened world illuminated by fire and the flashes of white lightning in the distance.

He tried to ignore all the souls reaching for him as his soul flew by them, searching for his enemy. He felt himself pushing further, as if deep down he knew where Sephiroth was waiting.

He descended deeper into the bowels of hell and behind him, the screams began to die down. Ahead of him, a glowing ring of fire. Within the ring, a man dressed in black with flowing white hair and glowing eyes.

Those were the eyes that hypnotized RJ so many times. The eyes that made her become his victim. The eyes that haunted her in her dreams. Hunter's hand tightened around something he felt by his side. *Gunblade?* he thought to himself in surprise. He narrowed his eyes and looked straight ahead.

Sephiroth looked up at him, a smirk on his face. Hunter got his first good look at the white haired fallen angel as his tattered black clothes whirled around his body in the hellish wind. "Your mistake," he said in a low, highly amused voice. "Was wanting to battle me in HELL."

"The Gates can't stay open for long!" Quistis said as she looked up. A storm was gathering around them. "Selphie! Make a barrier around the seal!"

"Right!" Selphie shouted as she began to cast a sealant spell over the area. It was painfully weak compared to the normal seal, but they needed all the help they could get.

"Seifer! Don't just stand there!" Quistis shouted. She, too, was casting a spell.

"Right...right..." Seifer said. He took a deep breath and began to summon long unused powers.

As the wind rushed around them, Squall looked at the sky. The blinding white light was shooting up and he wondered if everyone could see it. He looked across the seal. He had nearly died there. Died in the arms of the creature he loved most.

"Squall?" Zell said to his left. "What should we do!?"

"Just keep your eyes open for anything," Squall stated as hie lifted up his gunblade. "There are still creatures here that might pose a danger. We can't let them disrupt the summoning or they'll be in more trouble!"

"Right!" Irvine said. "We'll keep an eye out!"

Squall looked back at the circle of fire in the center of the glowing ring. *Hyne...please be careful...*

"So...the hybrid comes," Sephiroth chuckled as Hunter stood outside the ring of fire. "I don't know what they told you, but you're at a distinct disadvantage here."

"I was told that I'd be in a disadvantage in both places, but I had a better chance here," Hunter said. "So you're the one whose been haunting RJ..."

Sephiroth smirked knowingly. "And you must be her beloved know she dreams very...VIVID dreams of you."

"Yeah, well, I've heard her talk in her sleep," Hunter said. He smirked back. "I didn't have to do anything and she already sounded satisfied. Guess I can't help but be loved."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "Her blood is sweet, as well. It's like honey through my veins. And her neck is so tender and soft, like silk at my touch."

Hunter narrowed his eyes. He didn't like what this spirit was talking about. "Just be glad you enjoyed it because you'll never have a chance to do that to her again."

"Ah...cliched lines from a man in love!" Sephiroth said. "You're thousands of years too young to take me on."

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Hunter asked. He raised his gun blade up. It's shining blade reflected the fires in them. Gripped in Sephiroth's hand was a long katana. It was unnaturally long as he turned it casually in his hands.

"You know that you'll be trapped here for eternity...whether you win or lose." Sephiroth said as his green eyes reflected the flames that surrounded him.

Hunter smirked. "As long as I'll be rid of you, it'll be worth it."

Hunter sprung forward.

Irvine shot one of the nameless creatures that was stalking them a little to closely. Zell was standing by the pillars, dutifully watching out for anything that might disrupt the spell.

Seifer and Selphie continued to cast seal after seal on the glowing platform as Quistis studied the trio in the center from afar. She could make out the sweat forming on her son's head. He was battling and, though he was mostly paralyzed in his seated state, his body was reacting to what his eyes saw. His face would flinch and sweat went down his head.

Squall watched RJ and Rinoa. Both bodies were still as their souls held the gates open. "They could see him, you know," Quistis said behind him. Squall turned his head and saw Quistis standing there, her eyes focused on the trio. "RJ and Rinoa...they can see what Hunter is doing."

"Is that a bad thing?" Squall asked.

"It depends how you look at it," Quistis said. "If Hunter is loosing or in pain...what will RJ do if she sees it?" Squall's eyes went wide. His daughter...his impulsive daughter, would do something...impulsive. "Rinoa might want to stop her...but then again, Rinoa might also jump in."

