After over a year of waiting, I've finally completed a new chapter of this story! The Data Squad side-story was great and all, but it's time to get back to the main event!

The Data Squad will join the group later on, but not in this chapter...

Without furthur adieu, let's begin!

What started off as a trial against a clan of innocent Digimon turned into a revelation of many dark secrets. Krateimon, a cruel Wizard Digimon who was working for GranDracmon, tried to use the Digimon and Silesian's hatred against the Royal Knights by fooling them into thinking they were traitors...only for it to be revealed that HE was the traitor all along.

Krateimon's true nature was revealed to all of Gran Elysia by the heroes, Alphamon, Merukimon and Hunaglongmon, who had awakened from his two thousand year coma thanks to the Legendary Warriors.

While Krateimon was enraged that all his work had been ruined, Huanglongmon had to depart to deal with GranDracmon, leaving Alphamon to punish the dark nobleman for his crimes.

However, the untimely arrival of UmbraDevimon spoiled things and Krateimon escaped in the darkness, kidnapping the Glaceon Silesian Lumi and fleeing the council chamber during the confusion and panic...

Many Mega-level Digimon and the heroes are heading into battle to defend the Divine Capitol, but still more horrifying truths have been revealed to the Tamers.

Takato and Guilmon can not Bio-Merge into Gallantmon, and are thus unable to change into Gallantmon Shining Mode to slay UmbraDevimon once and for all...

Three major battles were about to occur, the results of which would change the future forever.

Krateimon grunted as he ran down an empty hallway, clutching Lumi in his arms with his hand over her mouth.

Lumi squirmed and broke her mouth free. "Ah! Krateimon, you..."

"Silence, you little ice brat!" Krateimon hissed as he continued to run.

"Why are you running?!" Lumi asked. "You know you'll never escape! Everyone knows the truth!"

Krateimon chuckled as he continued to run. "Is that so...? Not all of my secrets have been revealed..."

Lumi blinked. "Huh?!"

"Let me put it to you this way," Krateimon smirked, heading for a door. "Your mother... well, I don't respect the dead."

Lumi's eyes widened. "My... mum!? What do you mean?!"

Krateimon ran through the door, only to find himself on a bridge positioned over a great chasm. "You figure it out! Or is your brain as frozen as your cold heart?"

Lumi closed her eyes. "You turned my heart to ice, Krateimon... You continued to torture me because I took the dart by accident. Now, I have someone who sees who I really am! Someone who doesn't see me as a monster like you told everyone I was!"

Krateimon snorted as he ran over the bridge. "Foolish little girl... he'll betray you! You'll see! No one cares for each other! It's a cruel world... that is a fact!"

A dark draconic figure suddenly landed in front of Krateimon...

"And you're the cruelest of them all!" BlackWarGreymon announced, punching Krateimon in the face.

"GRAH!!!" Krateimon stumbled back, dropping Lumi to the ground.

"Lumi!" Vulko yelled, jumping down from BlackWarGreymon's shoulder and kneeling beside the Glaceon girl. "Are you okay?!"

Lumi sat up and smiled as she saw the Vulpix boy. "I...I am now..."

Dovemon flapped near Lumi. "I'm so glad you're okay, Lumi!"

"So am I..." Lumi said happily. "So am I."

Krateimon rubbed his face, hissing in pain. "You..."

Lumi stood up and turned to Krateimon. "Once again, Krateimon, you lied to me...but this time, I won't believe you. Do you know why? It's because I've opened my eyes to the truth!"

Krateimon snarled as he summoned his staff and transformed the wooden edge into a blade. "No matter... Whether or not you believe me, your fate is still the same! You and all your friends shall die!" He glanced at BlackWarGreymon. "I'll start with you..."

BlackWarGreymon narrowed his eyes. "Try it, weakling..."

Krateimon stiffened. "NEVER!!!" The evil aristocrat roared, charging at BlackWarGreymon and slamming his blade into the dark warrior's claws. "CALL!!!" He kicked him into the railing. "ME!!!" He thrusted the blade at BlackWarGreymon's chest. He had to catch the blade between his hands to keep it from piercing his breastplate. "WEAK!!!"

"GAH!!!" BlackWarGreymon grunted, trying to push the blade back. "OK... Big... mistake..."

Vulko's eyes widened. "That was..."

Dovemon narrowed her eyes. "This guy mortally wounded Merukimon and knocked out Alphamon, so it's not surprising he's this tough!"

"What should we do...?" Lumi asked.

"THIS!" BlackWarGreymon grunted, kicking Krateimon in the chest hard enough to knock him back. He stood up and thrusted his claw at the aristocrat. "DRAMON DESTROYER!!!"

Krateimon held up his weapon, the blade glowing. "Gentleman's Blade!!!" He swiped the cane at BlackWarGreymon's claws, knocking the dark warrior back.

BlackWarGreymon got up and glanced at his right gauntlet to find, much to his surprise, that the claws had been sliced off. "What...?"

"BlackWarGreymon!" Vulko called out.

BlackWarGreymon lifted his head in time to find Krateimon was holding the blade to his neck. He growled.

Krateimon smirked. "BlackWarGreymon, you're aware that the Dramon Killer Claws are designed to kill Digimon who have Dramon in their names? I'll bet you're also aware of what the claws are made of... Chrome Digizoid..."

BlackWarGreymon narrowed his eyes. "And that blade of yours is also made of Chrome Digizoid, correct?"

"Indeed," Krateimon chuckled. "However, my blade is made of high-grade Digizoid...not like those flimsy things you're wearing."

"Is that so...?" BlackWarGreymon growled. "Well, there's something I have that you don't."

Krateimon blinked. "And that is...?"

BlackWarGreymon knocked the blade aside with his left gaunlet. "I have TWO of these!" He thrusted his remaining Dramon Killer Claw at the evil aristocrat.

Krateimon responded by leaping into the air...

"Wha...?!" BlackWarGreymon's eyes widened in surprise. "How...?"

Krateimon came flying back down, thrusting the glowing blade at BlackWarGreymon. "GENTLEMAN'S BLADE!!!"

BlackWarGreymon responded by whipping out his Brave Shield to block the attack. The blade crashed into it, resulting in a small explosion which shook the room.

Vulko, Lumi and Dovemon shielded their eyes from the blast. When the smoke cleared, they saw, much to their horror...

Krateimon chuckling as he knelt beside BlackWarGreymon. "Looks like you can't fight..."

BlackWarGreymon snarled. His Brave Shield lay in pieces on the ground around him, his arms crossed over each other with Krateimon's sword going THROUGH them, pinning him to the floor.

"What's wrong? Are you snarling because I've won, or because I've run you through?" Krateimon chuckled as he stood up. "Unless you want to damage your arms some more, I'd suggest you stay there until someone comes by to pull that sword out." He summoned another blade and chuckled. "But that's not going to happen."

"Coward..." BlackWarGreymon snarled in pain.

Krateimon smirked. "I am, aren't I...? Very well, let me show you how this coward is going to make his next move by killing your precious friends!"

BlackWarGreymon blinked in shock. "VULKO! RUN!!!"

Vulko gasped and grabbed Lumi's wrist, starting to run.

Krateimon pointed his blade at Vulko and Lumi, black electricity crackling along its length. "DARKSIDE TH-"

Suddenly, his blade flew out of his hands and fell off the side of the bridge.

Vulko stopped, blinking in confusion. "What?!"

Krateimon snarled, rubbing his hand in pain. "A gunshot?! Who dares to..."

"Oh, would you give it a rest, bub?!" A voice with a New York accent snapped. "You're such a blabbermouth!"

Krateimon whirled around and snarled in disgust. "You..."

BlackWarGreymon turned to the source of the voice. "Beelzemon..."

Beelzemon stepped into view, cocking his smoking twin-barreled gun. "These guns are awesome! I sure know how make an entrance!"

"A Demon Lord...?! A Demon Lord in the Divine Capitol?!" Krateimon roared. "This is an outrage!"

"Feh... and the crimes you've committed are cupcakes compared to what I've done, huh?" Beelzemon snorted. "I've done my fair sure of bad things, but at least I have the heart to feel regret! You don't!"

"No..." Krateimon hissed before charging at Vulko. "I DON'T!!!"

Vulko gasped as Lumi knocked him to the ground and put herself in Krateimon's path. "Huh?!"


"LUMI!!!" Dovemon cried out.

Vulko looked up in horror as Krateimon lifted Lumi into the air. "NO!!!"

"Put her down!" Beelzemon warned him, pointing his guns at Krateimon.

Krateimon held the Glaceon girl over the railing and growled, "Put your weapons away, Demon Lord... or she'll die!"

Beelzemon frowned and looked over the side of the bridge to see nothing but a black pit. He gritted his teeth. "You..."

Krateimon smirked. "Once again, I've won...all because you wanted to save this worthless frozen whelp..."

Lumi managed a small smile. "Thank you... for reminding me..."

Krateimon blinked. "Remind you?" He turned his head to look at Lumi. "Remind you of wh-"

He screamed as a blue ray blasted into his face, causing Krateimon to cry out as his face was covered in ice and stumble back, dropping Lumi in the process.

Lumi grabbed the railing before she could fall to her death. "Help!"

Vulko came over and grabbed Lumi's hand. "I've got you!"

Krateimon smashed the ice off his head, face twisted in fury. "You dare you use an Ice Beam on me! HOW..."


Krateimon screamed as he was knocked backwards by Beelzemon's claws.

Beelzemon glanced at Dovemon. "Go and help them... I'll hold him off!"

Dovemon nodded and flapped over to the railing.

"Nice Ice Beam!" Vulko said, trying to pull Lumi up.

Lumi blushed. "Thanks. It felt good doing that..."

"Lumi!" Dovemon called out, flapping underneath the Glaceon. "Digivolve me! Quickly!"

Lumi nodded and put a hand into a pocket. She grabbed something inside it and closed her eyes, concentrating with all her might.

Vulko blinked. "Lumi...?"


"Dovemon Digivolve to... MYSTICAQUILAMON!!!"

Vulko gasped. Dovemon had transformed into a Digimon that looked similar to Aquilamon, except she had white winglets in place of horns. She had silver feathers and wore a holy ring around her neck. The Kanji symbol for Fire was on the top of her left wing, the symbol for Wind on her right, and the emblem of a big triangle with three smaller ones surrounding it was emblazoned on her forehead. All of these symbols were golden and stood out in stark contrast from her silver body.

Lumi opened her eyes and smiled. "Vulko, we'll be safe on MysticAquilamon..."

"MysticAquilamon..." Vulko muttered.


NAME: MysticAquilamon

LEVEL: Champion

TYPE: Vaccine

Avian Digimon

ATTACKS: Mystic Wing, Burst Rings, Accel Talon

A subspecies of Aquilamon, but much stronger and more agile. She is known as the Eagle of Heaven. Just like her Rookie form, she wields the elements of fire and wind in her wings to create a flaming tornado through her Mystic Wing attack.

Krateimon snarled as he got up, rubbing where Beelzemon had torn through his shirt. "Damn that Demon Lord... Damn him to hell!"

"I'm a Demon Lord, I sort of belong there already," Beelzemon pointed out.

"Language!" MysticAquilamon scolded him, rising into the air with Lumi and Vulko on her back. "There are children here..."

Krateimon hissed, summoning his blade again...

When he heard a sinister click and felt a gun barrel pressed to the back of his head. Krateimon froze.

"Don't move..." Beelzemon said from behind Krateimon. "Or you won't be using a sword again."

Krateimon growled.

Vulko smiled. "Lumi, can you help BlackWarGreymon?"

Lumi looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Of course, Vulko... MysticAquilamon?"

"Got it!" MysticAquilamon said, flapping near BlackWarGreymon. She grabbed the blade by the handle in her talons and pulled it out of the dragon man's arms.

BlackWarGreymon grunted and got to his feet, shaking life back into his arms. "Ugh! That's more like it... thank you."

"How are your arms?" Vulko asked.

BlackWarGreymon flinched. "Painful, but I'll get over it..."

Beelzemon smirked. "Tell me, bub... how come you lost to this 'ere goon as quickly as that...?"

"You were watching?" BlackWarGreymon asked.

"I arrived at the moment you got pinned," Beelzemon explained.

BlackWarGreymon glanced at Krateimon. "I see... as for how I lost... I underestimated him. He's fast and strong, but the effect your Darkness Claw had on him demonstrates he has poor defenses."

Beelzemon chuckled. "You've got that right..."

MysticAquilamon frowned. "So, what shall we do with Krateimon now...?"

"Take him back to the council," Vulko said. "He has to be judged by Alphamon, after all..."

Lumi frowned. "And everyone else..."

Krateimon hissed. "Do you think I would actually come along quietly?!"

Beelzemon smirked. "Guess not, but I doubt anyone would mind..." He tightened his grip on the trigger. "If I blasted the data right outta your head!"

Krateimon snarled. "Coward..."

"That's rich, coming from you," BlackWarGreymon smirked.

Suddenly, the room shook.

MysticAquilamon flapped her wings and hovered into the air. "Again?!"

"That earthquake..." Vulko muttered. "This is what gave Krateimon the chance to escape..."

Lumi glanced around. "What is going on...?"

Beelzemon frowned as he tried to keep his gun pressed against Krateimon's head. "Are we under attack-"

Krateimon quickly swung his blade behind him and knocked Beelzemon's gun out of his claws, kicking the Demon Lord in the gut to knock him to the ground.

"NO!" Lumi cried out.

BlackWarGreymon charged forward. "This time, I won't lose!"

Krateimon jumped over the dragon man and kicked him in the back. "You were saying...?" He glared up at MysticAquilamon and her riders.

Vulko gasped. "Uh oh..."

"MysticAquilamon, fly higher!" Lumi yelled.

MysticAquilamon flapped her wings for height, firing energy rings from her beak. "BURST RINGS!!!"

Krateimon twirled his blade to knock the rings aside, causing them to explode against the walls as he leaped towards MysticAquilamon. "If I'm going to Death's Door, I'll take you three with me!"

MysticAquilamon gasped in horror as Krateimon came closer and closer...

Until a large black armored figure flew out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground.

"GRAH!!!" Krateimon grunted, crashing back onto the bridge and losing his blade.

Beelzemon got back up, clutching his gut as he leaned against the railing. "What in the...?"

BlackWarGreymon chuckled as he rose up next to Beelzemon. "Perfect timing..."

Krateimon got back up, snarling as he saw who had stopped him. "Alphamon!"

"Krateimon..." Alphamon said, standing between Krateimon and MysticAquilamon. "That's far enough..."

"Alphamon..." Lumi whispered.

"You saved us... again..." MysticAquilamon added.

Vulko smiled. "Thank you!"

"Vulko!!!" The young Vulpix whirled around to see Velene standing at the entrance to the bridge with Eva, Growly, Canewomon and KageMetalGarurumon. "Are you all right?!"

Vulko nodded. "I'm fine, mum! And so is Lumi!"

Lumi just waved shyly.

Velene smiled back, sighing in relief. "Thank goodness..."

Canewomon frowned. "What's Beelzemon doing here?"

KageMetalGarurumon glanced at Canewomon. "He must be the one who came after BlackWarGreymon's posse... I guess he wanted to help."

"And he's going to help me..." Krateimon hissed to himself. He pointed at Beelzemon. "Alphamon, look at what we've got! A Demon Lord Digimon! Beelzemon, the Demon Lord of Gluttony! Tell me, are you going to allow him to exist? He's a bigger threat than I am!"

Beelzemon snarled, taking a step forward. "Hey! Just wait one damn sec-" He paused as BlackWarGreymon held an arm out in front of him. "Huh...?"

"Just wait a minute..." BlackWarGreymon muttered.

Alphamon glanced at Beelzemon briefly before looking back at Krateimon. "Beelzemon, the Demon Lord of Gluttony, hmm? So what if he is? Tell me, Krateimon... what has Beelzemon done here so far, apart from saving Vulko, Lumi and MysticAquilamon from your attacks?"

Krateimon hissed. "You... You're willing to let Beelzemon live?!"

"You've forgotten that I was one of the few councillers to allow Murmuxmon and his clan of dark Digimon to join us in a peaceful manner," Alphamon said. "I don't judge Digimon by their type. It all depends on what path they choose... Murmuxmon chose the right path. You, on the other hand..."

Krateimon growled. "You damn knight... You... You..."

Growly blinked. "Wow... those are really strong words."

Eva smiled. "Well, he was one of Granasmon's generals. I'm amazed he's lived this long."

Velene smiled back. "Does it matter...?"

Eva shook her head. "No, it doesn't..."

Alphamon glanced around. "Krateimon, you only have two options. Both of them will result in your death..."

Krateimon snarled. He hated to admit it, but Alphamon was right. The bridge only had two exits. One was blocked by Canewomon and and KageMetalGarurumon, while the other was now guarded by Beelzemon and BlackWarGreymon. Both of them were wounded from his earlier attacks, but he doubted he could get through them before the others attacked...

The two options Alphamon referred to was either a fight to the death or jumping into the dark pit. The chasm led to the underside of the island. If Krateimon flew down it and went outside, he would be crushed by the pressure of the lower sky.

"What are you offering me, Alphamon?" Krateimon hissed.

"To take you back to the council chamber, Krateimon, to continue your trial," Alphamon said. "However, if you have to fight me, then I will kill you."

