By Ninetalesuk.

Crossover of Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure Zero 2, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier and Yu-Gi-Oh.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company that is also known as Game Freak, who works for the Nintendo.

Sonic the Hedgehog and his buddies are owned by the Sonic Team of SEGA.


Digimon seasons 1-4 is owned by Toei and Bandai, dubbed by Saban and Disney.

No funny A/N in this chapter, might do it at the start of the next chapter. Plus, the big adventure will start also in the next chapter so, keep an eye out for it. Also, I think I need to work on the title... *Sigh* And the Pokemon scene contains spoilers of future episodes so, head on over to Selebi.net for more information about the future Pokemon episodes.

This story takes place 5 months after the Digimon Tamer/Yu-Gi-Oh story, 'Digital Kingdom' and 3 months after the Pokemon/Digimon story, 'Digimon Frontier:The Revival of Valmarmon!'

I've also got a special Digimon Frontier story in mind. Keep an eye out for that.

And now, let the story begin...


The arena was dark and alone stood two figures, lighted by a machine that was attached to their arms. The machine was holding a deck of cards in a slot and both of the figures drew 5 cards each. As soon as they were done, they stared at each other when a voice was heard from a speaker above a teenage man with cold, blue eyes and wears a white overcoat.

"Master Kaiba, are you ready?"

The young man was Seto Kaiba... Even though he was in high school, he is the President of the Kaiba Corporation and one of the top Duel Monster players in the world. He is unBEATable! The only one who ever beat him was a kind-hearted kid called Yugi Muto.

"Yes, I am... Tell your chosen one that when I'm done with him, he won't know what hit him!" Kaiba said, smirking.

"Okay. Hey, Mike! Good luck!"

"Thanks... I think..." The opponent of Seto, named Mike, said.

"All right! 4000 lift points each! No time limit! Duel ends when one of the Duelests runs out of cards, surrenders or their life points reaches zero! OK? DUEL!!!"

*MIKE: 4000*

*KAIBA: 4000*

"I will go first!!!" Mike said, drawing a card and adding it in his hand. He took one quick look at his hand and smiled. He drew a card out and placed it face up. "I will put the Hinotama Soul in defense mode!"

A small flash in the air and a small fireball with two eyes and an evil grin appeared.

*HINOTAMA SOUL. 4 Stars. Element: Fire. Pyro Monster. ATK/600 DEF/500*

"What is he doing...?" Kaiba muttered to himself. "Hinotama Soul is a weak monster... Lucky for him, he placed in defense mode so I won't screw most of his life points when its my turn."

"Next, I will place two cards into the Magic/Trap field..." Mike said, placing two cards into slots where they appeared before him, faced down. "And now, I will end my turn..."

Kaiba smirked as he drew a card and placed it in his hand. "Right, let's see here... Hmm... I will place this monster face down..." And that, he did. "Then, I will place this card down and end my turn!"

Mike drew a card and laughed. "Excellent!!! It is time to summon a Ritual Monster!!!"

"What?!" Kaiba gasped, his eyes widen.

"Activate Ritual Magic Card!!!" Mike yelled out as one of the faced down Magic/Trap card flipped up and started to glow. "Hamburger Recipe!"

*Hamburger Recipe. Magic Card. Ritual. Offer Level Star 6 or more monsters as a Tribute to Ritual Summon "Hungry Burger"*

"Hamburger Recipe... That card is used to summon the Hungry Burger... Hmph, not a bad start for a loser like him." Kaiba said, smirking.

"I will use two Level 4 monsters for the Ritual! Celtic Guardian is discard from my hand and into the graveyard!" Mike called out, drawing a card out from his hand and shoving it into another slot where is used as a graveyard. "Along with Hinotama Soul!" With that, the small fireball monster disappeared as another monster took his place. It was a hamburger-like monster who had a sharp-teeth mouth. "And I bring forth the mighty Hungry Burger!!!"