Squall closed his eyes and let out a heavy breath. He knew very well how likely it was for mother and daughter to do something like that. They didn't hesitant when it came to someone they cared about. "Let's just pray for the best then," Squall stated. He looked past the flames at his family. "I can't lose them."

RJ watched the battle before her. She and her mother opened the gates for Hunter and were thus able to watch them dance the deadly dance before them. RJ's eyes watched with intense interest as Hunter attacked.

"Will he be all right?" RJ asked her mother nervously.

Rinoa watched her daughter's knight battle against an obviously better skilled Sephiroth. She took a deep breath. "I don't know RJ," she replied truthfully. "I really do not know."

"He has to win," RJ said. "He's going to be the victor. It was prophesized!"

"RJ," Rinoa said. "Prophecies are visions of a future that might happen. It doesn't mean they always do."

Tears rimmed RJ's eyes as she watched Hunter get a cut over his upper left arm. He jumped back as the searing pain cut through his senses. He held his gunblade to his side as Sephiroth stood in front of him, mocking him with a mere look.

"How long will this take...?" RJ whispered.

"I don't know...but the Gates can only be held open for so long before the seal is broken," Rinoa said. "I can only imagine what the others are doing right now to help secure the gate."

"Please hurry, Hunter..." RJ whispered quietly as she watched him.

With each clash of blades, sparks flew. They pushed themselves away from each other. Sephiroth, the more skilled of the two, was faster than Hunter. He was more agile and more experienced. Hunter was pushed further and further back. Every time he gained a foot, he was pushed back three.

What was worse was that Hunter was bleeding. And while his soul was the one injured, what he saw before him was what his body would react to. Hunter was not really bleeding. He wasn't even moving.

Transcending his body meant just that - leaving his physical form. He was no longer restricted by his body's limits. Unless he took them to heart, he couldn't die from the wounds Sephiroth inflicted.

However, even though one could realize that, it didn't always mean that one could control it. RJ, a full blooded sorceress and vampire, couldn't even control it.

In the world of the living, Quistis began to notice the looks of pain on her son's face. She shook her head in fear, knowing that he hadn't been able to fully grasp the fact that he was not limited to his physical being. If Hunter didn't realize that soon and was able to control it, his body would react to what his eyes were seeing and would cause his death.

With his head, his soul would be trapped in Hell. Then all would be lost. And RJ? What would she do?

Back at the battle, Hunter was breathing deeply as his arm bled. His eyes studied Sephiroth. The creature hadn't moved an inch. He wasn't at all in pain or wounded. Hunter was positive that he had gotten at least one or two good hits in.

Yet Sephiroth didn't seem to have a scratch on him. "You really don't get it do you?" Sephiroth said. He shook his head. "Even those who caused my mortal death were able to get me by now!"

"Well, obviously, your mortal body wasn't this bad," Hunter snapped. "I'm not going to give up. I hope you realize that."

"I never expected anything less." Sephiroth replied casually. Hunter barely caught the glimmer of a blade as it came down.

Hunter barely had time to roll away as Sephiroth's katana disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The blond tightened his hand around his gunblade as he kept weary eyes on Sephiroth. As the white haired tormented soul stood there, he seemed almost god like in his stature.

Tall, powerful, and confident. Whereas Hunter was down on one knee, trying to keep his strength up. As Sephiroth brought is katana down once more, Hunter jumped out of the way, moving his body with agility he never even realized was in him.

*RJ...* his mind told him. *You promised promised her you'd make sure she would be safe...* Hunter looked back at Sephiroth. *I need to study him...* he thought to himself. *I need to find his weak spot like RJ found mine...Oh, Hyne... I LEARNED something from her...Even if I survive, this can never reach her ears...*

With his mind made up, he began to dart around the area, making Sephiroth attack him. Each time Sephiroth brought his sword down, Hunter would make sure he was watching him. The white haired soul had incredible prowess with the sword. So much so that it seemed like an extension of his body.

But he must've had a weak spot. Hunter thought to himself. As he jumped to the side, he noticed that while Sephiroth was bringing the sword down with such force, he left his side open. If Hunter could get close enough, he could give him a more serious wound. The sword would be going down so fast, that it wouldn't have time to change direction.

That was it, he had to wait for that open spot. First he needed to cause it. Hunter gripped the gunblade at his side and smirked. He made a pass for his left.

