NOTE: Harry just turned 16. Also I would just like to mention something if any one was wondering. I know that the Angel timeline is slightly skewed, unfortunately there's no help for that. See if you all remember season 5 of Angel took place almost immediately after season 4, so some of the early episodes take place in the summer. In my timeline, my entire story takes place after Hell bound (Spike becomes Corporeal) and before Life of the Party (Which takes place during Halloween).

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Molly was walking about the room looking for Arthur when she saw Harry's aunt re-enter the conference room, with a small thin-ish box under her arm.

"Willow dear, I don't think we've been properly introduced."

Mrs. Weasley held out her hand, which Willow took and gave a moderate shake.

"I'm Molly Weasley."

"Harry's told me so much about you."

She smiled at the knowledge.

"He has?"

Willow nodded. "The way he talks about, I think you're like the mom that he never had."

"Oh well, we think of Harry like he's one of the family. He and Ronny have been chums since they took the Hogwarts train together that first year. Now those three, Hermione, Ron and Harry are as thick as thieves."

"They remind me a lot of Xander, Buffy and my self."

"Buffy, Ron was telling me that she's a Vampire Slayer."

"She's one of them."

"Tell me again how that happened?"


As Molly was chatting up Willow, on the other side of the room Arthur was in a corner talking with Fred.

"..and that's pretty much the principle behind matter manipulation."

"Fascinating. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am by the things muggles come up with. You know I have quite the electric plug collection."

Fred laughed.

"Well Mr. Weasley, you know in America the plugs look quite different then they do in England."

Arthur's eyes lit up like a little boy in a candy store.

"Do they now?"

"Would you like to come down to my lab with me. I can show you all sorts of need um muggle inventions, and can probably find you another plug for your collection."

"Oh, I'd like that."


"I wonder where they're going?" Remus wondered out loud while looking at Arthur and the muggle girl leave the room.


Remus turned his attention back to Xander, and then just shook his head as if to say nothing, continue what you were saying.

"How long have you been a werewolf?"

"Harry told you?"

Xander shook his head.

"Naw, a friend of mine's a werewolf, Willow's ex-boyfriend actually. It's close to the full moon and I can see that you're a little antsy. Oz used to have that same look."

Remus had a look of confusion Passover his face.

"I thought that you went to a muggle school?"

"Sure, a muggle school built on top of the Hellmouth. Oz was bit during his first try through senior year."

"What did he do during his transformation?"

"He locked him self in the book cage in the library, but when he went to college he had a cage installed in his basement."

"Didn't the other people in the house wonder about that?"

Xander smiled.

"It was Sunnydale, people tended not ask a lot of questions. Plus most of his band-mates lived in the same house, and they knew."

"What happened to him?"

"Well he and Willow broke up, and then he went to Tibet to learn to control the wolf."

"How did that turn out?"

"Pretty good, for the most part. It seems that with careful meditation he was able to stay human during the full moon, that is unless he was around something that caused um how do I say it. Uh, strong emotions. He couldn't be around Willow, because she broke his concentration."

Remus's eyes went wide. Meditation, could it really be as simple as that. His body was wracked with pain from the wolfsbane potion, every time he took it, could there be another way?

"Do you still keep in contact with him? I would love to talk to him about his methods."

"I haven't, but I think that Willow does. I'll ask her."


Dumbledore motioned over to Xander and Remus.

"They are having quite the conversation. I haven't seen that level of hope on Remus's face since the day I hired him as the DADA professor at Hogwarts. Well no matter, what was it you were saying Mr. Wyndam-Price?"

"I was asking about what exactly is taught in Defence Against the Dark Arts?"


"So you can just change any of your features at will?"

"That's right." With that Tonks elongated her noise, and changed her hair color from pink to green. All of the men, Gunn, Angel and Spike smiled at the change.

"I mean Spike and I can change our faces, but just one way or the other."

"Could I see it? I've never had any experience with Vampire's in the field, and I've always wandered what they really look like, as opposed to the pictures."

As the two vampires changed to their game faces, Tonks smiled and shook her head. "I wouldn't want to run into you in a dark alley that's for sure."


"Bloody brilliant Harry." Ron exclaimed as he looked at Harry's new tattoo. Neville nodded his head in agreement, while Hermione rolled her eyes in general disapproval.

"Do you think mum would let me get one?"

"Don't be daft Ron, mum would kill you before she let you get a tattoo." Ginny said.

"But Charlie has an earring."

"Charlie is also an adult living on his own, and doesn't have to obey mum's rules."

"You're lucky Harry, I don't think my gran would allow me to get one." Neville supplied.

"Yes Harry, how did you convince your aunt to let you get one?" Luna asked.

Harry had the good graces to blush slightly.

"Actually she was furious when she found out. The tat was a gift from Xander."

"What's a tat?"

"It's muggle slang for a tattoo, Ron." Hermione added.

Harry told the group about Xander and the semi-charmed Tattoo parlor. He then told them about the work that he's been doing for Wolfram and Hart as well as the assassination attempt by Malfoy.

"Dad was really happy that Wolfram and Hart dropped Malfoy as a client. I mean they don't argue too much in the Wizarding World courts, but according to Dad they've never lost a case. It's just lucky that your aunt is friends with their CEO."

"Harry aren't you a little worried? I mean Wolfram and Hart is kind of evil, not to mention that it's run by a vampire."

"Oh Hermione, you're just over reacting. Vampires aren't nearly as fierce as they're made out to be. They're just misunderstood." Luna said.

"Hate to burst your bubble sugar-plum, but Vampires are twice as nasty as you've been lead to believe." Lorne said walking up behind the kids, holding fresh cake for everyone. He then went on to tell the tale of Liam of Galway.


George and Fred relaxed on one of the conference room couches talking to Bondy about the trials and tribulations of being entrepreneurs. The nice thing about meeting people who didn't live in the same area, was they were far more likely to take them seriously. Their mother for example would probably have a melt down is she knew that her sons poured over profit margins and worried about sales in the forth quarter.


Across the ocean, a small rat continued to make its ways across the country side, till it reached the manor of its lord.

Navigating the rooms, it followed the voices until it came to a run down sitting room. In the corner sitting was his master.

"Is that a friend of yours?" Voldemort asked of Peter as the rat slowly walked across the floor.

"No my lord, not that I know of."

The rat got on his hind legs and in a little rat voice tried calling out to Voldemort to let him know that he wasn't really a rat.

His callings were cut off however, by the large snake that had been coiled under Voldemort's chair stuck out with lightning speed and swallowed the rat whole.

The last thought that went through the Death Eater turned rat's mind before he died wasn't a pleaded for his life it was just simply.