Title: MoonChild

Author: Stigmatized

Summary: Just a little poem vaguely about Remus. Contains a little slash but only if you want to look at it as such.

Warnings: None really, just very, very, very mild slash. If you don't want to see it like that, then it's not even there!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do not own Remus. I do not own the moon or the stars or anything else that is mentioned in this poem. Please don't sue. I wrote this purely to take my mind off of throwing up. I do, however, own the poem. So not stealing!

A/N: Written in ten minutes when I was sick in bed and bored out of my skull. Bleh. Anyway, read, enjoy, review.

Just remember: I do not claim to be a poet. I know my poems seriously suck, so any and all constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms and will be cherished. Pointless flames, however, will not.


The sky is dark

The moon is full

He runs

With memories of pain

Of shifting bones

And crunching joints.

He runs

Through the shadows

Through the trees

Under the stars

Under the moon.

Grey fur bristles

Bumping once pale, bare skin.

Long nose points towards


The MoonChild cries

His howl not unheard

As parents and children

Safe in their homes

Look up in fright,

Lock windows and doors.

MoonChild, WolfChild,

Son of the Earth,

Look up to the stars

Feel the tug on your heart.

That one lonely star

Twinkling down from above

So close to your pain

So close to your heart.

He cries out again

A more mournful sound

Deep inside your breast

Your true self moves

And sobs with the knowledge

That you are the last.


A/N: Well, review please, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Again, CC is most welcome. I know I drastically need to improve so… please?

Oh, severely off topic. This was written on the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes night. Fireworks. I just want you to know to be careful with fireworks with animals. Idiots in my street have been letting them off since the middle of October and my dog hates them. Lets just say that he's a very large Border Collie and he tried to get under the nine-inch gap between the floor and my bed.

So, for Bob's sake, please don't let Fireworks off unnecessarily.

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