Sephiroth merely sighed, as if he were bored of playing a game of cat and mouse. The blade came down and Hunter ran forward. He twisted his hand to the side and flew through the flames and past Sephiroth. He felt the pressure of his blade against a solid object and smirked as he landed and slid to a stop.

Hunter whirled around to check the damage. Sephiroth was standing there with his back to him. He could see a large gash on Sephiroth's left side and smiled triumphantly. Then he heard the laughing.

Hunter's eyes went wide as Sephiroth turned around, a fanged smirk on his face. "Very good try..." he laughed as he faced Hunter. "But, your weapons have no effect."

Hunter's smile faded as he watched the wound on Sephiroth's side slowly reattach itself, healing the would instantly. He watched as the tendons seemed to reach out and regroup to reform his cut muscle and skin. Then, to his confusion, even Sephiroth's dark coat regenerated itself with ease.

"How did you...?" Hunter found himself saying in awe as he stood up.

"This is Hell," Sephiroth said with a smirk. "And I'm a demon. You don't know what I can do."

"No..." Hunter mumbled. He shook his head. "How did you...? But look at me! Why isn't anything happening to you!?"

"Don't you GET it?" Sephiroth laughed. "You're so stupid! You can't even begin to understand what you're doing! You transcended your body, fool! A novice like you doesn't have any idea what to do!"

Hunter narrowed his eyes. *Transcended my physical body...* his mind raced. *I'm not really hurt. My body is FINE. This is all in my mind...My soul is fine...I just think I'm hurt because I SEE that I am!*

Sephiroth saw the look of thought on his opponents eyes and smiled. "Never take your eyes off your opponent." he smirked.

Before Hunter even realized it, Sephiroth jumped into the air, vanishing from his spot before him. Hunter's eyes went wide, unsure what to think. Suddenly he looked up and saw the blade coming straight towards him.

"HUNTER!!!" RJ's eyes shot wide open as her mouth opened to a scream. Her father was about to run forward when Quistis held him back.

"No! Squall, you'll get sucked in!" she snapped.

"What's happening to her!?" Squall growled as his eyes flickered red.

"It's not what's happening to her!" Quistis said as she realized what RJ was screaming about. "It's what's happening to my SON!" Quistis' heart churned with pain as she realized that RJ had reacted to something that was happening to Hunter. Her eyes watered as she silently prayed that her son was all right.

RJ's head faced the sky as tears of blood streamed down her pale cheeks. A pained look was etched in her face as her senses suddenly flooded back to her. It was as if she was sucked back to her physical body, despite how hard she reached forward to touch him.

She heard the panicked yells of her mother. Of her grandparents as she passed through the world of the dead. But all her eyes saw was Hunter...the length of the katana right through his forehead.

As the moon shone on her and thunder sounded in the distance, she slowly began to loose her senses. They dulled around and soon the booming sound of thunder died away. All she could hear was the beating of her heart.

With each beat, blood rushed to her veins. It kept her alive. Her eyes narrowed her body began to shake. Her eyes widened as they burned red. She opened her mouth as long fangs appeared, glimmering in the silver moonlight. Then she stood up.

From where they stood, the others stopped what they were doing and watched as the blood red flames rose higher and higher until they completely shielded them from view. "Quistis, what's going on!?" Squall demanded.

"Something's wrong..." Quistis said. "The spell is supposed to paralyze the one casting it. Why is RJ standing?"

"I have to help her-"

"Squall, no!" Irvine said as he grabbed his life long friend. "You'll get trapped."

"She's my CHILD!" Squall growled viciously as his fangs blared out.

"You have to let her do this!" Irvine said. He and Zell held on to Squall and kept him from running to the center of the seal. "If you'll be no better than Laguna."

Zell stopped for a moment and stared at Irvine. "What?" he mouthed.

Irvine shrugged. "I don't know what else to say!" he mouthed back. Regardless, Squall, although still looking determined to go in, backed down.

"If you interfere with the spell," Seifer said as he and Selphie resumed casting the smaller seals. "You'll trap them all there."

"Hyne..." Squall said as he watched the flames die down. RJ was standing in front of Hunter. She had tilted his head up to look up at hers. Her hand was placed over her head. "No..." Squall whispered roughly.

Hunter's mouth was opened. "Oh my Hyne..." Quistis gasped as she realized what RJ was doing.

"Shit..." Seifer hissed.