*HUNGRY BURGER. 6 stars. Ritual. Element: Dark. Warrior Monster. ATK/2000 DEF/1850*

Kaiba smirked again. "Mighty, huh...? True, an attack power of 2000 IS strong, only to a monster that is weaker that is... But, if I play my cards right... He will get a nasty surprise..."

"Now, my Hungry Burger!!! Attack that face-down card!!!" Mike called out as his monster chomped on Kaiba's face-down card. "Crush him!!!"

The monster that belonged to Kaiba appeared and it was a red monster who's body is covered in eyes. He was destroyed quickly.

"Nice work, you've just destroyed my Big Eye!" Kaiba called out.

"B...Big Eye?!" Mike gasped.

*BIG EYE. 4 stars. Effect. Element: Dark. Fiend Monster. ATK/1200 DEF/1000. When this monster is flipped from its face-down position, the owner of this card will draw 5 cards from the top of his/her deck and arrange them in any order he/she desired before placing them back on the top of their deck*

Kaiba drew the 5 tops cards from the deck and looked through them. He smiled as he arranged them a bit before placing it back in and smirked. "Is it my turn now...?"

"Yeah, why not?" Mike said, with a shrug. "Your turn..."

"Excellent!" Kaiba said, drawing a card and placed it onto his field. "I will summon the almighty Lord of Dragon!!!"

"WHAT?!" Mike yelled out as a human monster, dressed like a dragon, appeared on Kaiba's side of the field. "The Lord of D.?!"

*LORD OF D(ragon). 4 stars. Effect. Element: Dark. Spellcaster Monster. ATK/1200 DEF/1100. All Dragon-type monsters will not be targeted by Magic Cards, Trap Cards or other effects that will destroy a Dragon monster as long as this card is face-up on the field*

"Thats right... And I will activate this face-down trap card!" Kaiba said, as the faced-down trap card flipped up. "Ultimate Offering!!!"

*Ultimate Offering. Trap Card. Continous. The player of this card can now set or summon a monster at the cost of 500 life points*

Mike's face was full of fear. "Wha... What are you planning here...?"

"You will soon see as I give up 500 of my life points to summon the Darkfire Soldier #1!" Kaiba yelled out as a human with a scyther appeared, covered in flames.

*KAIBA: 3500*

*DARKFIRE SOLDIER #1. 4 stars. Element: Fire. Pyro Monster. ATK/1700 DEF/1150*

Mike frowned. "Are you kidding me!? You just summon two monsters that is weaker then MY Hungry Burger! What are you doing?!"

"Well... Let me show you... I will now give up another 500 of my life points, right...?" Kaiba said, smirking as he drew a card out. "And summon THIS monster!!!"

Mike gasped as he saw Lord of D and Darkfire Soldier #1, disapparing in a blast of data particles and a massive white dragon took their place. "No... No way..."

"Behold!!! My beautiful Blue Eyes White Dragon!!!" Kaiba yelled out as the massive beast roared, telling everyone that he is ready to fight.

*KAIBA: 3000*

*BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON. 8 stars. Element: Light. Dragon Monster. ATK/3000 DEF/2500*

"N...No way... Two turns and already, he summon one of his monster powerful monsters!!" Mike yelled out, in fear. "What to do...?"

"Watch and learn..." Kaiba said, smiling. "Blue Eyes! ATTACK!!!"

The massive dragon roared and fired off a blast of blue energy from his mouth and destroyed the Hungry Burger as he vanished into thin air.

"NO!!! My Hungry Burger!!!" Mike yelled out before he remembered something. "NO!!! HE WAS IN ATTACK MODE!!!"

"Thats right... And that means, you lose life points." Kaiba said, smiling.

*KAIBA: 3000*

*MIKE: 3000*

Mike cursed under his breath as he drew a card from his hand. "Let's see here..." He took a glance at his hand and gasped. Under his breath, he said. "No... I have no monsters that are at level 4 or under!" He took a card from his hand. "I will have to hold on with this card!"

"Well...? What shall you do...? You can't win against my Blue Eyes, can you...?" Kaiba asked, smirking as he glared at his opponent. "Whats it going to be...?"