Krateimon summoned two blades and twirled them in his hands. "Well then, my choice is this...I'll fight to the bitter end! I'll prove to you all that I am no coward! Come and face me, Alphamon...let everyone wither in horror as I kill you!"

Alphamon closed his eyes and sighed. "Very well then..." He held out his hand and summoned a pure green energy sword. "Seiken... Grade... Alpha!"

MysticAquilamon flew over to Velene and the others. "There can only be one winner..."

Growly smirked. "Yeah... but with Krateimon facing the leader of the Royal Knights, he doesn't stand a chance!"

"I wouldn't be too sure," Vulko muttered.

Canewomon, KageMetalGarurumon and Eva glanced at each other in confusion.

Beelzemon glanced at BlackWarGreymon. "Do you think we should help out? That guy is no pushover... Like you said, he's fast and strong!"

BlackWarGreymon nodded. "Agreed, but I think we should let Alphamon handle it from here... I have a feeling he can take care of himself."

Beelzemon rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah... okay..."

"Alphamon..." Velene whispered.

Canewomon clenched her staff tightly, narrowing her eyes. "Don't lose to him..."

KageMetalGarurumon blinked, glancing at Canewomon. "Hey, what was that? It sounded like you know him well..."

Canewomon gritted her teeth and looked away.

Eva gave her a worried look. "Canewomon...?"

Krateimon roared in anger as he charged at Alphamon.

Alphamon grunted as he charged at Krateimon.

Their swords clashed, as the battle on the bridge began.

"COME ON!!!" UmbraDevimon roared furiously as his second attack on the Divine Capitol failed. The barrier succeeded in preventing his attack from destroying the castle, but it could only take one more hit before the huge beast had the chance to strike the palace directly. "WHAT'S WITH THIS?!"

Sonic landed on a tree near the large Digimon and frowned. "OK... What now...? Aren't they planning to fight back...?"

"Veemon Warp Digivolve to... IMPERIALDRAMON!!!"

"WHAT?!" UmbraDevimon grunted as an enormous dragon crashed into his stomach. "GRAH!!!"

Sonic smirked. "About time!"

The Digidestined arrived on a nearby balcony.

"The Silesian Imperialdramon is holding him back!" Ken said.

Davis clenched his fist. "OK, let's join in, Veemon!"

Veemon nodded. "Right, Davish!"

"Wormmon?" Ken asked.

"Let's go, Ken!" Wormmon cheered.

WarGreymon landed on top of the castle, narrowing his eyes. "Our target..."

MetalGarurumon nodded as he landed beside him. "Our foe..."

VictoryGreymon chuckled as he walked past them, holding his Dramon Breaker sword. "He's ours... you old fogies stay behind and let the new models take over."

"Tch..." Z'dGarurumon shook his head. "VictoryGreymon, show them respect! They're on our side, you know..."

VictoryGreymon snorted. "Fine, fine..."

Z'dGarurumon sighed, turning to the two Megas. "I'm sorry about that, he.... are you two okay?"

WarGreymon sniffed. "I want a big sword..."

"I want more cannons," MetalGarurumon sobbed.

"....See what you've started?" Z'dGarurumon snarled.

VictoryGreymon shrugged. "Jealousy will get them nowhere..."

"Oy vey..." Z'dGarurumon groaned.

"Paildramon Mega-Digivolve to... IMPERIALDRAMON!!!"

"YEAH!!!" Davis yelled as he and Ken's merged Digimon flew over to help the Silesian Imperialdramon out. "GO! GO! GO!"

"Push UmbraDevimon to the forest and then, forest and attack him away from the palace!" Ken yelled.

"Got it!" Imperialdramon said, crashing into UmbraDevimon.


Henry joined the others on the balcony. "Terriermon!"

Terriermon hopped off Henry's shoulder and over the balcony. "Here we goooooo!"

Henry held out his D-Power. "Bio-Merge..." He pressed it against his chest. "ACTIVATE!!!"

"Terriermon Bio-Merge toooo..."

Agunimon arrived with Kazemon, Beetlemon, Kumamon, Koji and Koichi. "Hey, guys! Have we missed anything?!"

"HENRY!!!!" Terriermon screamed, standing on top of a tree. "WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?!?!?"

"Looks like we haven't missed much," Koji muttered dryly.

Henry blinked in surprise. He looked down at his Digivice, still pressed to his chest. "Um..."

Ken blinked as well. "That was weird... You'd better try again."

Henry nodded. "OK. Terriermon, we're going to try this again!"

"Fine! Just hurry it up!" Terriermon called back, looking down at the tree. "There are some weird owls hiding here and I don't like the way they're looking at me!"

Kumamon blinked. "Owls? I'm guessing they're either Noctowl or their pre-evolved form, Hoot-Hoot..."

Henry glanced at Kumamon. "What makes you think they're Pokemon? There's also an owl-based Digimon called Owlmon, an Armour-level Digimon."

"Hey! What do you mean Hoot-Hoot?!" Terriermon yelled. "I'm not a train!"

Henry sweatdropped. "Never mind..." He coughed and held out his Digivice. "Bio-Merge..." He pressed it against his chest. "ACTIVATE!!!"

"Terriermon Bio-Merge to..." The little Rookie called out... before losing his balance. "Whoa whoa whoooa!!!" He fell into the tree. "OW! OUCH! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE PUTTING THOSE BEAKS! OUCH! OW! OW! YEOW! HOOT OFF YOURSELF!!! OUCH!!!"

Kazemon sighed and flew down to the tree. "I'll go and get him..."

"Thank you..." Henry muttered in disbelief. He stared at his D-Power. "I can't believe this... does this mean I can't Bio-Merge in this world?!"

"Dude, that sounds rough," Beetlemon said.

Davis sighed. "Man, it can't get any worse than THIS..."

Henry blinked and glanced at Davis. "I think it just did... if I can't Bio-Merge, what does that say about Takato and Rika?"

Davis frowned. "Man, that sucks... So, not only MegaGargomon is out, but also only is MegaGargomon out, but Gallantmon and Sakuyamon too? It can't get worse than this!"

"Erm, Davis... Do you enjoy saying things like that?" Ken asked.

Davis glanced at Ken blankly. "Huh...?"

Ken sighed. "Who defeated UmbraDevimon while we found the key to this Digital World...?"

Davis blinked. "Well, not exactly defeated, he ran away after getting his butt kicked by..." He paled. "...Gallantmon... Shining Mode..."

Henry nodded. "Yes... So, if Takato and Guilmon can't Bio-Merge to Gallantmon, that means we can't bring out Shining Mode to defeat UmbraDevimon..."

Beetlemon crossed his arms. "Anything else you'd like to say, or are you done tempting fate?"

"No, I'm cool!" Davis said quickly.

Agunimon rolled his eyes. "Oh boy..." He turned to his friends. "As soon as Kazemon gets back, we should bring out Susanoomon to finish this off."

Koji nodded. "OK!"

Suddenly, Koichi's D-Tector started beeping. He examined it. "Hmm? Lowemon is trying to tell me something..."

Kazemon rose back up and unceremoniously dropped Terriermon onto the balcony. "Here we go."

Terriermon spat out some leaves. "Lemme guess, Henroid... No Bio-Merge allowed here...?"

Henry shook his head. "No... sorry..."

Terriermon grumbled. "It can't get any wors-"

"NO!" Davis hissed. "Don't say it! If you say it, then..."

Terriermon rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on! That's just silly! It can't get any worse than this!" He hopped onto the balcony railing. "See?! Nothing! Nothing went wrong! Everything is a-okay!"

Koichi sighed. "We can't become Susanoomon..."

"GIVE ME A BREAK!!!" Terriermon yelled.

"This is your fault!" Beetlemon snapped, pointing at Davis.

Davis held up his hands defensively. "I TRIED TO STOP HIM! I TRIED!!!"

"Koichi, what do you mean we can't become Susanoomon?" Agunimon asked.

"According to Lowemon, he and the other 19 Spirits used a lot of energy to wake Huanglongmon from his coma," Koichi explained. "They'll need about a week to recover enough power to become Susanoomon again."

Koji ground his teeth. "What about Fusion Evolution?! Or becoming EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon?!"

Koichi glanced at his D-Tector. "They have enough energy for a Fusion Evolution... If we wait an hour, they'll have enough power to allow you and Takuya to reach your Zeta forms. Susanoomon is stronger than all of those, and needs more power to form, which is why we need to wait so much longer to use him."

Agunimon sighed. "Looks like we have no choice. Koji, JP, Koichi, Zoe... let's saddle up our Advance forms! Tommy... erm, what will it be... Beast or Fusion...?"

Kumamon scowled. "I'm leaning towards Beast..."

"You don't like your Fusion form, huh?" Henry asked.

Terriermon rolled his eyes. "Who can blame him? Even his name sounds like someone hates the form... DIE-PENMON..."

Kumamon nodded. "Agreed..."

Agunimon sighed. "OK... Tommy, until you accept your form as Die-Penmo... I mean, DaiPenmon... we'll go on ahead. Korikkakumon's power isn't enough to hold this brute back..."

"All right... Just be careful!" Kumamon said.

Agunimon, Kazemon and Beetlemon reverted back to Takuya, Zoe and JP.

"Let's go!" Takuya said.


Aldamon flew towards the battlefield. "Come on, you guys! The Imperialdramons need our help!"

"Coming!" JetSilphymon said.

"Right behind you!" Beowolfmon added as Reichmon picked him up and flew after them.


"It just occured to you that you can't jump OR fly?!" Terriermon asked in disbelief.

RhinoKabuterimon grumbled. "It was the heat of moment..."

"Sure, sure," Davis said, rolling his eyes.

Henry sighed, leaning on RhinoKabuterimon's back and drumming his fingers against the beetle's shell. "Well, this stinks..."

"Tell me about it..." RhinoKabuterimon muttered.

Terriermon hopped onto RhinoKabuterimon's horn. "Man, we should have tested if Bio-Merged worked in this world before we came to this castle! Takato did say that we shouldn't rely too much on Shining Mode, but this is too much!"

Ken nodded. "I know, I know..."

Henry took out his D-Power and frowned. "What can we do?"

"Henry!!!" TK yelled as he and MagnaAngemon arrived. "Henry, bad news..."

"Takato and Rika can't Bio-Merge, right?" Henry said, getting up without looking at TK.

TK paused and nodded. "Yeah... I take it you can't Bio-Merge either?"

Henry shook his head. "No, I can't..."

"TK, what are Takato and Rika doing right now?" Davis asked.

TK sighed. "Izzy is examining Rika's Digivice..." He turned to Henry. "I think you'd better go and meet up with them..."

Henry glanced at the battlefield and frowned. "I guess there's no other choice. At the moment we can only use Mega-level Digimon to fight UmbraDevimon... I doubt Ultimate levels could even scratch him."

Terriermon hopped onto Henry's shoulder. "Then, shall we...?"

Henry nodded. "Let's..."

As Henry ran off, MagnaAngemon glanced at RhinoKabuterimon. "What are you doing...?"

"Moping," RhinoKabuterimon replied. "Because I can't fly and fight."

MagnaAngemon frowned. "Then, why not de-evolve, Spirit Evolve into Beetlemon, fly down to the ground, de-evolve, then Fusion Evolve into RhinoKabuterimon and join the fight?"

There was a long awkward silence.

A few moments later, Beetlemon was flying away and grumbling under his breath.

Kumamon sighed. "Oh, JP..."

Ken rubbed his head. "I wonder why I didn't think of that..."

"Maybe because we were wondering why Henry and Terriermon didn't Bio-Merge?" Davis suggested.

TK sighed. "This will be a tough fight... the only Digimon that can defeat UmbraDevimon can't join us and MagnaAngemon can't beat him..."

MagnaAngemon nodded. "Agreed... He was able to destroy my Gate of Destiny."

"We've got a whole bunch of Megas out there!" Davis pointed out. "Along with TWO Imperialdramons! Once they go Fighter Mode on him, we'll win for sure!"

Ken sighed. "I hope you're right, Davis... I hope you're right."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" UmbraDevimon roared as the Imperialdramons pushed him back into the forest.

"Ready?" The Silesian Imperialdramon asked.

"Ready!" The other Imperialdramon responded.

UmbraDevimon frowned. "Huh...?"


"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" UmbraDevimon roared as he was pushed back by the twin lasers. "ENOOOUGH!!!"

"Imperialdramon Mode Change to.... FIGHTER MODE!!!"

UmbraDevimon hissed as both Imperialdramons transformed into their humanoid warrior forms. He glanced around to notice that they weren't the only ones there to fight him.

"Get ready..." VictoryGreymon hissed.

Minveramon giggled. "This will be fun!"

"For the peace of our world..." Athenamon announced.

"I hope we're not going to have every Digimon make an announcement..." WarGreymon muttered.

Aldamon smirked. "Don't worry... we won't."

WarGreymon sighed in relief. "Good..."

"Everyone!" The Silesian Imperialdramon FM called out. "Attack!"

"Yes... attack me..." UmbraDevimon hissed, charging forward. "SO I CAN DESTROY YOU ALL!!!"


"Execute now... Spirit Evolution..." JP grumpily muttered. "RhinoKabuterimon... onto the battle... yadda yadda yadda..."

A very grouchy RhinoKabuterimon trampled towards the battlefield.

Davis, TK, and Ken sweatdropped.

Kumamon just shrugged. "That's JP for you..."

A golden glow flew through a darkened, lightless wasteland of charred trees, dried lakebeds and ruined mountains...

There was a soft groan and a faint light in the distance.

"There he is..." the golden glow hissed.

The golden glow continued towards the distant light. When it finally got there, it found a towering figure standing over some glowing pods.

The figure sighed and slowly turned to face the light. "I see you have come at have finally awakened from your long slumber, Lord Huanglongmon..."

The golden glow flashed and dimmed, revealing the creator of the Sovereigns, Huanglongmon. He narrowed his many eyes. "I see you have been busy, GranDracmon... However, you've taken your time. 2000 years, in fact..."

GranDracmon sighed. He was a towering giant of pure evil and malevolence. He was shaped like a centaur, but his lower body was covered in dark red hair and ended in huge talons rather than hooves, with enormous shark jaws growing from the knees of his front legs and blue metal plates growing from the sides. His upper body was humanoid and wrapped in red leather, with a big blue bat wing-shaped collar, red belts wrapped around his torso and forearms, spiked knuckles, and long blond hair growing from behind a large three-pronged horned blue mask that covered most of his pale face. A pair of large bat wings grew from the back of his waist.


NAME: GranDracmon


TYPE: Virus

Demon Beast Digimon

ATTACKS: Crystal Revolution, Eye of the Gorgon

The King of Vampire Digimon. Since ancient times, he has looked after his castle in the Dark Area, and boasts of such strength that not even the Seven Great Demon Lords can interfere with him. With gentlemanly manner, GranDracmon's voice carries a "fascination" that led to rumors that he was responsible for enticing many Angel Digimon into falling. It is rumored that he has an undying body, and that he is related to the creation of the Dark Area in the Digital World and the truth behind the mysterious "Death-X" Evolution, but because his castle is so hard to get into, it is very difficult to question him about these mysteries.

"I had my reasons, Lord Huanglongmon..." GranDracmon finally replied. "And one of them was you."

Huanglongmon frowned. "You were trying to find a way to break into my chamber and destroy my comatose body?"

GranDracmon nodded. "Correct. Even if I broke free from this place, your castle would protect you forever and ever, leaving me with the knowledge that you would one day stop my rampage and free the world from my iron grip. The only way to get through your defenses was to have them lowered for me..."

"Which was why you were able to find a Digimon on the council who could go in and out of the castle..." Huanglongmon muttered. "And you didn't need to seduce him, since he was already corrupt from killing Zanbamon to take his place on the council."

GranDracmon stroked his chin. "I see... I didn't know that, actually. I'm not surprised."

Huanglongmon glanced at the glowing pods. "And those are the Digimon and Silesians SaikouDevimon and HaganeOkamimon captured for you?"

GranDracmon nodded. "Yes... all asleep... being brainwashed by me. I've spent a long time trying to make them serve me. Some of them tried to fight it off, but it was no use, and they became mine...but now that you're here, all my hard work will be undone! Couldn't you have chosen a later time to wake up? I was almost finished!"

"Oh, what a pity... I should have woken up next Tuesday then..." Huanglongmon said sarcastically. "And the Willnull Plants?"

"In the darkest corner of this wretched land," GranDracmon replied. "Remember, Valmarmon made sure they don't absorb sunlight like normal plants do..."

Huanglongmon frowned. "I see... Well, GranDracmon, what are you going to do now...?"

GranDracmon sighed. "There's nothing I can do but accept my fate. However, there is a slim chance that I can get away with this. You've just awakened from your 2000 year sleep... You might not be back at full strength. If that's the case..."

"You'll fight me, then?" Huanglongmon asked. "Very well, GranDracmon. Seeing as I haven't used this body for a long time, I guess I could use a warm-up. After that, I'm going to take out SaikouDevimon and HaganeOkamimon for all the people they've killed."

GranDracmon looked away. "To be honest... I wanted them alive... I wanted them to be part of my new world order... But their bloodthirsty nature took control of them."

"You're having regrets?" Huanglongmon asked. "How unexpected."