Dripping into Hunter's mouth was the blood from RJ's bleeding wrist. "Tell me she's not..." Irvine said as he stared in shock.

RJ's eyes were glazed over with an ethereal glow as she lifted her hand back to her mouth and healed her wound. She fell to her knees in front of Hunter and cupped his face in her pale hands.

*I told you...* she thought to herself as she brought her face close to his. *I will do anything to make sure you are safe.* She opened her mouth and pressed it against his.

Rinoa watched as RJ was suddenly torn from Hell. She, too, had watched as Hunter was impaled with the vampire's blade. Directly through is head. RJ's horrified scream echoed in her ears.

Rinoa wanted to go after her, but realized that if she left, Hunter's soul was trapped in Hell. Her brown eyes darted back to the two souls she had been watching earlier. Her own eyes rimmed with blood tears as she watched Sephiroth rip the blade from Hunter's head.

*No blood...* she realized as she watched him. The blade wasn't caked with blood as it had been earlier in the battle. Sephiroth stood before Hunter, not noticing the lack of red liquid stained on his sword.

"You dance well," Sephiroth said. "But not as well as I."

Hunter stood there, a glassy look on his face. He wasn't moving. Sephiroth studied him, smirking to himself. He walked closer to Hunter until he was inches from the young blonde's face. Sephiroth's gloved hand brushed Hunter's blood stained hair to the side of his shoulder.

Rinoa's eyes went wide. She knew what he was going to do. *No!* she thought. "NO!!!"

Sephiroth ran his hand down Hunter's neck and leaned his head forward. "The blood of a virgin male..." he said as he took a deep breath. "Rare indeed..."

As Sephiroth lowered his head, Hunter's eyes lost their glassy look. His hand rose and with it the gunblade. Before the white haired soul could sink his teeth into Hunter's pale neck, his eyes flashed open and he jerked his head away.

Hunter glared at him as he turned the gunblade in a circle through Sephiroth's mid section. "Yeah, well...she makes it really hard to get some." Hunter commented.

Sephiroth merely laughed as he looked at Hunter's green eyes. "I see that you've come to the realization of what you are here. Good for you! But, you still have no power over me. A wound like this won't suffice!"

"No..." Hunter said as his eyes flashed red. The corners of his lips curled into smirk and revealed fangs. In a low, gruff voice he explained his reasoning. "That's to hold you down." Hunter grabbed Sephiroth's hair with a swift movement.

Sephiroth's eyes went wide as Hunter's fangs sank into his neck, right over the jugular. He lifted his sword as he struggled against Hunter's firm hold and brought it down. "It's not over..." he gasped out.

The blade was stopped by a strong claw before it even came close to Hunter. The sounds of bones cracking and muscles moving could be heard as Sephiroth's neck was now in the hold of a lycan's jaws. In that form, the fangs were much deeper and dug into his skin.

Sephiroth could feel RJ's blood leaving his body. He sensed HER blood in HIM. She had turned him. Shared her sacred blood with a HYBRID. He felt weaker as the werewolf drank him dry.

*This is RJ's blood,* Hunter thought as his teeth sank into the fading flesh. *It doesn't belong to you.*

The fire that surrounded them died as the soul it imprisoned vanished. Darkness surrounded Hunter as he fell to his knees. His first taste of blood was too much for him. He had drunk too much. His body mutated back to it's human form and he fell on his hands. As he looked up, he saw a white light and smiled. It was welcoming him.

The brightness and the warmth of the reminded him of RJ's smile.

He turned his head to the side and opened his green eyes slowly. She was smiling. As she laid next to him, surrounded by the warmth of thick blankets and soft pillows on their darkly colored bed, she smiled. Even in her sleep...she smiled.

He raised his hand slowly and touched her pale sleeping face. Under his finger tips, she was warm. His eyes softened as her name escaped his lips. "RJ..."

"Don't wake her," a voice said to his right. Hunter stiffened and quickly whirled his head around. To his surprise, he found Squall sitting in the corner of their room. He was shrouded by the darkness of the night as he looked over at them. "This is her first time sleeping in three days."

"Three days...?" Hunter whispered. "How long have I-"

"Three days," Squall stated simply. "Do you know that my daughter risked her life returning to Hell after she was pulled out just to bring you back?"

Hunter looked away and shook his head. "No, sir..." he whispered.