"Activate Swords of Revealing Light!!!" Mike yelled out as sword made out of light surrounded Kaiba and his Blue Eyes. "THAT will hold you for 3 turns before I will think of way outta this!"

"Give it your all..." Kaiba said, smirking. "Give it your all because I promise you this, this victory will go to ME!"

"Not exactly, Kaiba..." Mike muttered, looking at his hand again. "If I can draw and place a monster down, then the turn after that, I will now summon the mighty Summoned Skull and add him with the Axe of Dispair... Giving him an attack power of 3500! Nothing you can do about THAT!"

"Well...? Whats next...?" Kaiba asked, glaring at Mike. "Aren't you going to summon a monster?"

Mike stared at Kaiba before he sighed. "End turn..."

"No monsters on YOUR field...?" Kaiba said, blinking. "Intresting... Guess you have no monsters in your hand you can summon, huh...? Oh well... My turn now." Kaiba drew a card from his deck and placed it in his hand before he took one out and activate it on the field. "Magic card activate!" With a smirk, he said. "De-Spell!"

"NO!!!" Mike yelled out, fear in his eyes.

With the power of Kaiba's De-Spell, Mike's Swords of Revealing Light was destroyed and Kaiba's White Dragon could attack Mike.

"And now... The end!" Kaiba said, smirking. "BLUE EYES, ATTACK ONCE MORE!!!"

Blue Eyes White Dragon roared once again and fired once more. Mike screamed as the blast from the dragon covered him, gasped for a breath when it was finished and stared at his Duel-Disk.

*KAIBA: 3000*

*MIKE: 0*

"I...I lost..." Mike said, falling to his knees. "I can't believe I lost..."

The holographic cards on Kaiba's side disappeared as Kaiba himself, walked away. "Too easy... What were they thinking about...? I want a real challange like facing Yugi once again..." He looked up towards the speaker and called out. "Mokuba! Get ready to leave now!"


"OK, Seto!" Called Mokuba, the little brother of Seto Kaiba. "I'm coming!!!" He turned around to a couple of creatures beside him. "Coming Blue Eyes? Penguinmon?"

Penguinmon is a small blue penguin-like Digimon that became Mokuba's partner when Mokuba himself was traveling the Digital World of the Tamer's. "Yeah, I'm ready, kid."

"Me too!" Blue Eyes said, though he was shrunk to the size of a parrot.

When Yugi and Joey were dueling together against Seto and Mai Valantine in the Hypnos building, their favourite cards came to life after a Digimon called Meteormon was defeated and his data was downloaded into the holographic image of the Duel Monsters. Yugi's Dark Magician, Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon, one of Seto's 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon and Mai's Harpy Lady Sisters came to life thanks to Meteormon's data. (Read Chapter 2 of 'Digital Kingdom' for more information).

Thanks to the help of the Digimon Soverigns, the Duel Monsters were sealed in their respective cards and will only be summon when their partner asks them to. Azulongmon, the leader of the Soverigns, added something special to Kaiba's Blue Eyes and Joey's Red Eyes... When they are bring their monster out, they can get them to change size so no body will freak out to see two real live dragons to scream and fear about.

As Mokuba walked to the door, a big round man with a beard walked up to him. "Ah, young Kaiba. Don't tell me the duel is over..."

"Yes, Mr Nakashi. My big brother beat YOUR challanger without breaking a sweat. Though, Seto WAS amazed that his opponent brought out a Hungry Burger out so quickly." Mokuba said.

"And after seeing that, I would keep off cheeseburgers for a while, if I were you." Penguinmon said, smirking towards Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes growled. "Shut up!"

"Hmm... Guess its true... After spending a lot of time working on these special monster cards that I got permission to do from Master Pegasus and the Bandai company, I missed out a lot of things on your brother." Mr Nakashi said, smiling. "Being the top duelest and all... I guess you can give him this. It is a prototype, maybe he can find some use for it."

Mokuba took a yellow card from Mr Nakashi's hand and looked at it. It was a golden Duel Monster card with a golden dragon upon it. "Golddramon...? This is a Digimon!"