"Even those who walk the path of evil can have some morals," GranDracmon replied. "Unlike Krateimon... I was able to find out what he did a few days after SaikouDevimon's attack on Serene Town and able to gain control over the castle..."

Huanglongmon frowned. "Such as...?"

"The de..." GranDracmon stopped before he could finish his sentence. "No... I'd rather not say..."

"Why not?" Huanglongmon asked.

GranDracmon smirked. "On the other hand, if you would have a hard decision to face. You would wonder if you should tell everyone about this, or keep it a secret to save them from even more pain..."

Huanglongmon snarled. "What are you talking about!? WHO are you talking about?! Answer me!"

"You want to know?" GranDracmon asked, spreading his arms. "Then fight me!"

"If you insist," Huanglongmon hissed, rearing back. "Cowards first!"

"You might want to rephrase that," GranDracmon said with a wicked grin. "You mean... geniuses first." He snapped his fingers.

Thousands of crystal spears appeared around Huanglongmon...

Huanglongmon's eyes widened in surprise. "What?!"

GranDracmon chuckled. "Like my gift?"

"You..." Huanglongmon snarled. "How could you...was everything you said before...your regrets, your morals, everything... were they all lies?!"

GranDracmon shook his head. "No, no... they weren't lies, my lord... they came from my heart... my black digital heart."

"GranDracmon!" Huanglongmon snapped.

"I don't care if you believe it or not, but I told you the truth," GranDracmon said. "However, I wonder if you'll believe this... I was ready for you!"

"Since when...?" Huanglongmon asked.

GranDracmon grinned. "Since I sensed your aura flaring up moments ago... the moment you finally awakened. I knew you would ruin Krateimon's plans and come down here to deal with me..."

Huanglongmon blinked in surprise. "You... could sense my aura... DOWN here!?"

GranDracmon nodded. "Of course... you are a deity, my foolish lord. Your aura is very strong."

Huanglongmon glanced at the crystal spears. "So, you prepared a sneak attack for me, hmm?"

"Of course," GranDracmon nodded. "Actually, I was still making them when you came along... So, I thought I should distract you with talk about my feelings and my guilt and such while I finished the surprise. What do you think...?"

Huanglongmon took another glance at the crystal spears before looking back at GranDracmon.

"Well...?" GranDracmon asked.

"Make your move..." Huanglongmon hissed.

GranDracmon smirked and snapped his fingers. Crystals started raining down.

Huanglongmon closed his eyes as his entire body gave off a golden glow.

GranDracmon covered his face to avoid the glow. When the light faded, he was surprised to see... "Wh-what?!"

Huanglongmon chuckled. He was hovering above the ground, which was dotted with crystal spears. "What's wrong? Did I spoil your surprise...?"

"How did you...?!" GranDracmon stuttered.

"I have two forms," Huanglongmon said. "I can be either solid, or energy, just like I was when I came here."

"That orb..." GranDracmon gasped. "You mean... my spears went THROUGH you?!"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes..."

GranDracmon sneered. "Very tricky..."

"Thank you,"Huanglongmon chuckled. "Now, shall we get down to the real fight?"

"Why not?" GranDracmon snarled.

They glared at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. And then...

Huanglongmon landed on the crystal spears, shattering them beneath his weight.

GranDracmon roared and charged forward, the shark jaws on his knees opening up and charging black orbs.

Huanglongmon's Digi-cores started drawing in golden energy.

They fired at the same time, creating a huge explosion.

Rika slammed her hands on the table and glared at Izzy. "What did you just say?!"

Izzy cringed. "I...I said... there's a virus in your Digivice that's preventing you from using the program that allows you to use Bio-Merge..."

Rika growled as she lowered her head to stare at the table. "Great!"

UIzzy was holding a small meeting with the original Digidestined and the Tamers in one of the rooms of the palace while everyone else was dealing with UmbraDevimon and Krateimon.

Tai, Matt, Sora, Joe, Mimi, Lillymon, Takato, Guilmon and Renamon were listening to Izzy's shocking findings as to what was keeping Rika and Renamon from Bio-Merging into Sakuyamon.

Meanwhile, with Canewomon forgetting to return them to their original sizes, Garudamon Chibi Mode was trying to shut up a moaning Zudomon Chibi Mode while MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode tried to ignore them.

"I'm sorry, Rika," Izzy said. "This is a virus I've never seen before. I don't know how to fix it..."

Rika snarled under her breath. "How...? HOW?! How the hell did that virus get in my Digivice?!"

"The meeting... the day before we went through the portal to Elysia, the Tamers held a meeting," Renamon said. "When we had a videoconference using your computer, you connected our Digivices so Henry could update their Digimon Analyzers."

Takato blinked. "Hey, yeah... That must have been when the virus was uploaded..."

Izzy frowned. "But this virus is very advanced...a master programmer must have programmed it."

Guilmon closed his eyes in shame. "My must have been his doing."

"BlackGuilmon...?" Sora asked.

Guilmon nodded. "Yeah. We hold those meetings every Friday. BlackGuilmon has all my memories from before Lucemon got a sample of my data, so he would have known that and used it as a chance to strike us."

Takato clenched his Digivice in his fist. "He was targeting US! He was trying to prevent Gallantmon Shining Mode from reappearing!"

"And he played a big gamble," Izzy added. "This virus would only work when one of the three Digivolve programs were triggered. Once that happened, the virus would activate and block the program."

"So, in laymen's terms?" Tai asked, a baffled look on his face.

"Digivolution in the Tamer's world is different than it it ours," Izzy said. "There's Normal Digivolution, Matrix Digivolution, and Bio-Merge Digivolution. If Rika had used the Normal program, the virus would have activated and kept it from being used again. Afterwards, Rika would still have been able to use Matrix and Bio-Merge."

Matt blinked. "Wait... it can only block ONE program?"

Izzy nodded. "Yeah... this virus isn't that powerful. If it had been designed to block out all the programs, the Digivices would have shut down the moment everyone disconnected from the computer. We would have known something was wrong, and would have had Yamaki scan it."

"He programmed the virus to be subtle," MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode said. "And like Izzy said, he played a big gamble... and it paid off when you were forced to Bio-Merge to deal with the portal's guardians..."

Takato ground his teeth as he sat back down. "No..."

Sora placed a hand on Takato's shoulder. "Takato, it's not your fault..."

"I agree, Gogglehead," Rika said, sitting down as well. "He wasn't trying to weaken you, he was trying to weaken all of us... Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon are strong as well."

Takato glanced at Rika. "But, still..." His eyes widened in horror. "Oh no! Ryo and Kazu!"

Rika cringed. "Oh great... Kazu used Matrix Digivolve on Guardromon while Ryo and Cyberdramon Bio-Merged! They must have been locked out from using Andromon and Justimon again..."

Renamon looked away. "BlackGuilmon had a silent victory... and we dididn't even know about it until we were in the middle of a battle. He's very smart."

"You're giving him too much credit!" Mimi snapped.

"But she's right, Mimi!" Joe said. "Look at where we are now!"

Zudomon Chibi Mode shrugged. "What's the difference? We always pull out of bad situations, Joe."

"Oh yeah? Well, this is worse than all the other ones we've had to deal with!" Joe snapped.

Henry walked into the room, closing the door behind him. He glanced at everyone and sighed. "Hey..."

"Henry, did you try to Bio-Merge?" Takato asked.

Henry nodded. "Yeah... I...I...I couldn't do it."

Terriermon was fuming. "And I didn't even get to do some MegaGargomon action!"

"Henry, we've got a virus from BlackGuilmon," Takato said, holding up his Digivice. "He uploaded it during our meeting. It's preventing us from using Bio- Merge..."

Henry's eyes widened. "What?!"

Izzy nodded, turning his laptop towards Henry. "Here... I've made notes about this virus..."

Henry read the screen carefully, narrowing his eyes. "That little..." He sighed. "Someone give me an injection to get rid of this headache, please?"

"Same here..." Terriermon muttered.

MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode shuddered.

"What's wrong with you?" Lillymon asked.

"Injection... it reminds me of having a needle being put into me when I was Tentomon..." MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode groaned.

Izzy glanced at his Digimon. "When did that happen?"

MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode sighed. "The day after BlackGuilmon first showed up and captured us, BlackGuilmon took data samples from me, Agumon, and Gabumon."

Joe blinked. "But not from Gomamon, Biyomon or Palmon?"

Garudamon Chibi Mode shook her head. "No..."

"Data samples..." Henry muttered as he sat down. "You don't suppose BlackGuilmon is planning to create clones of Agumon, Gabumon and Tentomon, do you?"

Rika scoffed. "Please... it's been a few weeks since BlackGuilmon appeared. Lucemon was able to get a data sample from Guilmon, and BlackGuilmon showed up only a few times later. If BlackGuilmon could make clones, wouldn't they have gotten their butts kicked by us by now?"

Izzy blinked. "Unless... they are now he and he's already beaten us!"

"Izzy...?" Tai blinked.

"He kidnapped them just before UmbraDevimon appeared!" Izzy said. "I found it odd that when UmbraDevimon first showed up, he was easily defeated by MegaGargomon, JagerLowemon and a couple of Champion-levels...but the next time he showed up, he was much stronger!"

Matt rubbed his chin. "Speaking of which, Patamon was attacked that day, so he was unable to help out..."

Izzy paused, turned the laptop back towards him and started typing furiously. "Hold on..I have an idea. Just a moment!"

Terriermon blinked. "Whoa... I can almost see the steam coming out of his ears..."

Garudamon Chibi Mode rolled her eyes. "Come on... like that's possible."

"It is for Izzy," MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode stated.

"I'm amazed it hasn't shut down from overload by now," Zudomon Chibi Mode muttered.

"Eh, it doesn't happen that often," MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode said. "Just once an hour or so."

Garudamon and Zudomon looked at each other.

Izzy stopped, stood up, and calmly turned towards Tai. "I have found out what's making UmbraDevimon so powerful."

Tai blinked. "Really? From where?"

"US!!!" Izzy yelled, grabbing Tai by the shoulders and shaking him madly. "IT'S US, TAI!!! WE'RE MAKING HIM STRONG! IT'S US! DON'T YOU SEE?! IT'S US! IT'S US! US! US! US! US!"

This thankfully ended when Tai slammed his fist into Izzy's face to stop him...

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" Izzy groaned.

Joe looked shocked. "U...Us?!"

"How?! What?! Why?!" Mimi cried.

Izzy rubbed his head and glanced at his friends. "I meant to say... UmbraDevimon must be getting his strength from Tai, Matt, and me."

Matt frowned. "Why us?"

"Because with those data samples flowing through his body, UmbraDevimon is now connected to OUR Digivices!" Izzy said.

Tai paled. "He's WHAT?!?"

"Izzy, are you serious?!" Matt yelled.

"TOTALLY serious!" Izzy said.

Terriermon rubbed his chin with his ear. "Hey, that explains it! Now I understand what's made him so strong! That day when Gallantmon went into Shining Mode, Henry and I fought him as MegaGargomon and he threw us around like a sack of potatos!"

"But..." Sora blinked. "But... your Mega form is so did he..."

"Exactly!" Henry said. "That was what was so surprising. But before he ran away, he tried one last punch on us...and it did nothing! It felt like he had become weaker somehow."

Tai frowned. "That was when WarGreymon de-Digivolved..."

Izzy nodded. "Exactly and UmbraDevimon lost power because his energy source was turned off! Do you see now?!"

"But what about us, then?" MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode asked. "I mean..."

"Remember, UmbraDevimon is a fusion of Devimon and Kimeramon," Izzy said. "The power lies in the pieces of Kimeramon's body!"

Rika frowned. "Kabuterimon's helmet, Greymon's body, MetalGreymon's hair, Garurumon's legs, the wings of Angemon and Airdramon, the tail of a Monochromon and the arms of a Kuwagamon, SkullGreymon and Devimon."

Matt nodded. "Then my Digivice is lending power to Garurumon's legs."

"And mine is lending energy to Kabuterimon's helmet," Izzy said.

Tai rubbed his chin. "And I must be giving energy to Greymon's body."

Izzy cringed. "Actually, Tai, I think you're giving UmbraDevimon THREE times the power."

Tai blinked. "I'm what now?"

"Rika, out of all the Digimon used to make Kimeramon, which ones are the Ultimate-level?" Izzy asked.

Rika glanced at Tai. "SkullGreymon and MetalGreymon..."

Tai sweatdropped. "Wait... you're saying that BlackGuilmon was able to get me to give energy to Greymon's body, SkullGreymon's arms AND MetalGreymon's hair?!"

Izzy nodded. "Yes. Remember, Tai, you had Greymon Digivolve to SkullGreymon... so that Ultimate-level form is set if you ever Dark Digivolve him again..."

"But... hair?!" Tai yelled. "I'm giving energy to MetalGreymon's hair?!"

"What's wrong with that, Tai?" Matt asked. "I mean, I'm giving energy to Garurumon's legs!"

Tai glared at Matt. "But at least they're actual body parts!! I'm just giving energy to his hair! His HAIR, for god's sake!"

"Kind of fitting, when you think about it," Zudomon Chibi Mode snickered.

Tai blinked. "How do you figure that?"

The others sweatdropped and decided not to comment.

Rika smirked. "Now, can we move on please and get back on topic?"

Garudamon Chibi Mode nodded. "Agreed."

"Wait!" Tai snapped. "What did Zudomon... ACK!!!"

That was the noise Tai made when Sora pulled on his ear to end the conversation.

Joe frowned. "So, let me get this straight... In order for UmbraDevimon to be all-powerful, you three need to Digivolve your partners, right?"

Izzy nodded. "Yes. I have a feeling that his power is at its strongest when our Digimon reach their highest levels."

"Right," Joe continued. "And as Terriermon pointed out, UmbraDevimon has a flaw in his power source. He needs to rely on you three keeping your Digimon in their strongest forms. Once his source of power is gone..."

"He'll only have the strength of a normal Mega," Izzy ended.

"But he was able to circumvent that problem, I take it," Joe guessed.

Izzy nodded. "I'm afraid so..."

Takato blinked. "Huh? How did UmbraDevimon avoid that weakness?"

Mimi gasped. "Because..." She turned towards MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode. "...he had Madoudramon's help!"

If MegaKabuterimon had eyes, he would have blinked. Instead, he slammed his fists together. "Of course! The spell that's preventing me from becoming Tentomon again! He did this to keep UmbraDevimon at full power!"

Sora frowned. "OK... I can understand why he wanted to keep WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and MegaKabuterimon from de-Digivolving... but why did he get Lillymon, Garudamon and Zudomon too? According to Rika, none of Kimeramon's parts have any connections with our Digimon's Champion or Ultimate forms..."

"Because if he only got those three, we would have figured out why UmbraDevimon was so powerful!" Izzy deduced. "Which reminds me, I suspect TK is lending power to UmbraDevimon too."

Matt blinked. "My brother? How could he be lending energy to Kimeramon?"

"What is TK's Digimon right now?" Tai asked dryly.

Matt frowned. "He's Magna..." He paused and facepalmed. "Ange...mon..."

Renamon closed her eyes. "TK is lending energy to Angemon's wings."

"That attack on Patamon during the fight against the weaker UmbraDevimon must have been when some of his data was taken," Izzy said.

Matt groaned. "Right, I get it now! We would have figured out UmbraDevimon's source of power if it was just us four..."

Tai nodded. "Yeah... we were pulled into the Digital World and had just gotten that four, then we would have put two and two together...and got four!" He paused. "Uh, that is what two and two makes, right?"

"So, he stuck Garudamon, Zudomon, and me like this to distract us from the truth?" Lillymon asked, deciding to ignore Tai.

Henry sighed. "I guess that's the case...what do you think, Terriermon?"

"I think it equals six," Terriermon said.

Henry sweatdropped. "No, don't try and..."

"Six?!" Tai cried out in horror.

Zudomon Chibi Mode shook his head. "No, no... it equals ten..."

"TEN?!" Tai yelled. "How could I miss that?!"

Matt facepalmed. "Give me a couple of minutes and I'll write a list for you..."

Izzy rubbed his forehead. "Anyway, I suspect they were planning to use UmbraDevimon a lot after our Digimon were trapped in their strongest forms," Izzy said. "But after Gallantmon Shining Mode beat him up, they had to think of an alternate use for him..."

"Such as sealing Takato's Bio-Merge..." Rika said, standing up. "No Bio-Merge, no Shining Mode, no way for him to get beaten."

Sora groaned. "What are we going to do?"

Rika opened the door. "Simple. Renamon?"

Renamon nodded and followed her out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Henry asked.

Rika glanced at Henry. "BlackGuilmon sealed away our ability to use Bio-Merge and made UmbraDevimon really powerful. I refuse to let him win on both counts! I'm going to find a way to beat that fusion creep and ruin BlackGuilmon's day!"

Henry stood up. "Rika, Renamon can only Digivolve to Ultimate now! UmbraDevimon is a Mega. You can't win!"

"Even so, I refuse to BlackGuilmon get away with this!" Rika snapped. "What about you, Gogglehead?!"

Takato looked at Rika for a moment, then turned to Guilmon. "What do you think?"

Guilmon smiled. "Well, you did say we can't rely on Shining Mode a lot, Takatomon..."

Takato smiled back. "Yeah... that's right..." He stood up and followed Rika. "Let's go."

"Good," Rika smirked.

"This is crazy talk!" Henry groaned. "You'll get yourselves killed!"

