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I got this idea from a book I read a long time ago. Ever since I saw the movie 'Ghost' staring Patrick Swazye, I see Darry in a whole new light! lool I thought I'd write a romance/angst about him.  Tell me what you think!

Darry is 18 in his last year of school. His parents are still alive of course. This is all in Darry's POV


One thing I really hate is being left behind. But right now I don't mind it so much. I wanted everyone gone so I can be alone when she calls me.

I guess dad somehow sensed it. He can always read my mind. When I came home that day early from the prom, he knew there was something wrong. I thought I was acting pretty normal. I didn't say anything to him or anyone. I walked in, kissed mum on the cheek and sat down for dinner.  No one seemed to notice except dad. He came in my room after dinner and said "Darry, you want to talk about it?"

I said that I wanted to be alone. He thought for a while then said "you got it" and walked out. That was it. Five minutes later Ponyboy came in my room jumping and screaming 'we're going to grandma's house! We're going to grandma's house!' When your 12 like Ponyboy, everything's exciting; even a trip to grandma's house. Dad came in the room after him, threw him over his shoulder and carried him out saying "Quieten down Pony. Darry's not coming with us".

He always knew what to do. I needed to be alone, needed time to think. Time to plan my next move.

Dad had planned the trip a while before but he didn't want to tell Ponyboy and Soda until it was finalised. They both had a great obsession with horses, especially Soda, so dad didn't want to get their hopes up about seeing grandma's horse then not go. She only lived 2 hours away but we always stayed at her house for at least a week.

They left early the next morning at 6am. Dad said they were going to stay for 4-5 days. That was fine by me.

I started work at 8:30am the day they left. I work at the local supermarket as a cashier. It wasn't much of a brain stimulator but it was a decent job. Before I left I went over, almost against my will and picked up the phone. I dialled her number. It's still engraved in my brain. The phone rang for a while, then Mrs. Jefferson's voice came on: 'You have reached the Jefferson's. Please leave a message after the beep'

I took a long breath, and started speaking "Mira, it's me Darry. Please call me. I have to talk to you. I'll be home at around 6. I'll talk to you then…"

I shut the phone and walked out the door. I had thought about it all night. I tried to sleep but my brain wouldn't turn off.

Whenever I think about what happened that day, I can't help cringing and slapping myself on the head. What an idiot I am. I wish I had just shut my mouth. What the hell was I thinking? I wasn't thinking, that was the problem. Sometimes I do that. I just say things without thinking and then regret it later. It's such a bad habit.

I got to work on time but my mind wasn't there. I forgot to smile at the customers and ask them how they were doing. I didn't really care to be honest. I over charged an old lady, I scanned her tuna can twice by accident then I bagged a loaf of bread and a carton of milk in the same bag. That was the biggest 'no no' in supermarket bagging ethics. It was the last draw. The manager, a really nice lady named Candy, took me aside and said "Darrel are you ok? You look sick"

I felt like crap, I was so tired. I hadn't slept a wink. "I'm ok" I said apathetically.

"No, listen" she said with genuine concern, "I want you to go home. Take today off and make up for it next Sunday ok"

I wasn't about to argue with her "ok" I said. I took the bus home again and almost got off at the wrong place. I got in the house but there was no way I could sleep. I sat by the phone, hoping, waiting until the hour. I looked at my watch. 8 hours left till she calls me.

Ok so tell me what you think. I've tried to make it as mysterious as possible. Who is she? What did Darry say or do? That kinda thing. I've actually finished the whole story but I want to put up a chapter weeklyJ anywayz REVIEW!!!!