"Do you know how much she cried after the spell was over and you wouldn't answer her?" Squall said. "She shed blood that night for you. She cried and gave her blood for you."

"None of it got on the seal, did it!?" Hunter gasped.

Squall nodded. "A few tears hit the seal."

"No!" Hunter gasped. "Then what-"

"The sacred blood Faith told Rinoa wasn't RJ or Sephiroth's," Squall stated simply. His blue eyes locked on to Hunter's emerald ones. "It was talking about yours."

"What?" he whispered. "I don't understand..."

"It wasn't talking about the sacred blood that belonged to the ancient vampires," Squall stated. "It was talking about your blood line...the one prophesized to kill Sephiroth."

"But I did bleed!" Hunter gasped. "In Hell...I was wounded dozens of times. If I didn't realize that it wasn't my physical body, I-"

"Would've died from the trauma you believed you had suffered, yes, I know," Squall said. "When the spell was over, Rinoa collapsed. The paralyzing effect really got to her as she held the gate open not just for you, but also from RJ. She's still a wheelchair now."

"Will she be all right?"

"She kicked me in bed yesterday, she'll be fine," Squall snapped. "RJ was in tears when the spell was over. She thought you were dead."

"I thought I was dead," Hunter admitted. He closed his eyes. "The last thing I remember seeing was this was warm and reminded me of RJ's smile."

Squall didn't reply to that. Instead he stood up. "Now that you're awake, I'll go inform your parents. Your father was devastated when he thought you died."

Hunter looked up at him, confused. "He was?"

"He cried more than Quistis," Squall said with a pleased smirk. "If you need anything use the phone by the bed to call us. I'll let you two rest."

"Thank you..." Hunter said, smiling contently. "Father."

"Don't ever call me that." Squall stated as he headed out the door.

"Yes, sir." Hunter agreed quickly, immediately feeling stupid. The door closed behind him and Hunter closed his eyes.

"Welcome back..." a quiet voice whispered next to him. He looked down at her as he opened his eyes and smiled.

"Thank you," he whispered. "You came back to get me."

"Do you think I would leave you?" she said as she raised her hand and caressed his face. He tilted his head and kissed her hand softly.

"I missed you..." he whispered.

"I never left your side." she replied quietly.

"Are you all right?" he asked softly as he turned on his side. His body was as good as new and nothing hurt, much unlike what he had expected. RJ merely smiled.

"I'm better than all right," she said. She lifted her hand and caressed his hair and brought him closer to her. "You know I turned you?"

"It was fairly obvious," he smirked. RJ's eyes dropped and he placed a crooked finger under her chin. He lifted her head up to look at him. "Am I officially your mate NOW?" he asked, smiling a pleased smile.

RJ's eyes lit up and she smiled. "You have to drink from me first."

"Where?" he said.

"Here," she said, tilting her head to the side. Hunter lowered his head down against her pale neck. He could almost feel the rapid beating of her heart as he kissed her neck softly. "Bite it..." she whispered breathily.

Hunter smirked. "You'd like that, wouldn't you..."

She rolled her eyes. "Just do it..." she sighed. Hunter placed his lips on her neck slowly and kissed her softly before opening his mouth and placing his fangs into her neck. "Ah..." she moaned pleasurably and Hunter couldn't help but smirk.

A warmth spread to his body as RJ drifted off to a pleasure filled world. Her fingers coiled around his hair as he lowered his head against hers. His breath tickled her neck as his arms wrapped around her body. RJ smiled happily as she repressed the urge to cry with joy.

It seemed to pass much too fast. Hunter healed her bite mark and kissed where he had bitten her before lifting his lips to her ears. "I think that now is the RIGHT time and place..." he smirked to himself.

RJ blushed furiously and raised her hand, casting a barrier around them. "I completely agree."

One Month Later...

"Uh...sir..." Hunter said as he stood in front of a red eyed Squall. His hands gripped his gunblade wearily as Squall eyed him like a lion on it's prey. "Are...are you sure I have to do this?"

"Just get ready..." Squall said in a low, dangerous voice. Hunter swallowed hard.

"You can do it, Hunter!" RJ shouted. "Don't worry! My dad won't kill you!" *I hope...*

"Explain to me again how we got to this point." Selphie asked, slightly confused as sat on the stone railing of the veranda. Irvine was behind her, his hands around her waist as he shrugged.