Terriermon hopped onto Henry's shoulder. "Which is why we're going, right?"

Henry smiled. "Yeah... that's right. Rika's right. We can't lose like this..."

"But, you guys can only have your Digimon reach Ultimate-level!" Matt said. "Do you think you can win?"

Takato nodded. "Yes. How much do you want to see three Ultimate-level Digimon killing a super-powered Mega Digimon despite all the things BlackGuilmon has done to win against us?"

"Honestly?" Matt asked. "A lot!"

Izzy stood up. "Until Huanglongmon gets back, we haven't got much of a choice... If you guys see TK and MagnaAngemon, tell him to come back to us with WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon... they need to know what we've just figured out..."

Henry nodded. "Of course."

"Come on, let's move it!" Rika said, running off.

As the Tamers ran off, Tai slammed his fist onto the table. "We can't lose... not like this..."

"Don't worry, Tai," Izzy said. "With our luck, a miracle might happen..."

Joe chuckled. "That's certainly true..."

Sora closed her eyes. "I wonder how the others are doing..."

On another balcony, Yami Yugi frowned as AlforceVeedramon and YoukaiInumon flew in to join the battle with UmbraDevimon.

Tea, Joey, Tristan, Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black Dragon were watching the fight with him.

"It's not enough..." Tea muttered.

"He's just too strong!" Tristan agreed.

Joey frowned. "Don't say that! There's no such thing as an unbeatable Digimon! We thought the Winged Dragon of Ra was unstoppable, but Yugi took him down just like everyone else he's ever fought!"

Yami smiled. "Very true, Joey... and I'm already thinking on how to counter that beast's power..."

"Really?" Tristan gasped.

Yami nodded. "Yes, but I need to plan it carefully. We might only get one shot."

Tea glanced around. "Where are the Pokemon trainers? And the kids from Duel Academy?"

"Back in the huge jury room," Joey said. "They're going to help the officials keep the crowd to keep the crowd calm as we deal with this."

Tea blinked. "Is that what they're doing?!"

Joey nodded. "Yeah... and it's all they can do without getting their Pokemon killed by this freak..."

Tristan grimaced. "I know... I don't think they could last a second."

Tea took another look at UmbraDevimon, who roared as he knocked VictoryGreymon and Dianamon away before blasting the Silesian Imperialdramon FM down with his Viper attack...

"Tea..." Yami muttered.

"What about Jaden?" Tea asked. "I mean, he has Neos..."

Dark Magician sighed. "Jaden said that Neos has stronger forms, but currently... they're locked away."

"The only way to unlock those stronger forms is by Dueling," Red-Eyes said. "He's already unlocked Aqua Neos so...he dragged Syrus away to do RAPID Duels and unlock the other Neos forms..."

Tea blinked. "How did Syrus take that?"

"I can't remember. My ears were ringing from his screams," Red-Eyes muttered.

Joey, Tristan and Tea sweatdropped.

In the forest, RhinoKabuterimon was grumbling as he slowly trudged towards the battle.

"That REALLY sucked!" RhinoKabuterimon muttered. "I mean... why couldn't I fly?! I can understand MetalKabuterimon being unable to fly because he's a freaking tank, but Beetlemon could fly... slowly... but, my Advanced form? Nooooo...I can barely lift myself off the ground and-"


RhinoKabuterimon whirled around to see...

"HAND OF FATE!!!" UmbraDevimon roared, unleashing four holy energy blasts from his fists that knocked WarGreymon, Marsmon, Athenamon and JetSilphymon back.

Minervamon swung her massive sword at UmbraDevimon's chest. "Here we go!!!"

"NOVA BLAST!!!" UmbraDevimon yelled, unleashing a blast of flames at Minervamon.

"HOTHOTHOTHOT!" Minervamon screamed, rushing off while trying to put the flames out.

Dianamon sighed under her breath. "We're not doing well against this Digimon..."

VictoryGreymon snarled. "Hand of Fate... Nova Blast...a pair of Champion-level attacks are HURTING us?! How is this even possible?!"

"It's like he's powered up or something..." SlashAngemon agreed.

MetalGarurumon groaned. "I just wish he'd lose this power..."

Beowolfmon landed on the ground, clutching his Beo Saber tightly. "Damn it... what does it take to beat this guy?!"

Abruptly, he heard a groan.

Beowolfmon whirled around, knowing at once the only person who would make a sound like that. "JP?!"

"Koji..." The groaner moaned.

Beowolfmon rushed into the forest and found JP lying on the ground. He gasped. "JP!!!"

JP weakly raised his head. "Koji... look out... it's..."

"It's what?" Beowolfmon asked.

JP groaned and fell back to the ground. "B...B...BEHIND YOU!!!"


(M-A-T-R-I-X D-I-G-I-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N)

"Guilmon Matrix Digivolve to... WARGROWLMON!!!"

"Renamon Matrix Digivolve to... TAOMON!!!"

"Terriermon Matrix Digivolve to... RAPIDMON!!!"

The Tamers stood on the balcony with Kumamon, Davis, Ken, TK and MagnaAngemon as their Digimon flew into battle...

"Are you sure this is the right idea?" Ken asked.

Rika nodded. "Yeah... I'm not letting BlackGuilmon get away with this!"

TK frowned. "BlackGuilmon? What are you talking about?"

"He's the reason we can't Bio-Merge..." Henry said. "And until we figure out a way to fix it, we're going to have to find another way to beat UmbraDevimon..."

TK gritted his teeth. "So... why did you tell your Digimon to get WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to come back here?"

Takato glanced at TK. "So that you and MagnaAngemon can take them to Izzy. We've figured out why Madoudramon forced the Digimon to remain in their Mega and Ultimate forms."

MagnaAngemon frowned. "Is that so...?"

Takato nodded. "Yeah..."

"It's no good, is it?" TK asked.

Henry shook his head. "I'm afraid not..."



The double attacks from WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon struck UmbraDevimon in the chest, causing him to grunt.

"Aha!" Apollomon clapped. "They got him!"

UmbraDevimon roared as he swung his arms wide, revealing he hasn't been damaged at all.

Neptunmon groaned. "They DIDN'T get him."

"HOWLING BLASTER!!!" UmbraDevimon yelled, unleashing icy wind from his mouth.

"SPREAD OUT!!!" Silesian Imperialdramon FM yelled to everyone else as he flew back from the wind.

The Digimon scattered as UmbraDevimon laughed. JetSilphymon flew into the forest while MetalGarurumon crashed into Rapidmon.

"Urk!" MetalGarurumon grunted.

"Watch where you're flying, pal!" Rapidmon snapped. "Now get back to the castle! Your partner has something to tell you!"

MetalGarurumon glanced at the battlefield. "Whatever it is, it'll have to wait!"

"Matt's getting married," Rapidmon said.

MetalGarurumon was already halfway to the castle. "MATT!!! WHO TO?! AND WHY NOW!? WHHHHY?!"

Rapidmon sighed as he continued flying towards the battlefield. "My ears are in so much trouble now..."

Taomon flew over to WarGreymon. "Listen to me and don't argue. Return to the castle and meet up with your partners. There is something important you need to know."

"Can't you tell me here?" WarGreymon asked.

Taomon smirked slightly. "Izzy's better at telling long stories than I am."

WarGreymon blinked. "So... I either go back to the castle to hear a lecture from Izzy or I can stay here and get my butt kicked?"

Taomon nodded.

"Well, the answer is obvious," WarGreymon said. "UmbraDevimon, here I..."

Taomon wacked WarGreymon on the back of the head with her paintbrush. "Just get back to the castle already."

WarGreymon groaned and flew off. "Yes, ma'am..."

Back at the balcony, TK sweatdropped. "Matt's getting married?"

MetalGarurumon rapidly nodded. "Yes! But why he's decided to settle down during this major crisis, I have no idea."

TK glanced at Henry. "What do you think...?"

"If my guess is correct," Henry seethed. "Terriermon will be deaf for the next 10 years..."

Rika rolled her eyes. "Matt isn't getting married, metal mutt. You're needed in the meeting room with WarGreymon, TK and MagnaAngemon to hear something important from Izzy."

MetalGarurumon blinked. "Wait?! Another Izzy Lecture?!"

Rika nodded.

"Bye!" MetalGarurumon said, whirling around to go back to the battlefield only to crash into the incoming WarGreymon. "Oomph!"

"OUCH!" WarGreymon groaned. "Watch where you're going!"

"Why are you here?!" MetalGarurumon asked. "You do know we're going to be stuck with another lecture from Izzy!"

WarGreymon nodded. "Yes... but it was either that or Taomon beating me on the head with her paintbrush."

MetalGarurumon blinked. "Is that bad?"

"It reminds me of the times Gatomon used to do that to me as Agumon to keep me well-behaved," WarGreymon groaned.

MetalGarurumon sweatdropped. "OK...."

"You two, come on!" MagnaAngemon called out. "We're going to find out why Madoudramon did this to us!"

WarGreymon sighed. "Coming..."

MetalGarurumon grumbled. "Let's go already..."

TK glanced at his friends. "Be careful, you guys..."

Takato nodded. "We will..."

Davis smiled and gave TK a thumbs' up.

As TK left with the three Digimon, Kumamon glanced at the battlefield and gasped. "JetSilphymon and Reichmon are heading here!"

Ken turned around, blinking. "Huh? They are? Why?"

JetSilphymon and Reichmon were flying towards them, each carrying something in their arms.

"What are they carrying?" Davis asked.

As the two Digimon came closer, their baggage became clear.

Kumamon gasped. "Oh no... JP! Koji!"

JetSilphymon llanded and put JP on the balcony. "You guys..."

"JP and Koji are out of the battle!" Reichmon said, landing next to JetSilphymon. "Even if the Spirits are ready to go to the Zeta rank, we'll only be able to get EmperorGreymon, since Koji's too exhausted!"

Ken looked at Koji, who was in Reichmon's arms. "What's happened to them?"

JetSilphymon groaned. "We don't know... I found them lying in the woods after getting away from that freak's ice breath..."

"Do you think UmbraDevimon did that to them?" Davis asked.

Kumamon shook his head. "I don't think so... RhinoKabuterimon was going very slowly because of his size and speed, he couldn't have made it to the battle by then."

"Plus, I found them a few meters away from the battlefield," JetSilphymon added. "They couldn't have been hit from that distance."

Davis blinked. "But Koji was also fighting, so why...?"

Reichmon frowned. "I guess JP was the first to be attacked... When Beowolfmon hit the ground, he must have found JP and gotten attacked as well..."

"But you two weren't attacked," Rika pointed out.

JetSilphymon nodded. "I know... it's weird..."


"Watch out!" Athenamon yelled, knocking the missiles away with her sword.

"WHOA!" Aldamon dodged out of the way of another projectile. "That was close!"

"POSITRON LASER!!!" Imperialdramon FM yelled.

"ATOMIC BLASTER!!!" WarGrowlmon roared.

The twin attacks crashed into UmbraDevimon's chest, who laughed as he easily pushed through the beams.

Apollomon's eyes widened in horror. "No way... this is impossible!!!"

Takato clutched his Digivice tightly. "Let's save the talk for later! Right now, we have to stop UmbraDevimon!"

"But how?" Davis asked. "He's taking our attacks like they're nothing!"

Ken looked down. "Agreed... Nothing we do seems to faze him..."

"BLADE OF INFERNO!!!" InfernoInumon roared.

"RAY OF VICTORY!!!" AlforceVeedramon cried out.

"FULL METAL BLAZE!!!" Z'dGarurumon howled.

"EXCALIBUR SLASH!!!" Athenamon called out.

The four attacks struck UmbraDevimon, who continued to laugh as he knocked them away.

Henry clenched his Digivice tightly as well. "We can't give up..."

"RAPID FIRE!!!" Rapidmon yelled.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!!!" Taomon called out.

"CRESCENT HAKEN!!!" Dianamon shouted.

"SOL BLASTER!!!" Apollomon roared.

Again, UmbraDevimon laughed as he knocked the four attacks away and swung his tail around to smash the Digimon to the ground.

Rika narrowed her eyes and clenched her Digivice. "We will find a way to beat him!"

"Together!" Takato agreed, determination in his voice.

It was then that the screens on the three D-Powers began to glow...

"What the?!" JetSilphymon gasped.

Reichmon, Davis, and Ken looked on in amazement. "Incredible..."

WarGrowlmon's eyes widened. "This power... can it be...?"

"Rika..." Taomon whispered as she got up. "I can... feel it..."

Rapidmon laughed as he got up too. "This feels familiar... and I like it!"

UmbraDevimon laughed as some of the Mega-level Digimon prepared to attack him again. "THAT'S RIGHT! KEEP ATTACKING, FOOLS! ALL YOU'RE DOING IS BRINGING YOURSELF CLOSER TO YOUR DEFEAT! NOTHING CAN STOP ME! NOTHING!!!"

VictoryGreymon held his Dramon Breaker tightly. "That's what you think, beast... we shall overcome your power and slay you right now!"

"PLEASE..." UmbraDevimon chuckled, opening his mouth. "APOCA-"

WarGrowlmon suddenly roared.

UmbraDevimon blinked. "WHAT IN THE...?!"

WarGrowlmon continued to roar, his entire body turning a shiny metallic red as the wind blew around him. He blasted towards UmbraDevimon in a crimson comet.

"GO!!!" Takato yelled.

Rapidmon narrowed his eyes, his entire body turning a shiny metallic green as the wind blew around him. He rocketed towards UmbraDevimon as an emerald meteor.

"GO!!!" Henry yelled.

Taomon grunted, her entire body turning a shiny metallic yellow as the wind blew around her. She shot towards UmbraDevimon as a golden missile.

"GO!!!" Rika yelled.

VictoryGreymon's eyes widened in surprise. "What the hell?!"

"This is new..." Aldamon muttered.

"Can it be...?" Athenamon whispered.

UmbraDevimon laughed. "YOU THINK THAT CAN STOP ME?! FOOLISH..." He tried to swat the three energy bolts, but they easily dodged him. "WHAT?!" They twisted and turned around him, causing him to lose his temper. "H-HEY! STAY STILL!!! ENOUGH!!!"

The three energy bolts flew away then doubled back on UmbraDevimon, soaring together. They spiraled around each other and fused into a stream of white energy that took the shape of a great bird.

"WHAT THE...?!" UmbraDevimon was so shocked, he let his guard down and...


UmbraDevimon's jaw dropped in a silent scream as the white energy burst slammed into his chest, causing him to double over in pain. The beam ripped right through his gut and burst out of his back with a pair of explosions. The white blast split back into three energy streams, turning back into WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon.

Everyone went silent in amazement as UmbraDevimon shuddered, clutched his stomach and fell to his knees.

Aldamon blinked. "Whoa..."

"Athenamon, what was THAT?" Apollomon demanded.

Athenamon gulped slightly. "That was Trinity Burst, an ancient move that requires three Ultimate-level Digimon to combine their powers into a single move that obliterates anything in their path. The move is so rare that nobody knows how to summon it, except that all three Ultimates involved have to be unable to reach Mega."

Aldamon whirled around in shock. "Unable to reach Mega?! Man, no wonder we didn't have Gallantmon out here with us, or the battle would be over by now."

Apollomon narrowed his eyes. "How so, Warrior of Fire...?"

"Wait!" Neptunmon gasped. "Obliterate everything in their path?"

Athenamon nodded. "Yes... it's a One-Hit Kill move. Very rare."

"Then that means..." SlashAngemon muttered, turning his attention back to UmbraDevimon...

UmbraDevimon cried out in as he staggered back to his feet. "NO!!! NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!" He whirled around to face the Ultimate-level Digimon, his face twisted in pain and fury. "I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH ME!!!"

"He's still standing?!" Rapidmon cried in disbelief. "When we used it on Gulfmon, he died right away!"

Taomon narrowed her eyes. "Be on your guard, you two!"

WarGrowlmon nodded. "Right!"

UmbraDevimon roared in fury and charged at them, arms outstretched and...




"GRAH!!!" UmbraDevimon yelled as three attacks crashed into his back in the same spot the three Ultimates had ripped open. "GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

"Aldamon! AlforceVeedramon!" WarGrowlmon gasped.

"And InfernoInumon!" Rapidmon added.

"I knew it!" AlforceVeedramon exulted. "Their attacks created a weak spot!"

InfernoInumon chuckled. "Great! Now we can inflict more damage on him..."

Aldamon gave the Ultimate-level Digimon the thumbs' up. "Great work, you guys!"

UmbraDevimon hissed. "THIS IS NOTHING!!! I SWEAR!!! THIS IS-"

Suddenly, the massive Digimon started to crack in half, causing UmbraDevimon to gasp in horror as the pain got even more unbearable.

Silesian Imperialdramon FM walked over, grabbing the left Devimon arm. "What were you going to say?"

"We can't hear you..." Imperialdramon FM joked, grabbing the other Devimon arm.

"W...WAIT!" UmbraDevimon choked.

VictoryGreymon grabbed the SkullGreymon arm. "Should we pull you in half or hold you in place so we can let these guys finish you off?"

"I...I..." UmbraDevimon choked out.

"I'm voting for the latter!" Apollomon said, grabbing the Kuwagamon arm. "Do it!"

The three Ultimates nodded as they flew up, gathering their strength for one last attack.

"NO... NO..." UmbraDevimon muttered.