"I know... Bandai wanted us to create some Digimon card in Duel Monster form." Mr Nakashi explained. "Golddramon is one of the three special Digimon/Duel Monster cards known as the Great Dragon cards."

"Great Dragon cards...?" Mokuba asked.

Mr Nakashi nodded. "Thats right... There are three cards of the highest ranking dragon Digimon... Golddramon, the card I have given you. Azulongmon, a card I am keeping for testing and Mangadramon, a card I have given to a good boy called Yahi Muto or something... I kinda forgot his name..." He added with a blush.

"Yahi Muto...? Yugi?! Yugi has a Great Dragon monster card?!" Mokuba asked, gasping.

"Yes, thats right... He came here a couple of days ago and when I witness him defeating Phil, with a Dark Magician in no time flat. I thought he could use this as I learned only experienced and powerful Duelests like your brother could use the Great Dragon cards." Mr Nakashi explained.

"Only powerful Duelests can use the Great Dragon cards..?" Mokuba gasped. "Why do I get the feeling it will be like the God cards..."

"Anyway, take this Golddramon card to your brother and say thank you..." Mr Nakashi said, smiling. "Now... I wonder if I should give that Azulongmon card to that Joey kid... He did begged me to give it to him... when he was on his hands and knees..."

"Joey?! HAHAHAHA!!! HIM?! POWERFUL DUELEST?! HAHAHAHA!!!" Penguinmon laughed out loud.

Blue Eyes sweatdropped. "Oh brother..."

Mokuba sighed and walked off with Blue Eyes dragging the laughing Penguinmon behind him. "Thank you, Mr Nakashi. Bye!"

"So long, kiddo!" Mr Nakashi said, waving and smiling.


In another dimension, a huge ship was flying across a lush green countryside. Animals below, looked up and hide in fear as they knew who owned that ship.

A rabbit screamed in fear as he ran into a nearby bush. "It's Dr Eggman!!!"

"Run for it!!!" A badger cried out, hiding as well.

The ship belonging to Dr Eggman was now flying over a hillside where a lone blue hedgehog stood there, gazing his green eyes towards the massive object in the sky.

"Eggman... Don't you ever give up?" The blue hedgehog mumbled to himself.

"I bet he doesn't..." Said a voice and the blue hedgehog turned around to see a black hedgehog with red eyes, walking up to him and joined his friend as they stared at the ship. "So, this is Eggman's flagship called the Egg Carrier, Sonic?"

The blue hedgehog, Sonic, nodded. "Yeah... And who knows what ol' egghead will be planning, Shadow. Already, he has collected 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds."

"Hmm... It seems he is after the remaining emerald." The black hedgehog, Shadow, said. "Should we follow him?"

Sonic grinned. "Oh yeah! Nothing says like 'Eggman getting a big headache' then having visitors from his two friendly neighbourhood friends!"

"OK... Let's go then!" Shadow said as he and Sonic ran down the hill and chased the massive ship at a super speed.

Moments later, a blue bi-plane was following the Egg Carrier. The pilot was a blue-eyed two-tailed fox called Miles 'Tails' Prower and a green-eyed pink hedgehog called Amy Rose.

Amy spotted Sonic and Shadow on the ground. "Hey, Tails! Theres Sonic and Shadow!"

"Either they are out here for a race or gonna do the traditional thing and beat Eggman!" Tails said, smiling.

"Where is Eggman heading anyway...?" Amy asked.

"Well, the way he is going, hes heading towards Angel Island where Knuckles is!" Tails announced. "The final Chaos Emerald must be located there!"

"I hope Knuckles will be ready for Eggman's arrival..." Amy said, with a hint of worry in her voice.

Tails nodded. "So do I, Amy. So do I..."


Aboard the Egg Carrier, Dr Eggman was sitting at his seat where his two robot minions were working on the controls.

"Decoe! Status report! Are we nearer to Angel Island yet?" Eggman asked.

The yellow robot with a oval-shape head, Decoe, saluted. "Yes, we are, Eggman-sama."

