Title: Lucky Lady

Author: Natalia Vronsky


Rating: G - ish

Summary: Evo-Verse. Short Rogue ficclet set during the time we don't see her between Ascension I & II.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rogue or any of the X-Men. I don't make money off this, blah-di-blah. Marvel and KidsWB and a bunch of others own it all.

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Rogue sat quietly as the nifty S.H.E.I.L.D. air base took off for New York. Out of the window, she could see the others leaving for their destinations. Her friends, her family. All heading to an all too possible death.

Nick Fury stood a few feet from away, staring at her. He was looking at her skeptically. She couldn't blame him. She'd never of thought of herself as the worlds last hope.

Fear washed over her and a knot grew in her stomach at the thought. Her mouth and throat felt so dry she could hardly swallow. Very soon she'd be up against Apocalypse. Considering how well their first meeting went, she wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

She wanted nothing more than to curl into a ball at the moment, but she couldn't. The Rogue didn't show emotions like that.

"I'm going to get the boy then we're going to Egypt in one of the helicopters." Nick Fury said walking out of the room and leaving her alone.

She rubbed her hands over her face. "Why me?" She whispered. Was it punishment for having released him in the first place?

Her stomach was doing flip-flops. She felt like she was going to be sick. She wrapped her arms around her middle, trying to clam herself some. It wouldn't do to let Dorian see her sweating and scared.

She frowned when she felt something sharp against her fingers, even through her glove. Looking down she saw what looked like paper poking out from behind her belt. She took off her glove and pulled it out. She didn't even remember putting that there.

The Queen of Hearts stared up at Rogue with her small, frowning face. Rogue touched the surface of the card lightly.


"I always save her for last." Gambit showed her the card he'd had on the top of the deck.

"Queen of Hearts?"

Gambit kissed the card and held it up, gazing at it like one would a lover. "My lucky lady. She's gotten me outta a whole lotta jams."


Rogue couldn't help but smile. Some of her tensions and fears easing. She placed a kiss on the card, much as Gambit had, then tucked it back behind her belt.

Rogue got up and went to go get Sam from the room they'd holed him up in. She felt somewhat relaxed and a little more ready to face Apocalypse.