"Let's end this!" WarGrowlmon snarled, his chest cannons charging up. "ATOMIC BLASTER!!!"

"TRI-BEAM!!!" Rapidmon called out, unleashing a triangle beam.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!!!" Taomon yelled, glowing symbol in the air with her brush.

UmbraDevimon roared and unleashed a tremendous blast from his mouth. "APOCALYPTIC VIPER!!!"

The three Ultimate-level Digimon unleashed their attacks just as the Mega fired his own. The combined power of the trio blasted through his weakened Viper move easily and smashed into the spot Trinity Burst had tore through UmbraDevimon, causing more cracks to appear and making the great demon scream in pain.

"Whoa..." Davis muttered.

"Incredible..." Ken agreed.

Takato smiled. "Awesome!"

"Così impressionante!" JetSilphymon cried out in joy. "Quello è così freddo! Andate, tipi! VADA!!!"

Reichmon chuckled. "What she said..."

Henry glanced at Rika. "What do you think?"

Rika smirked. "That's one problem down...and a big one, at that!"

The two Imperialdramon, VictoryGreymon and Apollomon released their grips on UmbraDevimon's arms, flying backwards as the great demon fell to his knees in agony as cracks spread throughout his body.

"THIS... THIS ISN'T... OVER..." UmbraDevimon choked out.

Aldamon hovered beside WarGrowlmon, a frown on his face. "What do you mean by that?"

UmbraDevimon chuckled slightly. "YOU'VE... FORGOTTEN ABOUT... THE TWELVE TYRANTS...?!"

"Eleven," Rapidmon corrected.


The cracks on UmbraDevimon's body started to shine. The massive demon roared in pain before exploding spectacularly...

Aldamon clenched his fists and ground his teeth.

WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon hovered in silence...

The other Mega Digimon were silent as well...

The Tamers, Digidestined, Reichmon and JetSilphymon looked on in silent joy.

Yami smiled and closed his eyes while Joey, Tea and Tristan looked on in disbelief.

Finally, Aldamon smirked and turned to his friends. "We did it!"

"We did it...?" WarGrowlmon muttered, his eyes wide in amazement. "We beat... UmbraDevimon...?"

"Oh..." Rapidmon shook a little and... "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Taomon closed her eyes and sighed in relief.

Sonic clapped from on top of a building in Serene Town. "Yeah! Way to go, you guys! Yeah!"

The blue hedgehog wasn't the only one applauding. The Silesians and lower-level Digimon who had watched the battle cheered at this amazing victory...

"WE DID IT!!!" Takato yelled in joy, jumping up and down. "WE DID IT!!! WE DEFEATED UMBRADEVIMON!!! YEAH!!!"

Henry smiled. "Yeah... and without Gallantmon Shining Mode, too! This is incredible!"

"Incredible?!" Rika asked, laughing joyfully. "It was AWESOME!!!"

JP groaned as he sat up, rubbing his head. "Ugh... where am I...? Am I dreaming...?"

"They won! We won!" JetSilphymon cried in joy, pulling JP into a tight hug. "Forte WarGrowlmon! Taomon maestoso! Rapidmon di stupore! Hanno vinto! Hanno vinto! Abbiamo vinto! ABBIAMO VINTO!!!"

JP's response to being hugged by pulled into a hug of the girl of his dreams was, of course, to pass out.

Reichmon chuckled softly before glancing at his brother, who was still unconscious. "Koji... who could have attacked you...?"

"IT'S US?!?" WarGreymon cried in shock as Izzy finished his explanation.

"Stuck like this..." MetalGarurumon muttered. "We're stuck like this so they could keep UmbraDevimon strong..."

TK frowned. He, MagnaAngemon, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon had just finished listening to Izzy's latest theories. He finally understood what was going on. "It all makes sense..."

MagnaAngemon nodded. "Agreed... Madoudramon stole the Chaotic Digivolutions from ExVeemon, Aquilamon, Stingmon and Ankylomon... but forced me to remain like this... leaving Angewomon alone..."

Izzy sighed. "I guess Madoudramon used up too much power keeping our Digimon in their strongest forms to do the same to Angewomon."

"However, leaving Angewomon alone wasn't enough to make us think about UmbraDevimon..." Joe said. "Because he did the same thing to Garudamon, Zudomon and Lillymon to create the distraction he needed."

Mimi sighed. "I know Lillymon is pretty and all, but I miss Palmon..."

Lillymon nodded. "I miss my Rookie form too, Mimi..."

"I miss being BIG!" Zudomon Chibi Mode said. "I mean... I'm supposed to be HUGE, not SMALL!"

"Oh, be quiet..." Garudamon Chibi Mode grumbled.

Tai sighed, rubbing his forehead. "So right now, we need to hold back UmbraDevimon until Huanglongmon returns so he can either destroy UmbraDevimon himself OR possibly break the spell on our Digimon so they can finally De-Digivolve, depowering UmbraDevimon and allowing us to destroy him once and for all."

Matt crossed his arms. "I guess that's all we can do right now..."

"I guess so..." Sora muttered.

Tai glanced around the room and nodded. "OK! We'd better let the others know about our plans. I know it's a little risky, but there's nothing else we can do right now."

Ash burst through the door, a broad grin on his face. "WE WON!!! WE WON!!! UMBRADEVIMON IS DEAD!!! WE WON!!!" He ran off...

The room was silent...

"Well, there goes that idea," Matt muttered.

Izzy blinked. "UmbraDevimon is dead?! The very Digimon who was connected to FOUR Digivices, gaining a six hundred percent power boost that made him impossible to beat"

"Who could have beaten him?" MegaKabuterimon Chibi Mode asked.

Tai regained his composure and turned to his friends with a smile. "It's simple! One of the Mega-level Digimon outside must have found a way to Mode Change into a stronger form! In fact, there are a couple of Imperialdramons outside! Maybe they merged together to create a new form?"

Zudomon Chibi Mode scratched his head. "Imperialdramon Omega Supreme Mode or something like that?"

Garudamon Chibi Mode sweatdropped. "We're Digimon, not Transformers!"

"Well, Imperialdramon does remind me of Transformers, what with his Mode Change from Dragon to Fighter," Zudomon Chibi Mode pointed out.

"True..." Garudamon Chibi Mode muttered.

Tai shrugged. "Look, you guys... It's obvious... One of the Mega-level Digimon must have Mode Changed while we were talking here... that's all."

TK sighed. He was thankful that MagnaAngemon had decided to ask the others how UmbraDevimon was killed...

MagnaAngemon was now outside, looking around for someone to talk to. He noticed someone running down the corridor towards him. "Blaise?"

The motherly but strong Arcanine rushed up to MagnaAngemon, a smile on her face. "Did you hear?!"

MagnaAngemon nodded. "Yes, we've heard... but we don't know how UmbraDevimon was defeated... Do you?"

Blaise nodded. "Yeah! It was amazing! But the ones who dealt the death blow to UmbraDevimon were WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon! They merged into a white bird that went THROUGH UmbraDevimon! Excuse me!" She rushed off.

MagnaAngemon watched as she ran off and rubbed his chin. "So... three Ultimates, hmm? This will be interesting..." He went back into the room...

A few seconds later...

"WHAT?!" Seven Digidestined and six Digimon screamed.

A few seconds later, all seven Digidestined and six Digimon rushed out of the room and down the corridor.


"What else is new?!" Matt asked as he followed.

"Why did I miss all the cool stuff?!" TK asked himself.

"How am I running THIS fast?" Zudomon Chibi Mode wondered.

"HURRY UP!" Gaurdamon Chibi Mode snapped, pushing Zudomon like mad from behind.

Zudomon Chibi Mode sweatdropped. "Never mind..."

MangaAngemon came out of the room, calmly, carrying Izzy's laptop and chuckled as he followed them.

"So we're safe now?" Alexis asked, standing outside a door.

Ash nodded. "Yeah! One problem down, two more to go!"

Pikachu smiled. "And I'm sure Huanglongmon and Alphamon will solve those problems..."

"Good..." Alexis sighed as she opened the door. "Now, I can stop the Duel and-"

"CONTACT FUSION!!!" Jaden yelled as he pointed dramatically into the air. "AWAKEN THE POWER OF WIND!!!"

Alexis gasped. "What?! Jaden has awakened a new Neos Fusion?!"

"Huh? Lemme see!" Ash said, joining Alexis...

Elemental Hero Neos and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird leapt into the air. There was a blinding flash of light, and a new monster was hovering in their place. Neos had turned as red as Air Hummingbird, with the big feathery wings and yellow claws to match. He had wing-like spikes growing from his greaves, red blades growing from his arms and the back of his neck, and a long pointed crest growing back from his head.

Jaden held up a purple card with a grin on his face. "Neos' Wind form, Elemental Hero Air Neos!"

(Elemental Hero Air Neos. LV/7 Wind/Warrior/Fusion/Effect ATK/2500 DEF/2000)

(JADEN: 400)

(SYRUS: 3500)

"Oh man..." Syrus gulped, the cartoon submarine hovering in front of him looking utterly pathetic in comparison to Jaden's monster. Well, it looked utterly pathetic anyway, but more so now.

(Submarineroid. LV/4 Water/Machine/Effect ATK/800 DEF/1800)

"Air Neos..." Alexis muttered.

"Hey, Sarge!" Hassleberry called out. He was standing with Neos in the shadows. "Do you think this monster can win your Duel? I mean, once it attacks, it's going straight back in your Fusion Deck, leaving your field open for Syrus's counterattack.

Jaden glanced at the Air Neos card and smiled. "I think I'm gonna win, Hassleberry... because if my LP is lower than Syrus's, then Air Neos gains extra ATK points equal to the difference!"

Ash blinked. "Huh?"

Pikachu smirked. "He means, Ash, that the difference between his and Syrus's LP is 3100, increasing Air Neos' power to 5600..."

Syrus paled. "5600?!?"

(Elemental Hero Air Neos. ATK/2500 V 5600)

"Time to start the Battle Phase!" Jaden grinned. "Air Neos, attack Submarineroid!"

Syrus gasped. "Wait! Time out!"

"SKYRIP WING!!!" Jaden yelled.

Air Neos grunted and flew at Submarineroid, his wings glowing red before slicing through the cartoon submarine, destroying it with an explosion that knocked Syrus down.

Alexis sighed. "Chalk up another loss for Syrus... he really needs more confidence."

(SYRUS: 0)

(JADEN: 400)

"And that's game!" Jaden grinned, striking his classic pose. "Thanks for the Duel, Syrus! Now I'm ready!"

"Great..." Syrus groaned.

Ash walked up as Air Neos vanished. "Too bad you're ready for nothing... UmbraDevimon is dead... we won the battle!"

"What?! Really?!" Jaden grinned. "That's sweet!"

"What?! Really?!" Syrus groaned. "So, I got my butt kicked for nothing. You took too long."

Pikachu nodded. "And you just wasted lots of time. All you did was unseal one of Neos' stronger forms..."

Hassleberry smirked. "Is that so? Too bad you're wrong, yellow mouse... Sarge's Air Neos is actually the third to be unsealed!"

"Third?" Ash blinked.

Jaden nodded. "Yep! Aqua Neos was the first, Air Neos was the third and... well... Neos?"

Neos grunted as he stepped out of the shadows. He looked like an insect, his body covered in a red and black exoskeleton with a pair of long wing shells growing from his back. A pair of long horns like the prongs of a beetle grew from the top of his head.

Ash blinked. "Neos?!"

Jaden helped Syrus up. "I still think he looks like a Kamen Rider... You know, most of them were based on bugs..."

Syrus nodded. "I know what you mean, Jay..."

Alexis rolled her eyes. "Oh brother..."

"I'm Elemental Hero Flare Neos now," Said the insectoid warrior. "This is my Fire form, created with Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab's strength."

"And what does he do in a Duel?" Ash asked.

"He gains an extra 400 ATK boost for every Spell and Trap card on both player's fields," Jaden said. "Cool, huh?"

Flare Neos crossed his arms. "By unlocking my Fusion forms of Water, Fire and Wind, Jaden is halfway to unleashing my full power. There's only Light, Darkness, and Earth to go, and I will be unstoppable."

Jaden nodded. "Yeah, so this Duel wasn't a waste... at least you have more than one form to use."

Alexis sighed. "Well, now that all the problems are over, why don't we head back to the courtroom to meet up with the others?"

"Sounds like a great idea!" Hassleberry said.

Syrus frowned. "Hold on...UmbraDevimon's gone, but what about GranDracmon and Krateimon?"

Ash and Pikachu were silent on that.

"Oh boy..." Jaden muttered.

"This means that even though UmbraDevimon is defeated," Flare Neos said. "The fate of Chuuten Elysia is FAR from decided."

"Oh man..." Syrus and Hassleberry groaned.

Blades clashed...

Swords rebounded...

It was an intense battle between Alphamon and Krateimon as they tried to best each other in a swordfight.

"You're getting slow, Alphamon!" Krateimon laughed as he swung his blade. "Then again, you're over 2000 years old!"

Alphamon blocked the strike and lashed out, nearly hitting the dark aristocrat. "Even if I'm defeated, you can't escape, Krateimon! Remember that!"

This seemed to be the case, as both Digimon were fighting on a bridge above a hole to the fatal pressure of the lower skies. There were only two other exits from the room, and both were blocked.

One exit was blocked by Beelzemon and BlackWarGreymon. They had fought Krateimon with great difficulty, and even if Krateimon knocked them away, he'd still get caught by the other Digimon... who were still fresh.

KageMetalGarurumon and Canewomon stood at the other entrance with Velene, Growly and Eva while MysticAquilamon floated beside them, carrying Vulko and Lumi.

Krateimon growled. "If I'm going to die, Alphamon... then I'll be sure the last pleasure I'll get is killing you!"

"That won't happen!" Alphamon said, thrusting his sword forward. "Not now, not ever!"

Krateimon moved aside and kicked Alphamon in the gut. "Ha!" He threw his blade past Alphamon like a boomerang.

Alphamon just stood there, glancing down at his chest. He chuckled. "Did you forget that that I'm covered in armour?"

"No," Krateimon smirked, summoning another blade. "I haven't!" He lunged forward, swinging his blade in a downward cut.

Alphamon blocked the sword, holding it in place while trying to push Krateimon back...

"ALPHAMON!!!" Velene screamed. "BEHIND YOU!!!"

Alphamon glanced over his shoulder to see Krateimon's sword rushing towards him. "DAMN!"

The blade imbedded itself in Alphamon's back, between the wings. He roared in pain. Krateimon laughed, pushing the Exalted Knight back. "I'm going to win!!!"

"I think not!" Alphamon grunted, using his free hand to punch Krateimon in the gut.

Krateimon stumbled back, clutching his stomach and gritting his teeth in pain. "Ugh..."

Alphamon also stumbled back, trying to ignore the sword driven through his back. "Uh... what a desperate move..."

"Hey, you okay?" Beelzemon asked.

"There's a sword in my back," Alphamon replied. "Do I look okay?!"

Beelzemon nodded sympathetically. "Been there, done that..."

"Got the T-Shirt?" KageMetalGarurumon asked.

Canewomon simply whacked the idiot metal wolf with her staff...

Krateimon stood up and yelled in anger. "I won't lose! I won't lose to you, Alphamon! You've stood in my way long enough! I'll crush you!"

"You've been saying that this whole duel, but so far you haven't kept your word," Alphamon replied. "Is it because you're weak?"

Krateimon ground his teeth and clenched his blade tightly. "Don't... you... dare... call... me... THAT!!!"

"It's true, though," BlackWarGreymon said, holding his injured arm. "You were hiding your fear when everyone was on your side, believing your lies... But now that the truth is out, you can't help being afraid."

Vulko frowned. "And being a coward!"

Alphamon nodded. "That's right... I should rephrase my previous statement. Krateimon, is it because you're weak and a coward?"

Krateimon roared in anger. "ENOUGH!!!" He screamed, his blade starting to glow. "GENTLEMAN'S BLADE!!!" He thrust it at Alphamon.

Alphamon blocked it with his Seiken sword, which was cut in half and vanished in green smoke. "Ugh..."

"PLUTOCRAT..." Krateimon hissed, dropping the sword to draw in dark energy. "...POWER!!!" His fists shot towards Alphamon.

Alphamon quickly jumped up, causing Krateimon to slam his fists into the floor. Huge cracks spread out across the ground.

"Ha!" Beelzemon laughed. "Knight boy, keep the pressure up! He's losing it!"

Krateimon picked up his blade and glanced upwards to see Alphamon hovering above him. "I'm losing, huh?"

"Of course," Alphamon replied.

Krateimon raised his blade up. "Then, if I can't kill you..." Black electricity started to crackle along its length. "THEN I'LL TAKE THE WEAK SILESIANS WITH ME!!!"

"What?!" KageMetalGarurumon yelled.

"Canewomon!" Eva called out.

Canewomon nodded, holding her staff up to create a barrier. "I'm on it!"

Krateimon quickly pointed his blade at Canewomon's group. "I think NOT!!! DARKSIDE THUNDER!!!"

The black electricity shot towards Canewomon, KageMetalGarurumon, Velene, Eva and Growly... Canewomon was unable to raise her shield in time.

"NO!!!" Vulko screamed.

Lumi watched in horror. "No... Vulko can't lose his mother like I did...not again..."