"Somehow Squall got it into his head that Hunter has to prove how good he is before he can be accepted into the family," Rinoa sighed tiredly as she shook her head. "Way to go, dad..."

Laguna shrugged sheepishly as he held a tray of what looked like fruit punch. "I just happened to mention that I proved my worth to Raine's father."

"Grandpa, you two were engaged before you even met...," RJ said from where she was sitting on the steps with the other children. "Grandma Raine said you didn't fight her father."

"I saved Esthar?" Laguna offered.

"Never mind..." RJ sighed. "Can I have some punch?"

Laguna gasped, horrified at the thought. "You can't in your condition!"

"What condition!?" RJ gasped. "Grandpa, I just want some punch."

"But the baby!"

"The baby will be fine!" RJ insisted as she reached her hand up to get a drink. Laguna pulled the tray away and shook his head. Suddenly all attention was off of Squall as he skillfully maneuvered Hunter around the lawn as the blond, still shaking with fear of Squall, hesitated to hit back.

"Uncle, just give it to her-"

"No, it's bad for the baby!" he insisted. He clutched the tray close to him and shook his head. After some of the Elders of the Clan sensed something different about RJ, Laguna insisted she go to the doctor. Thus, the day before, they found she was going to have a baby.

"Where did you get that idea?" Ellone sighed. She handed RJ hers. "Here, you can have mine."

"Thank you, auntie-"

"No!" Laguna nearly screamed as he lunged forward.

RJ's eyes went wide and turned away, hiding her drink from him. Laguna lost his balance and fell forward. Zell's eyes went wide. "Squall, Hunter, watch out!" he shouted.

The drinks from the tray flew out of Laguna's hands and into the air. Hunter looked up as the colored plastic cups came crashing down. The tray flew and slammed right into Squall's face as he ran forward.

"Squall!" Rinoa gasped.

Laguna looked up and his mouth dropped. Hunter didn't wait for a second to pass as he quickly took that second that Squall was blinded by the tray and put the gunblade under his chin. Squall froze immediately and the tray slipped from his face.

"Yay!!" RJ shouted as she jumped up. She jumped over her fallen grandfather and towards her mate. "You won!

"Yeah!" Hunter said as Squall shot a glare at his own father. As RJ hugged Hunter and jumped up and down, Squall turned his attention to the fallen vampire.

"Now, Squall..." Laguna began as he stood up nervously. "Both you and I know that was an accident."

Squall lifted up his gunblade. "Not only is my face sticky with fruit punch, you made me lose to HIM."

"No way!" a voice shouted from the entrance to the veranda. Seifer and Quistis had arrived and Seifer looked absolutely shocked. "No way the loser could've beaten puberty boy!"

"Hey, I beat him before you did!" Hunter taunted as he held RJ against him.

Seifer grabbed hold of the door way. "Quistis! Quistis, I'm having a heart attack!"

"Pssh...I wish..." Quistis mumbled. Seifer stopped his dramatic performance and frowned.

"Dad, stop being weird." Seraphim sighed from where she was sitting.

Selphie laughed from where she was sitting. "All right, now that it's all settled, let's go have the cake, shall we? I've been dying to get a slice of it since it rolled into the hall."

"I can't believe you made me cut out on my own party for this," RJ sighed as she walked past her family still dressed in a long white wedding dress. "Mom, I can't believe you went along with it."

"Oh stop complaining," Rinoa sighed as she ushered everyone into the palace once more. "I'm going to play the piano. Any requests?"

"Why don't we have the band play the song, mom?" RJ said as she stepped into the palace. "I think I'd like to dance with my mate, so long as he doesn't step on my feet."

Hunter looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge?"

"I'm still the better dancer," she stated smoothly. "And you know it, too."

Flames burned in Hunter's eyes as he stared down at RJ. She merely looked back at him with a superior smirk. He turned to the band that was playing the corner. "PLAY THE SONG!" he growled.

Rinoa sighed heavily and shook her head. Squall stood beside her and took her hand in his. "Some things won't change." he told her.

"Yeah..." Rinoa said tiredly as she lead him to the dance floor. As the music started up, she placed her hands on Squall's hand and shoulder as his other hand placed itself on her hip. Rinoa looked over his shoulder at Edea and gave a slight nod.

"Well," Squall shrugged as Rinoa looked up at him and smiled. They began to dance across the room. "At least I learned to dance."


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