"Excellent! The last of the 7 Chaos Emeralds will soon be mine!!! Nothing can go wrong! NOTHING!!!" Eggman said, laughing like a looney.

The grey-robot with a rounded head, Bocoe, spotted something on screen and gulped. "Sonic the Hedgehog sighted!!!"

"WHAT?!" Eggman asked out loud, leaping from his seat. "Can't he leave me alone just for a day?! Curses!!! We have to get to Angel Island, pronto!!!"

"Erm... Eggman-sama... What shall we do with our prisoners...?" Decoe asked. "If Sonic finds them, he will free them..."

"Never you mind!!!" Eggman yelled out again. "Quickly, to Angel Island!!! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!"

"Aye, aye, sama!" Docoe and Bocoe said together, pressing some more buttons.

Eggman sighed again and looked up. "Once I have all the emeralds, nothing will stop me!"

Nearby, a white female bat was overhearing everything and hid in the shadows. Her lips curled into a curious smile. "Prisoners, hmm? Maybe they can provide a distraction while I get those beautiful jewels... Time to go..."

With that, she snuck out of the control room leaving an exhausted Eggman and two bumbling robots behind.


"This is it, Ash!" Said Brock, as he Ash, May and Max arrived in a city that was surrounded by a countryside. "We are in the beautiful Kaze Town where gentle winds blow all the time!"

Ash smiled. It was days after he collected his third Hoenn badge and continued his journey through the Hoenn region with his good friend Brock, a rookie Pokemon trainer called May and her little brother, Max.

Max carries a small yellow device called the PokeNav that has the map of the Hoenn region. He looked at the place with his device and read the information. "According to this, this town doesn't have a gym..."

"Wha...? Then, why are we here?!" Ash asked.

Brock smiled. "There isn't a Pokemon GYM here for you to get your badge, Ash... BUT, there is a Pokemon Center so we can get Pikachu and the Pokemon healed up before we continue."

"Pikachu!" Said a yellow mouse that was on Ash's shoulder.

"Hey, Max... Are there any Pokemon Contest Halls in Kaze Town?" May asked.

"Nope, sorry, sis." Max said, looking at his PokeNav again. "Guess we are only here for the Pokemon Center."

"Oh... No fair..." May said before she noticed a poster nearby. "Hey, whats that?"

"It's a poster, May..." Max said, in a sarcastic tone before he gulped at May's glare.

Brock walked up to it and took a closer look. "It says that Edward Silver will be coming to Kaze Town to test out any challanging Pokemon trainers to test his skills against him..."

Ash walked over to Brock. "Who is Edward Silver...?"

"Are you kidding me!?" Max asked out loud, his face full of disbelief. "You don't even know who Edward Silver is?!"

"Erm..." Ash blinked at Max's outburst, as well as Pikachu.

Brock laughed. "I've heard of him. He is one of the top Pokemon Trainers that entered the Johto League two years ago and won! He is known as the Johto Champion!"

"The Johto Champion, huh...?" Ash muttered before his face was full of determination. "Bet he hasn't met me yet!"

May sighed. "Oh great... You want to challange him...?"

"YEAH! I want to show him that me and Pikachu are unstoppable!" Ash said, pumping his fist into the air with Pikachu's.

"Well, I think we will have to wait. Edward won't be here until tomorrow. Guess we will have to spend the night at the Pokemon Center until he comes." Brock said. "Which is a good idea, I want to know what Pokemon he use against the Johto League to win."

"ME TOO!" Max said, happily. Then, he ran towards Kaze Town. "Come on!!! We gotta get before he comes!!!"

Ash blinked. "He is hyper..."

"Pikachu..." Pikachu said, nodding.

As Ash, Pikachu, Brock and May ran off to catch up with Max... A lone red-head girl had just arrived in Kaze Town and noticed Ash and his friends. "Ash...?"


If anyone if ya don't think this starting chapter is good, I agree with yer. Though, I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to do this Mega Crossover but, I'm going to give it a try.

*Sigh* See ya next time!

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