"DIGIALIZE..." Alphamon yelled, pointing his hand at the dark electricity. A red jewel glowed on his palm. "..OF..." The red jewel started charging up with green energy. "...SOUL!!!"

With rapid reaction, Alphamon began firing green energy beams at the black lightning. Before it could hit Canewomon's group, the blasts intersected with the lightning bolt, causing it to vanish in a thunderclap and burst of black static.

"Whoa..." Beelzemon muttered.

"I never thought he would do something like that," BlackWarGreymon agreed.

Growly sighed in relief. "That was close!"

Canewomon frowned. "Close, yes, but this battle will have to end soon...Alphamon used a lot of energy to negate that electricity!"

"A lot of energy...?" Velene whispered. "You mean..."

Canewomon nodded. "If this goes on much longer, Krateimon will be able to overpower Alphamon!"

Velene's eyes widened in horror. "No..."

"ALPHAMON!!!" Krateimon roared in fury.

Alphamon was still firing the green llasers across the bridge as he slowly turned towards Krateimon.

Krateimon panicked and turned to run away. "I won't let it end like this!" He dashed forward...

Right into BlackWarGreymon's fist. The dark dragon scoffed as Krateimon stumbled back. "That's what you think!"

"You dirty..." Krateimon hissed, until the horrible truth dawned on him... he was trapped. With Beelzemon pointing his guns at him and Alphamon sweeping his lasers up towards him, the evil aristocrat could do nothing but stand there...

Beelzemon smirked. "Any last words, bub?"

Krateimon didn't say anything as Alphamon's attack came closer. Then, before it could hit him, a deranged smile came across his lips. "Yes... I'll take my darkest secret with me to the grave. You pathetic fools won't know the truth about the de... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

The rain of green lasers engulfed Krateimon, causing him to scream in agony.

Alphamon stopped his attack, his eyes widening in horror. "What?! His... Krateimon!!!"

When the smoke cleared, Krateimon was gone, and something was falling off the side of the bridge...

"What was that?" Growly wondered.

BlackWarGreymon looked over the railing to see the object vanishing into the darkness. He glanced at the group. "It was... a Digiegg..."

MysticAquilamon closed her eyes. "That means... Krateimon won't be coming back ever again."

"Krateimon's dead..." Lumi whispered. "He's... dead forever..."

Vulko blinked. "He is?"

"Krateimon's Digiegg fell into the depths of the Lower Sky region, where the pressure is unbearable..." MysticAquilamon said. "Not even a Digiegg can survive down there..."

Vulko didn't say anything.

BlackWarGreymon, Beelzemon and Alphamon flew over to the group. Velene took a step forward. "Alpha-"

"Not yet," Alphamon said, looking over his shoulder. "We need to leave here first... it's not safe anymore. I'm going to have to seal this place off. The bridge has been damaged beyond repair..."

Canewomon nodded. "He's right... let's go."

"Hold on one moment," Beelzemon said, pulling Krateimon's blade out of Alphamon's back and throwing it off the side of the bridge. "There we go."

Alphamon shuddered for a moment and sighed in relief. "Thank you..."

Growly frowned as he looked at the bridge. "What do you mean? The bridge looks fine to me." He took another look at the bridge...

That's when the cracks from Krateimon's punch widened, there was a loud groan, and the bridge started to sag.

Eva smirked. "You were saying?"

Growly sweatdropped. "Yeah, you better seal this off, Alphamon..."

Alphamon chuckled. "Agreed..."

They left the room, Alphamon closing the door behind him.

"So Krateimon is dead forever, hmm?" KageMetalGarurumon asked. "We should celebrate our getting rid of that jerk!"

"We would, but I've been raised to treat Digieggs with respect, no matter who they belong to," Vulko said as Eva helped him off of MysticAquilamon. "If I celebrated Krateimon's death, I would be no better than he is..."

KageMetalGarurumon scoffed. "Eh, Velene raised you too well."

Canewomon simply whacked him on the head.

Lumi climbed off MysticAquilamon's back with Velene's help, looking slightly shaken. "I never thought I would see Krateimon die... I mean, I was so filled with anger and hatred after the things he done, and..."

"Krateimon is gone for good, but he's left a bitter legacy," MysticAquilamon said. "For helping GranDracmon and his forces, for using our anger, for everything that he did to ruin our lives..."

"Your lives can be rebuild," Velene said with a gentle smile.

Lumi nodded, glancing at Vulko. "I know that now."

Vulko blinked innocently. "Hm?"

BlackWarGreymon grunted. "The one thing that still bugs me is that secret Krateimon took with him..."

"De," KageMetalGarurumon said. "What the heck is De?"

Alphamon closed his eyes. "Krateimon didn't finish what he was going to say when I attacked him... De could stand for anything..."

"Like deep or deer," Canewomon said.

KageMetalGarurumon blinked. "What would he have a dark secret on a deer for?"

Canewomon whacked him on the head. "They were just examples, you idiot!"

"I guess we could say that Krateimon won by taking his last secret with him," Beelzemon said. "For now, anyway..."

Eva blinked. "For now?"

MysticAquilamon glanced at Beelzemon. "Do you think we can solve his mystery? Krateimon seemed pretty sure we won't find out..."

BlackWarGreymon nodded. "That's true... I have a feeling that even if we searched his office again, this secret won't be there."

Beelzemon scowled. "Tch..."

"We can figure out the 'De' later," Alphamon said, starting to walk off. "Right now, we should go back to the courtroom. Lumi, your father is waiting for you..."

Lumi gasped. "Dad..."

"I wonder how the others are fairing against UmbraDevimon," Growly wondered.

Eva smirked. "They'll be fine... With Gallantmon Shining Mode on our side, he's toast!"

"Canewomon," BlackWarGreymon said. "Would it be possible for you to heal my arm? Krateimon did some damage to it..."

Canewomon smiled. "Of course... I'll heal it along the way."

"Good," BlackWarGreymon grunted.

"Come on," Alphamon said. "Let's go..."

Velene smiled. "OK..."

Huanglongmon lifted his head as he looked at the dark clouds. "It's over..."

Rasping, pained coughs caught the Sovereign God's attention. He glanced at GranDracmon, who was lying on the ground in a severely wounded heap. The demon weakly lifted his head. "You... you are... still strong... despite being... woken a few... hours ago..."

Huanglongmon chuckled. "I have to admit, I wasn't expecting to be that strong... just a few blasts from me and you fell like a swatted fly!"

"How...?" GranDracmon hissed.

"I guess I underestimated the power source that brought my body out of its coma," Huanglongmon said. "The Legendary Warrior's powers must have done more to me than I have ever imagined..."

GranDracmon coughed. "Damn it..."

Huanglongmon closed his eyes and all the glowing pods hovered around his body. "I'm taking back your prisoners and freeing them from your control, GranDracmon. I can tell they're not completly brainwashed yet."

"No... they fought hard..." GranDracmon admitted. "They kept resisting the true darkness within themselves... they're partly brainwashed, but..."

Huanglongmon chuckled. "That's good... so it won't take me long to repair their minds. That's excellent news..." He glanced at the pods again before looking back at GranDracmon. "Now, to ensure that you won't cause anymore trouble, GranDracmon... I'm sending you to Digital Limbo."

GranDracmon looked confused. "What is... that?"

"A place that only Granasmon and I can access," Huanglongmon said. "It is an endless place, where you will be unable to move or walk or do anything. You could say it'll be hell for you."

GranDracmon groaned. "Damn it all...and I thought this place was bad!"

"However, I could make a deal with you," Huanglongmon said. "I'll remove your soul from your body and leave you here to wander this area for all eternity, unable to go to the skies above. As for your body itself, I'll send it to Digital Limbo."

"How is that different from the other punishment?" GranDracmon asked.

Huanglongmon smirked. "You're smart, GranDracmon... you figure it out."

GranDracmon considered this for a moment.. "If I agree to that deal, what do you want in return...?"

Huanglongmon narrowed his eyes. "The truth, GranDracmon. Remember before the battle? You said you had regrets unlike Krateimon about what he did a few days after SaikouDevimon attacked Serene Town and he gained control over my castle. You said that if I found out, I would have to decide whether to tell everyone, or keep it a secret to save them from even more pain..."

GranDracmon closed his eyes. "Oh... that... Why not ask Krateimon instead?"

"Krateimon is dead," Huanglongmon replied. "I can sense his aura has faded away... The only one who knows his hidden crime is you. My offer still stands..."

GranDracmon coughed and chuckled. "Very well, Lord Huanglongmon. I accept the deal... my soul will now wander this barren place while my immortal body rots in the Digital Limbo... in exchange, I will tell you the dark secret..."

Huanglongmon nodded. "Good. What is it?"

GranDracmon sat up, a dark grin on his face. "Huanglongmon, from what Krateimon told me, the Past and Present have met and the Present will soon rise... You see, he did this to keep his crimes a secret... He once met a group of Silesians near the Gran Elysian and tried to kill them... they fought back, however, and won."

Huanglongmon's eyes widened in astonishment. "WHAT?!"

Koji groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Koichi was kneeling beside him. He smiled. "Welcome back, brother..."

"Koichi..." Koji muttered as he sat up. He glanced around to find lying on a bench in a hallway. "Where am I?"

"Outside the courtroom," Zoe said as she walked over. "UmbraDevimon is dead..."

Koji looked amazed. "What?! Really?!"

Koichi nodded. "Yeah, it's a long story..." He frowned. "Koji, what happened? Who attacked you?"

"It was..." Koji started.

"Madoudramon," Zoe finished. "Madoudramon attacked you and JP..."

Koichi looked shocked. "What?!"

Koji blinked and looked up. "How did you...?"

"JP told us about it," Zoe explained. "We have no idea what he did to the two of you."

Koji frowned. "Really?"

"Yeah," Koichi muttered. "He didn't steal or destroy the Spirits of Light, Thunder, Water, or Metal..."

"Is that so?" Koji grunted as he slowly got up. "That still makes me worried..."

"I don't think you're alone in that," Zoe said. "Takuya is suspicious as well..."

Koichi sighed. "We'd better discuss this later... There's going to be a huge announcement in the courtroom. We'd better hurry."

Koji nodded. "Right."

Koji, Koichi and Zoe walked into the courtroom and onto a balcony where JP and Tommy were waiting.

"What's going on?" Koji asked.

Tommy turned around. "Koji, you're okay!"

JP sighed in relief. "That's good... BanchoLeomon and Merukimon are getting the low-down on the bad guys that came here with us."

Koji glanced around. "Where's Takuya?"

"He's down there," Tommy said, pointing to the huge hovering platform in the center of the room. "With Tai, Takato, Davis, Yugi, Jaden, Ash and Sonic..."

"I guess they need an explanation," Zoe said. "After UmbraDevimon's attack and all..."

Koichi sighed. "I guess so..."

BanchoLeomon closed his eyes. "So, the enemies you're currently dealing with are now in our world?"

Tai nodded. "Yeah... they took the key to the Celestial Gateway, so they're hiding somewhere in this world."

"And we thought the situation couldn't get any worse..." Merukimon muttered.

Apollomon growled in his seat. "Instead of saving us, you've only brought us more problems! I mean, Lucemon... the leader of the Demon Lords! Here!"

Dianamon glared at Apollomon. "They didn't say they allowed them to come here... We can't blame them for Lucemon's forces hiding in Elysia somewhere. They've unsealed the gateway...we should be grateful for that."

VictoryGreymon nodded. "Agreed... we knew it would be a double-edged sword when the seal around Chuuten Elysia was, we shouldn't complain about it..."

Apollomon stared at VictoryGreymon, who was usually as easy to anger as himself. He sighed. "You're right... please forgive me..."

Yami Yugi nodded. "It's all right."

"Maybe you should save the anger for the Royal Knights," Merukimon said, glancing around. "I was expecting Kentarousmon to have freed the others from their cell by now."

Apollomon shook his head. "He couldn't have. Krateimon changed the passwords on the cell door."

Athenamon groaned. "Oh yes... and we were too busy to remember to warn him..."

"Couldn't they just break out of the cell?" Takuya asked.

BanchoLeomon shook his head. "No... Alphamon made sure that the prison blocks in the castle are too strong to break out of...even if you're a Royal Knight."

Darke rubbed his neck. "He just didn't expect his own knights to be thrown in there..."

Nlos nodded. "Yes... or maybe the Royal Knights are free by now and they're helping Alphamon dealing with Krateimon?"

It was then that the doors burst open and a white winged humanoid dragon Digimon. "Dynasmon, reporting for duty!"

"Then again..." Nlos muttered.

Takuya's eyes widened. "Dynasmon..."

Dynasmon hovered down to the platform and glanced at Merukimon. "I'm glad you're okay, Lord Merukimon. I take it everything about Krateimon is true then?"

Merukimon nodded. "Yes, it's true. Tell me, Dynasmon... was Kentarousmon able to figure out Krateimon's password?"

Dynasmon shook his head. "No... we spent most of our time trying to destroy the bars."

Takato blinked. "Are the bars really that strong?"

"What else would you expect from Chrome Digizoid?" Dynasmon asked.

"Wasn't there any other way of getting rid of the bars?" Takato asked.

Dynasmon nodded. "Yes... Krateimon said so when we were put in them..."

Takato frowned. "So, why didn't you use it?"

"A trap door leading to a room filled with Etemon's records didn't sound like a good idea..." Dynasmon muttered.

Crusadermon floated down to join Dynasmon. "You would think we would have gotten used to such pain after all your speeches."

Dynasmon's left eye twitched.

"Crusadermon..." Koji muttered from the balcony.

"Check it out!" Tommy said, pointing as the other Royal Knights came in.

Kentarousmon landed near BanchoLeomon. "I take it the Digimon that was attacking the castle has been taken care of?"

BanchoLeomon nodded. "Yes... thanks to Takato and his friends."

Takato rubbed the back of his head, blushing. "It's... no problem..."

"You're welcome!" Guilmon chirped.

Magnamon landed near Davis and Veemon and glanced at them. "How strange... to see my Rookie form."

"It's strange to me, too!" Veemon said. "To see my Golden Armour form!"

Davis grinned. "And to think Veemon became a Royal Knight! That's awesome!"

Magnamon looked smug. "Awesome... that fits me perfectly..."

"I'm not in the mood to spoil that smugness of yours," Leopardmon said as he walked by.

Magnamon blinked. "There's a first..."

Leopardmon walked over to BanchoLeomon and Merukimon. "BanchoLeomon, Merukimon... thank you for not giving up on us..."

BanchoLeomon nodded. "You're welcome..."

Merukimon smiled. "You should also thank these humans, Leopardmon... if they hadn't arrived in time, then all would have been lost."

Leopardmon looked over his shoulder. "Thank the humans?"

"Yeah! You've got a problem with that?" Ash asked.

Leopardmon chuckled. "No, not at all."

Dynasmon nodded. "Yeah! Thanks to you guys, Krateimon is running like a Kokatorimon!"

"Speaking of which," Leopardmon said. "Where is Krateimon? And Lord Alphamon, come to think of it..."

"Krateimon ran away with my daughter as a hostage," Darke said. "Alphamon followed him with a few others and they have yet to return!"

Kentarousmon clenched his fists. "He's holding Lumi captive? Does that coward really detest her that much?"

"Examon!" Craniamon called out. "We'd better go and give Alphamon a helping hand!"

Examon nodded. "Agreed!"

"No need, bubs!" Beelzemon said as he stepped into the room with BlackWarGreymon, KageMetalGarurumon, Canewomon, MysticAquilamon, Alphamon and the Silesians. "Krateimon's bit the bullet! He's dead!"

Examon's eyes widened. "Beelzemon, a Demon Lord? Here?!"

Alphamon stepped forward. "He has thrown away his title as a Demon Lord... he's on our side."

"Damn skippy!" Beelzemon said.

Canewomon nuged Beelzemon in the stomach. "Language... there are children here..."

Examon blinked. "How did you know Dynasmon was a..."

"Finish those words and you'll wish you were back in prison!" Dynasmon snapped.

Magnamon and Leopardmon snickered.

"Lord Alphamon!" Crusadermon bowed. "I'm glad to see you all right."

Alphamon chuckled. "As am I. I'm glad it's all over."

MysticAquilamon landed on the platform, allowing Vulko and Lumi to get off. The Glaceon glanced at the elder Umbreon and smiled. "Daddy!"

"Lumi..." Darke whispered. He rushed over and hugged her tightly. "You're all right!"

Lumi hugged Darke back. "Thanks to Vulko..."

"Vulko?" Darke repeated, looking up at the Vulpix boy, who waved shyly. "You've... made a friend?"

Lumi nodded. "Yeah... he saved my life... him and his Digimon..."

Darke smiled at Lumi, smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Vulko..."

Vulko blushed. "You''re very welcome."

BlackWarGreymon landed, still holding his injured arm to his chest. "Krateimon's Digiegg has been destroyed. Something about air pressure."

"So he died in the Deep Bridge Area?" Leopardmon asked.

Alphamon nodded. "Yes... and the bridge was ruined from the fight. I've given out the orders to seal the room so no one will be in danger..."

Nlos stepped forward. "Lord Alphamon, please forgive us for doubting you and your Knights... Krateimon, he..."

"Say no more," Alphamon said. "For now, Krateimon's terror is finished... but, Huanglongmon-sama..."

Before Alphamon could finish what he was going to say, there was a massive flash of golden light, forcing everyone to shield their eyes. When the light dimmed, there was a huge golden dragon hovering above them.

"Whoa..." Sonic muttered.

"Incredible..." Crusadermon whispered.

"Lord Huanglongmon..." Alphamon said. "Does this mean...?"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes... GranDracmon has been defeated once and for all!"

The crowd burst into cheers.

Huanglongmon glanced around. "Today was intended as a celebration of hatred...but now it is a triumph of truth, hope, and justice! We shall remember those who lost their lives to Krateimon's corruption, and rebuild in honor of their memory! It is thanks to those who came through the Celestial Gateway that Chuuten Elysia is now safe!"

The crowd continued to cheer in agreement...

Alphamon glanced at Tai and the others. "He's correct... it was thanks to your aarrival that we were able to avert Krateimon's disastrous plans. I'm forever in your debt..."

Tai grinned. "Hey, it's no big deal! Besides, you already paid your debt..."

"How?" Magnamon asked. "What did he do?"

Alphamon glanced at Velene and chuckled. "Oh, you'll find out soon enough, my'll find out soon enough."

Huanglongmon glanced at Tai's group. "I would like to speak to you in private later. There are a few things I must speak to you about, such as Madoudramon's Locked Digivolve and the virus restricting the Tamers' Digivolutions."

WarGreymon blinked. "Does that mean... we'll be free soon?"

"Possibly," Huanglongmon said. "Now please go find your comrades, and share the gratitude of the people of Gran Elysia with them."

"Right!" Jaden said with a grin.

Alphamon glanced at Velene and nodded.

"Later then," Velene giggled as she walked over to Vulko.

Lucario sighed in relief as he sat down. "I'm so glad... I'm so... glad..."

"Lucario?" Telene whispered.

Lucario chuckled. "Sure, it'll take some getting use to with Huanglongmon around, but... I'm glad everything is okay..."

Telene smiled. "Well, I'm glad you're okay, too."

Espa hugged Flara, laughing. "My family is okay... they're okay... it's all okay now!"

"For you, yes," Flara muttered. "But, for me, Soln and Kutarn..."

Espa hesitated. "Uh..."

Flara smiled and hugged her Espeon cousin back. "Sorry... I'm glad Vulko and Velene are okay too... and I'm proud of Eva..."

Espa smiled back. "Good..."

The crowd continued to cheer as Seto Kaiba watched from a doorway. He grunted and looked away. "Looks like it won't be peaceful around here again for a while."

"So, UmbraDevimon is gone, hmm?"

"Yes, Lord Lucemon... he's dead... defeated by the legendary Trinity Burst..."

"That move is real? How interesting... Who used it?"

"WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon... the Ultimate-level forms of the Primary Tamer Digimon..."

Lucemon leaned back in his seat, rubbing his chin in thought. "So, despite having their Mega forms cut off, they were able to find another way of winning?"

LadyDevimon nodded. "Yes... And by the looks of things, Huanglongmon has awoken from his coma..."

Lucemon closed his eyes. "In other words, he might reverse all the hard work Madoudramon and BlackGuilmon did to hinder the Digidestined and Tamers..."

"Yes..." LadyDevimon said nervously.

Lucemon smirked, surprising LadyDevimon. "No matter... Now that UmbraDevimon is dead, there is no point in keeping the Digidestined's Digimon at their highest form. We'll let Huanglongmon set them free..."

"But what about the Tamers?" LadyDevimon asked. "Gallantmon Shining Mode was the reason that virus was made in the first place."

Lucemon stood up. "I have a feeling they won't be relying on Shining Mode a lot if they were able to beat UmbraDevimon... I think they'll just use it in emergencies... which we should take advantage of..."

"R...Right..." LadyDevimon said doubtfully.

Lucemon sighed. "Thankfully, Madoudramon was able to put up a barrier that prevents Huanglongmon from locating us, along with other spells to keep that golden dragon from finding us if we step outside it. He really is a talented magician..."

LadyDevimon nodded. "Yes, he is..."

"I'm going to wait," Lucemon said. "Until the right moment... I'm leaving BlackGuilmon to build the airships we need to travel through Elysia and to search for the Ancient Delta. I'm also leaving the Tyrants to their own devices. When are they starting up that ritual again?"

"They said the next ritual will happen in three days," LadyDevimon said.

Lucemon grinned. "Good... I'll look forward to that."

LadyDevimon flinched. "That's good... Anything else?"

"Yes.... Madoudramon and DarkPegasusmon have been oddly quiet lately..." Lucemon muttered. "Do you have any idea where they could be?"

LadyDevimon shook her head. "No...but he took the jar containing the data remnants with him. He said he'd find a good use for it."

"Data remnants? Of what?" Lucemon asked.

"The corrupt Spirits of Darkness," LadyDevimon said. "There's not enough left to create Duskmon and Velgemon from them. The data's too corrupt."

Lucemon nodded. "I see... Well, no worries..."

LadyDevimon blinked. "No... worries...?"

Lucemon chuckled. "Yes... it's thanks to Madoudramon that everything is back on track. If it wasn't for him, all would have been lost! I trust Madoudramon, and if he's planning something big...then I'll leave him to it."

LadyDevimon raised an eyebrow. "That's... nice..."

"You may leave," Lucemon said. "You can do what you want, LadyDevimon... Even though UmbraDevimon has lost, we're still in the game... all those fools who dare to stand before me will fall! That I promise..."

LadyDevimon bowed as she turned to make her leave. "Hopefully you won't fall to your own arrogance... before it's too late..."

Madoudramon stood in the middle of the field in an unknown location, holding something in his hand.

"So, you've done it?"

Madoudramon nodded. "Yes... I've collected data on the Spirits of Light and Thunder, both Human and Beast."

"That's good," Nightshroud said as he stood back-to-back with Madoudramon. "And where is DarkPegasusmon?"

"He is spying on Morpheus in the Rogamine region," Madoudramon replied.

Nightshroud crossed his arms. "Do you have idea what Morpheus finds interesting in Rogamine?"

Madoudramon nodded. "Yes..."

"What is it?" Nightshroud asked.

"During the Ancient War, the area that became Rogamine was the site where Valmarmon created the three Unholy Beasts," Madoudramon said. "As you know, the Unholy Beasts tried to overthrow Valmarmon, but failed. Two of them managed to escape from him, but the last one was caught and sealed. That sealed one was RavielPhantomon."

Nightshroud frowned. "So, you're guessing Morpheus is planning to free RavielPhantomon? Why would he do that? Aren't he he and Foodin's group loyal to Valmarmon?"

"I don't know if that is Morpheus' plan or not," Madoudramon admitted. "But, if it is, I'll find out why."

Nightshroud smirked. "I'm sure you will..."

Madoudramon turned around to face Nightshroud, holding out a small box. "Here..."

Nightshroud took the box. "What's this?"

"Data disks," Madoudramon replied. "They contain the data of Lobomon, KendoGarurumon, Beetlemon and MetalKabuterimon..."

"Do you think Valmarmon will succeed?" Nightshroud asked. " "I have no doubt he'll create the Spirits of Thunder from this, but... the Spirits of Chaos? The data on Duskmon and Velgemon is corrupt. There's hardly anything left to use to make those Spirits."

Madoudramon turned around. "NOTHING will prevent Lord Valmarmon from completing his plans... corrupt data or not!"

Nightshroud shrugged. "If you say so..."

Madoudramon nodded. "I'll join DarkPegasusmon in keeping an eye on Morpheus..."

"With Huanglongmon back, do you think he'll come over to see what's going on in the Rogamine region?" Nightshroud asked.

Madoudramon shook his head. "No... because I've cast a barrier that'll prevent Huanglongmon or anyone else from detecting any problems such as RavielPhantomon from breaking free...assuming that's Morpheus's plan."

"Lemme guess... Valmarmon's orders?" Nightshroud asked.

Madoudramon nodded. "Yes... he wants to see what Morpheus is planning, and how these humans and Digimon will fare..."

"Humans and Digimon..." Nightshroud muttered. "You mean... the Data Squad?"

"Correct," Madoudramon replied. "If Morpheus is doing something that Lord Valmarmon disapproves of, then he'll allow the Data Squad to ruin his plans... and also see the power they have."

"That's taking a hell of a risk, you know," Nightshroud said.

Madoudramon chuckled. "Perhaps, but it makes things more interesting."

Madoudramon vanished in a flash of darkness.

Nightshroud smirked as a dark portal opened up. "Risky, but interesting." He walked in.

Eva was sitting on a bench in one of the hallways of the Divine Capitol, thinking very hard.

"Eva!" Growly called out as he walked over to her. "I've been looking all over for you!"

Eva glanced at her boyfriend. "Growly...?"

Growly sat beside her. "What's wrong? You suddenly left... your mother is worried. She thinks it's because of your long-lost father..."

Eva shook her head. "It's not that... not yet, anyway..."

Growly blinked. "Then what's wrong?"

Eva was silent for a moment. "Growly, what do you know about Alphamon? Before we found out that he existed..."

Growly looked confused. "Well, we used to think he was a myth... A Digimon that didn't really exist and was simply made up. Even the Omnimon in our world thought he was just a legend. We never knew what he looked like until we met him today."

"In other words... we didn't know his attacks and we didn't know him well," Eva said.

Growly nodded. "Yeah..."

Eva glanced at Growly. "So, what did Canewomon say when Alphamon used used all his energy in his Digitalize of Soul to save us from Krateimon's Darkside Thunder?"

Growly stared at Eva. "Huh?"

"She said that the battle will have to end soon because Alphamon was using a lot of energy in that attack to save us," Eva said. "And if the battle had gone on longer, Krateimon wwould have been able to overpower Alphamon."

Growly frowned. "So?"

" did Canewomon know?" Eva whispered.

Growly stared at Eva, then looked at the stone floor. "I...I don't know. I didn't notice that at the time. I was more worried about what Krateimon was trying to do to us... I never told our mothers about our near-death experience..."

Eva stared at the floor. "I kept thinking about Lucario's story... why he risked leaving Chuuten, knowing full well that NeoDevimon's memory trapwould remove EVERYTHING important about Krateimon, SaikouDevimon, and what NeoDevimon did to the portals."

"Lucario came here to try and find... a Canewomon and a Digimon called MahouGarurumon... an engaged couple," Growly recalled.

Eva nodded. "Yes... Sometimes I wonder if the Canewomon Lucario is searching for... is my Canewomon."

Growly frowned. "That's... hard to believe..."

"Huh? Why?" Eva blinked.

"In Silesia, we have many Digimon made by famous thanks to members of their species being partnered to Digidestined and Tamers," Growly said. "Digimon like WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Veemon..."

Eva frowned. "That's... true..."

Growly nodded. "Yeah... I mean, no one's suggesting that any of the WarGreymon in Silesia are Tai's WarGreymon. Besides, your Canewomon decided to become a partner to a Silesian after meeting up with his Holiness Zera in Silesia. If this is the same Canewomon, why would she have gotten separated from MahouGarurumon?"

"Maybe BlackGabumon is MahouGarurumon and was able to alter his Mega-form by becoming KageMetalGarurumon instead?" Eva suggested.

Growly sweatdropped. "That would be a reasonable sexplanation for why those two fight like a married couple, bbut BlackGabumon was born in Silesia... Unless MahouGarurumon died and turned back into a Digiegg..."

Eva frowned. "Right..."

Growly placed an arm around her shoulder. "Here's what I think... Canewomon is like you... very smart and very knowledgeable..."

Eva blushed. "Growly..."

Growly smiled. "After hearing about Alphamon existing in Chuuten, she must have decided to ask Lucario if he knew anything about him. He might have retained his memories about Alphamon and told Canewomon about him... that's how she would have known."

Eva frowned. "I might agree with that, but... what sort of connection do MahouGarurumon and Canewomon and Canewomon have?"

Growly blinked. "They're engaged..."

"Ahuh... and how do people know they're engaged?" Eva asked.

"Because one of them has an engagement ring," Growly replied.

"An engagement ring that she wears in all her forms..." Eva said. "From Rookie-level FrauLabramon to Mega-level Canewomon! I find it odd that my Canewomon has an engagement ring, and Lucario is searching for a MahouGarurumon and a Canewomon who are engaged to each other..."

Growly frowned. "Eva, how can you tell that it was an engagement ring? It looks normal to me..."

"Your mother told me," Eva replied. "Miss Canine knew at once it was an engagment ring..."

Growly blinked. "R...Really?!"

Eva nodded. "She could tell... it almost looked like the same ring your father tried to get her to ask for her hand in marriage... but it was too expensive, so she convinced him to get something cheaper that still looked nice."

"I...I remember that story," Growly muttered. "But, wait... If Canewomon came from this world and got the ring here, why does the ring look similar to the one in Sileisa?"

Eva glanced at Growly. "Remember, your parents were engaged before the disappearances in Fuchs City... Not only our fathers were our fathers captured by NeoDevimon, but so was the town's jewelry designer. He probably made them in this world."

"If so, then I guess there are some things that not even NeoDevimon can steal," Growly muttered. "But still... what are the chances that your Canewomon is from this world?"

Eva sighed. "I don't know... I really don't know."

Growly smiled. "Eva, why are you even telling me this? Wouldn't it be better to talk to Canewomon instead? If it is the same Canewomon, then it'll be easier to ask her these questions now that her mind has been purified from the effects of NeoDevimon's trap thanks to the Celestial Gateway."

Eva glanced at Growly and smiled back. "Yeah... that's true... I can talk to her later on once everything has calmed down..."

"Exactly," Growly said with a chuckle.

"And I might get over this for now," Eva added. "I mean, my father is in this castle, and he can't remember me or my own mother... and he married my mom's best friend and has a child... I don't know how those two will feel when they get their memories back... will they turn againt my mother or will they be wracked with guilt?"

Growly sighed. "I know this'll be the first time I've met your father, Eva... but I already know he loved you... Remember what your mother told us? Your father loved you despite being born blind... he loved you..."

Eva lowered her head. "Daddy..."

Growly stood up. "Come on, Eva... your mother is worried... We should get back and-"

Eva quickly stood up and hugged Growly. "Thank you..."

Growly blushed. "F-For what...?"

Eva pulled back and smiled. "For being a friend and a good listener. I'm so happy to have you as a boyfriend, Growly. You're such a dear and loyal friend..."

"W-Well... I erm..." Growly stuttered.

Eva smiled and kissed Growly on the cheek. "Hopefully, you'll start searching for a ring soon as well."

Growly gulped. "I hope you mean those books and films... The Lord of the Rings..."

Eva giggled. "Nice try, puppy... Come on..."

Growly sighed as he followed Eva. "I'm glad you're back to your normal self, Eva..."

Eva grinned. "What are you talking about? I'm a Normal-type."

"Yep... you're back to your normal self..." Growly sighed, a smile on his face.

Huanglongmon sighed, glancing around his massive undergound sleeping chamber. "I know one of the first things I need to do is alter the castle so I can fit in the upstairs parts more easily."

Alphamon knelt and bowed his head. "Forgive me, Lord Huanglongmon... I had no choice but to put you here to protect you from assassins."

Huanglongmon chuckled. "It's fine, Alphamon... I'll work on that later. Now, to business!"

Alphamon stood up and walked over to Velene's side. They were with Tai, WarGreymon, Davis, Veemon, Takato, Guilmon, Takuya, Yugi, Dark Magician, Jaden, Neos, Ash, Pikachu and Sonic had all joined them for this secret conference.

Sonic tapped his foot. "It's about time. I guess you already know why we're here!"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes... you're here to search for the Ancient Delta. Sadly, I don't know where it is."

"Well, that's a good start..." Tai muttered.

Alphamon bowed his head. "It's to be expected... The Ancient Delta was hidden somewhere in this world by Lord Granasmon a few days after Lord Huanglongmon fell into a coma. It seems the only one who knows the location of the Ancient Delta is Lord Granasmon himself."

Takuya sighed. "I'm not surprised... Still, it's no problem."

Tai nodded. "Yeah, it's a real..." He whirled on Takuya. "No problem?!"

Takuya nodded. "Of course... this gives us a perfect chance to travel around Chuuten Elysia and see what this world is like!"

Sonic grinned. "I agree! Sounds like fun! Too bad I can't run around the continents like I can back home."

Velene stepped forward. "Lord Huanglongmon, forgive me for changing the subject, but... have you ever been to the worlds outside Chuuten?"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes...after Valmarmon's first defeat at the hands of Susanoomon. I could sense his presence, despite the Celestial Gateway being sealed. I freed my soul from my body and left this world to see what was going on..."

"Left the world?" Takuya blinked. "But, what about the...?"

"Memory trap laid by NeoDevimon? His powers didn't work on me due to my being a digital ghost," Huanglongmon chuckled. "Nevertheless, I came to your world, and witnessed a lot of things... Neo Battle City, Mariku, the lot!"

Davis blinked. "If you could see all of that, then..."

Huanglongmon sighed. "The downside of being a spirit is that I was invisible, intangible, and inaudible. Even we Digital Gods aren't all-powerful."

Yugi nodded. "I understand... Even the Egyptian Gods aren't all that powerful..."

Ash looked at Yugi in surprise. "What?! But... after seeing Slifer and Obelisk... it didn't look like they had any weaknesses at all!"

Yugi smiled. "You'll be surprised..."

"The only way to make contact with you was to enter your body and talk to your through your mind," Huanglongmon said. "However, the body would have been put into a trance that would last for a few minutes after I left."

Ash blinked. "So why didn't you do that?"

Huanglongmon closed his eyes. "I thought I could try and communicate with the Digidestined and the Tamers, but their Digivices created an invisible barrier blocking me out!"

Tai took out his Digivice. "It did that?!"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Same goes for your Digimon...though I only tried to possess Renamon and Gatomon because of their maturity."

"HEY!!!" WarGreymon and Veemon yelled.

Guilmon blinked and cocked his head. "Huh?"

"I was able to enter one body, though," Huanglongmon continued. "Dark Fox..."

Velene gasped. "I knew it! I knew I recognized that voice! It was YOU!!!"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes... to give you words of comfort, Velene... to gather your strength... while leaving Dark Fox behind in a humiliating position..."

Velene bowed her head. "Thank you..."

Huanglongmon glanced at the others. "In any case, I know you want to go and start your search for the Ancient Delta... but could you wait a short while to get everything ready?"

Davis frowned. "Wait? Why?"

"I think we need your help to heal this city," Huanglongmon said. "Even though Krateimon is dead, many lives have been ruined by his hand..."

Ash clenched his fists. "Pokemon and Digimon alike... they all suffered thanks to him!"

"They'll be okay," Pikachu said, patting Ash's head. "They said they'll try and move on..."

"It won't be easy," Neos said. "I know it won't go away that quickly, but..."

Yugi closed his eyes. "If they work together, then the deaths of those who fell victim to Krateimon's selfish plans won't be in vain..."

Huanglongmon looked away, feeling uncertain...

"Lord Huanglongmon," Alphamon said, drawing the golden dragon's attention to him. "If it would be all right, may I leave my post as leader of the Royal Knights? I have a new path to take, and I must follow it."

Huanglongmon chuckled. "Alphamon, you make it sound like you should follow it as a rule. Relax, my friend... No, I refuse to let you leave your post. Instead, I want you to lead the Royal Knights in helping our new comrades..."

Takato blinked. "You mean... Dynasmon, Crusadermon, Examon, Magnamon, Leopardmon, Craniamon and Kentarousmon will be helping us?"

Takuya groaned. "This is something my team and I will have to get used to..."

Alphamon nodded. "Very well, Lord Huanglongmon... I accept. I shall notify my team and tell them what our next mission will be..."

"Of course," Huanglongmon said. "And in any case, until you leave with the others to search for the Ancient Delta, you're still leader of this castle, so..."

Alphamon crossed his arms. "Right... I'll be busy clearing up Krateimon's mess. For starters, I should notify the Digimon here and in the Noctis region to start sending the students home. It's about time they came back to their families."

Huanglongmon nodded. "Agreed..."

Alphamon sighed heavily. "And I think I should do it quick... defeating Krateimon took quite a toll on me. It feels like..." His body started to glow...

"Is he de-Digivolving?" Veemon guessed.

"I'm jealous..." WarGreymon muttered.

Alphamon shrank until he became a a small blue furry reptile Digimon about the size of Guilmon, with a long bushy tail like a fox, white-tipped limbs, small bat wings, and a triangular red crystal interface on his forehead. He looked over himself and sighed. "It's been a long time since I was last like this..."

"You did know how to conserve your energy..." Huanglongmon noted. "You must have used up a lot to stop Krateimon... Don't worry, I'll give the order to bring the students back. Just rest up in the meantime, and you'll be back in your Mega form tomorrow... with Velene's help, no doubt..."

Velene giggled and hugged Alphamon's Rookie form tightly. "Of course! You look so cute!"

The Digimon sweatdropped. "Erm... I still have enough energy to become Alphamon again without Velene's power. She has yet to master the D-Wave's evolution sequence."

"She'll get the hang of it soon enough," Huanglongmon said. "Stop blushing..."

"I can't!" The Digimon cried.

Jaden walked over to Takato. "Hey, what did Alphamon became?"

Takato took out his golden D-Power. "Alphamon's turned into a Rookie-level Digimon called Dorumon."


NAME: Dorumon

LEVEL: Rookie

TYPE: Vaccine

Beast Digimon

ATTACK: Metal Cannon, Dash Metal

Doru is derived from Digital OR Unknown. Because of the old-style interface on its forehead, it is thought that this Digimon was an experimental prototype Digimon before Digimon were first discovered. His battle-personality has manifested too strongly and it can be tamed eventually by biting someone. Hidden deep within his DigiCore, discovered by an experiment, is the data of a legendary dragon. It's thought that Dorumon has the ability to grow into a mighty Digimon. Dorumon is one of the Digimon that carries the X-Antibody and is usually ostracized by its peers, however, his existence will turn out to affect the Digital World itself... whether it leads to salvation or ruin, however, is unknown.

Velene rubbed Dorumon's head. "I was wondering when I would get to see your lower forms, Alph--I mean, Dorumon... and who knew you'd look so cute!"

Dorumon sweatdropped. "Uh... thanks..."

Takuya smirked. "So, Velene's got her partner and will be busy training... what should we do?"

Tai rubbed his chin. "Well... Alphamon did mention back in Inkwanalan that Craniamon was the brains of the Royal Knights. He can help Izzy set up a connection between this world and HYPNOS."

Ash's face lit up. "Hey, yeah! May and the others are gonna be so surprised to see our Pokemon talking!"

"Actually, that only works in this world, Ash," Pikachu said. "Once we get back to Shinjuku, we'll be speaking in Pokemon again."

"Oh...right..." Ash said, looking disappointed.

Huanglongmon coughed to get their attention. "As for me, I know what I'll be doing for the next three days."

"And what's that?" Sonic asked.

"Well, for starters, I'm going to reverse Madoudramon's spell on WarGreymon and the other six Digimon so they can finally Digivolve and de-Digivolve with their partner's help," Huanglongmon said.

WarGreymon punched his fists in the air. "YES!!! FINALLY! FINALLY! WE'LL BE BACK TO NORMAL!!! AT LONG LAST!!!"

Jaden blinked. "Is he upset?"

WarGreymon facefaulted and Tai snickered.

Davis crossed his arms. "So, was it true that UmbraDevimon was getting his power from Tai and the others' Digimon?"

Huanglongmon nodded. "Yes... I'm impressed you figured it out."

"Well, we would have figured it out much sooner if they had remembered to mention the needles," Tai muttered, glaring at his Digimon. "If you had mentioned that BlackGuilmon took data samples from you guys, Izzy would have put the pieces together and stopped UmbraDevimon a lot sooner!"

WarGreymon sweatdropped and laughed sheepishly. "It... must have slipped my mind..."

Dark Magician rolled his eyes. "No change there..."

"After that," Huanglongmon continued. "I'll remove the virus from the Tamer's Digivices. However, considering that it's affecting all the D-Powers, I'll create a vaccine for Izzy to send to HYPNOS so everyone there can repair their Digivices as well."

Takato grinned in relief. "Really?! Thanks!"

Guilmon laughed happily. "Great! We'll soon be Gallantmon again! Hooray!"

Huanglongmon chuckled. "Finally, I'll deal with NeoDevimon. I'm going to get rid of him once and for all and return the Silesians' memories."

Dorumon nodded. "That sounds like a good plan, my lord. When do you think you'll start?"

"I'll start removing the Digivolve Block on WarGreymon and the others tomorrow," Huanglongmon said. "Then the D-Power Virus the day after. And after that, I'll confront NeoDevimon. That's my plan."

Sonic grinned. "Sounds like a good plan! We can talk about what to do after that later!"

Yugi nodded. "I agree. We'll take our time seeing what Serene Town is like and getting a good look at the castle."

"Where do you think we'll sleep?" Jaden asked.

Takuya rubbed his neck. "There are a few inns near the port."

"And I suppose we can supply most of you with rooms in the castle," Dorumon said. "If anyone's staying in the inns, we can pay the the manager until you're ready to leave."

"Thank you, Dorumon," Velene smiled.

Huanglongmon sighed. "Well, I guess that's settled for now. Until something else comes up, I think I'll end this little meeting for now."

Tai smiled. "Yeah... We'd better let the others know what our plans are."

Dorumon groaned. "Dynasmon is going to get a kick out of seeing me like this." He paused. "And then Crusadermon and Leopardmon are going to get a kick, too...out of Dynasmon's butt."

Velene giggled, placing a hand on Dorumon's back. "Shall we go and find Espa and Vulko?"

Dorumon smiled slightly. "Sure..."

Jaden laughed as he walked alongside Neos. "Man... Aqua Neos, Air Neos, Flare Neos... it won't be long until you have all your forms!

Neos nodded. "Yes... it's looking good so far..."

"So, Ash..." Pikachu smirked. "Any plans on dating Misty...?"

Ash's face turned beet red. "You know... returning to Shinjuku doesn't sound too bad right about now..."

Pikachu laughed.

"I'll finally be Agumon again!" WarGreymon cheered.

"I'll finally be Gallantmon again!" Guilmon cheered.

Tai and Takato looked at each other, smiled, and shrugged.

Yugi, Dark Magician, Takuya, Davis, Veemon and Sonic soon left, the blue hedgehog waving as they left Huanglongmon alone.

After hearing the door slam, the golden dragon shuddered and closed his many eyes. "Damn it... I just couldn't tell them... damn it... it can't be true... it just can't..."

"Huanglongmon, from what Krateimon told me, the Past and Present have met and the Present will soon rise..." GranDracmon rasped. "You see, he did this to keep his crimes a secret... He once met a group of Silesians near the Gran Elysian and tried to kill them... they fought back, however, and won."

"WHAT?!" Huanglongmon cried in disbelief.

GranDracmon chuckled. "Are you aware of the hidden tragedy of the Aura Kingdom? When Foodin and his followers betrayed Queen Yukihimi and her friends to Valmarmon...?"

"Wha...What?!" Huanglongmon stuttered.

"I guess not," GranDracmon laughed. "Yes, Foodin and his followers were rewarded by Valmarmon with immortality! They're still alive to this day! Krateimon was shocked to hear who they really are and was horrified that they knew of his secrets... he was forced to make a deal with them to win their silence."

"What sort of deal?" Huanglongmon asked.

GranDracmon was silent.

"TELL ME!!!" Huanglongmon roared.

"The seven victims," GranDracmon simply said.

"The... seven victims...?" Huanglongmon repeated. "You don't mean...?"

"The Past and Present have met and the Present will soon rise," GranDracmon repeated yet again. "The Past being Foodin and his Followers, and the Present are the seven who lost their lives to SaikouDevimon..."

Huanglongmon was horrified. "Krateimon gave them the bodies of the seven Silesians that were killed by SaikouDevimon!? Including Lumi's mother?! I don't believe you!!!"

GranDracmon chuckled. "I don't care if you believe me or not... Krateimon was able to swap the seven bodies with rubble to make sure no one would notice the change as they buried them. Foodin's followers have learned to use more forbidden Aura Artes to..."

"To what?" Huanglongmon asked.

"The Present will soon rise," GranDracmon repeated.

"You've got to be kidding me... there's an Aura Arte that can revive the dead?!" Huanglongmon repeated.

"Yes... including an Arte to summon the soul back into its former body," GranDracmon said.

"But... why?!" Huanglongmon cried out. "What's the point of that?!"

"I don't know... I don't know the full extent of Foodin's plan... but know this... the dead will soon rise and Foodin will step out of the shadows. He'll be working hard now that you're up, Huanglongmon..." GranDracmon said. "It's best that you find Foodin and save the bodies. If they're revived, they will be loyal to Valmarmon, and if Valmarmon finds them..."

"ENOUGH!!!" Huanglongmon roared in fury.

Huanglongmon opened his eyes and shuddered. To think Krateimon would go this far to hide his crimes... I know what I must do after I deal with NeoDevimon...find out if GranDracmon is telling the truth or not. And the only way to do that is to look in the coffins of the dead. They must have buried them or they would have noticed the rubble. And if GranDracmon was telling the truth... then...

He turned his attention to the celing. SaikouDevimon's attack happened a couple of months ago. That means...the forbidden Aura Artes must have been used by now. This can't be true... it can't be...

However, Huanglongmon had the nagging suspicion that everything GranDracmon said was true, and he would have accept it...and tell everyone the horrible truth.

In a dark cavern lit by candles, a hooden figure sat on a craggy throne.

Seventeen hooded figures kneeled before him while seven more stood behind them...

The seated figure removed his hood, revealing an Alakazam with a scar across his forehead. "So... is it true, Gargaros?"

One of the hooded figures stood up and removed his hood, revealing a Lucario with a slash mark over his right eye, making him unable to see through it. "Yes, Lord Foodin... I sensed a powerful aura coming from the direction of Gran Elysian... it must be Huanglongmon..."

Foodin clenched the armrests of his throne. "Impossible... Huanglongmon was nowhere near recovery... how is it possible for him to awaken from his coma?!"

Gargaros closed his eye. "I don't know, Foodin-sama... but we must accept the truth. Huanglongmon has returned, and we must move to another location before it's too late..."

Another figure stood up and removed his hood, revealing the hood to reveal a fierce Ursaring. He snarled at Gargaros. "What are you talking about?! That foolish dragon has no idea we exist! We're perfectly safe!"

Gargaros glanced at the Ursaring. "Orcus, do not forget that we revealed ourselves to Krateimon in exchange for our new slaves. Now that Huanglongmon is back, Krateimon will try anything to survive his wrath... including revealing our secret!"

Orcus scoffed. "Krateimon is no fool... If he told Huanglongmon that he sold seven bodies to us to us to keep his crimes a secret, his fate wouldn't change!"

"Even so, fear will grasp his very being, and he'll tell the truth without a second thought," Gargaros reasoned. "Besides, Huanglongmon will find out sooner or later... we can't risk staying here."

"He's right," Foodin muttered. "As long as we stay here, we'll increase our chances of being caught by Huanglongmon. It's fortunate that we have a second base in an even more obscure place ready for just such an emergency."

"Too bad it's smaller than this place!" Orcus said. He jerked his thumb at the seven who stood behind them. "And we should destroy the evidence to cover our tracks!"

Gargaros glared at the Ursaring. "Don't be a fool! We didn't spend a month reviving them, returning their souls, AND brainwashing them just so we could kill them again!"

Foodin stood up. "Again, Gargaros is right. They're still important, despite the setback from Huanglongmon's revival."

Orcus snarled. "Why are you always taking his side?!"

"Because he actually has some sense, while you never use your head!" Foodin snapped. "We're dealing with a digital god! While not a strong as Granasmon or Valmarmon, he can still strip us of our immortality! We should move to the second base as soon as possible!"

Orcus clenched his fists and growled. "Understood..."

Gargaros nodded. "Yes, Foodin-sama..."

Foodin glanced at Orcus, Gargaros and the kneeling hooded Pokemon with narrowed eyes. "Gather your belongings and prepare to depart."

"What about Morpheus and Inferna?" Gargaros asked. "Morpheus is still in the Rogamine region, trying to get that Unholy Beast with Inferna backing him up..."

Foodin sighed. "Once we've reached our base, we'll send a message to them. Right now, I want to leave before Huanglongmon finds us."

Gargaros nodded. "Of course, Foodin-sama..."

Orcus bowed. "Yes, Foodin-sama..."

"Good... now, GO!" Foodin barked out.

Gargaros, Orcus and the other fifteen acolytes left the evil Alakazam as he walked over to the seven remaining figures.

Foodin smirked, grasping one of the seven's hood and pulling it down. "I won't waste my time by reviving you lot. Bringing you and your friends back to life proves we are closer to becoming gods than we had ever dreamed. And as for my plans... I have many for you seven..." He placed his hand under the figure's chin and turned its face to look at him. "Do you accept that?"

The female Zangoose with glazed yellow eyes nodded feebly. "Yes... Master Foodin..."

"Good..." Foodin laughed, putting the Zangoose's hood back on and turning away. He grinned. "Excellent choice, Ferna... excellent choice..."

The fight for the future of Chuuten Elysia and Gran Elysian is over!

UmbraDevimon has finally fallen, Krateimon is forever dead and GranDracmon has been sealed away for good! More secrets have been revealed, both good and bad...

However, their problems are far from over.

The Tyrants will soon begin their ritual anew...

Huanglongmon is full of fear and doubt about GranDracmon's cryptic words...

As the heroes rest, they must start planning their next course of action in order to get ahead of Lucemon and Madoudramon!

The question is... what do they do next?

The adventure continues...

In the next chapter, the heroes are finally resting as they spend the next few days in Serene Town and the Divine Capitol. While Vulko gets to know Lumi a bit more and Dorumon tries to get over his embarrassment at being a Rookie, the remaining eleven Tyrants are discussing who to target next. As for Huanglongmon, will he be able to remove the curses on the seven Digimon and the Tamer's Digivices before he defeats NeoDevimon and begins his investigation into GranDracmon's startling secret? Find out next time!

That's it! Krateimon is dead, UmbraDevimon is gone and GranDracmon is sealed away! Three fewer villains to worry about. But new ones have popped up as I reveal the dark secret from my side story...

Whatever Foodin has in planned for the seven might not work if Valmarmon finds them first...

In any case, I'll try hard to make more chapters. I'm almost to a hundred! I guess it all depends on how busy I become in the future. This month is the long-awaited English versions of Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon HeartGold.

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