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Part 1:- Battleground.

It had been six months since the saga of 'Ash' had happened. Five months since John had worked up the courage to ask Rogue out. Life was slowly returning to normal at the mansion. John and Spark were being welcomed into normal, everyday life.

Apart from the odd nightmare, John could almost forget what had happened. Almost being the important word there. He could blank it from his memory.

He didn't know how clever Andrew really was, even if it was a sort of insane clever. He didn't know everything Andrew did while in control of his body. If he had known maybe he could have stopped what was about to happen.

The X-Men had been ambushed by the Brotherhood, bent on revenge. It had taken six months for Magneto to recover from the injuries he had received fighting Ash. As soon as he was healthy he had attacked the X-Men, taking them all by surprise.

John moved in and out of the fighting mutants, nipping into a battle when he was needed then with-drawling. He wasn't too sure about fighting anymore, wasn't too sure about using his powers.

Truth to be told, he was scared.

"John!" The scream tore through the air, hitting him in the face. He spun round, trying to locate the sound before his eyes were dragged upwards. A little way away up in the air was Magneto... and held, struggling in his arms was Spark. John stared upwards, fear in his eyes. Every fiber of him froze, he didn't know what to do, should he use his powers?

//I could hurt Spark.\\ he thought. Magneto took advantage of his indecision to grab the girl's head and twist it.

There was a loud 'crack'. It sounded harsh, un-natural. Every mutant froze, every eye drawn to where Spark was, her neck at the wrong angle. Her body hung in the air rather like a puppet with it's strings cut. The body looked strangely at peace, almost restful. Then it dropped to the ground and rolled down the pit, located just under her.

John couldn't see, couldn't think. He ran towards where Spark was, blind to everything that was going on around him. None of the other mutants had moved, not even the members of the Brotherhood. Magneto remained in the sky, marking the place where he and Spark had fought. But John saw none of this.

He jumped down the hole, his feet slipping on the loose soil, to where Spark lay, her limbs limp. John reached her and placed his hand on her cheek. It was still warm. Desperately he scooped her up in his arms, freezing when her head rolled backwards.

She was dead. Her neck was clearly broken, she was almost decapitated.

"No." he muttered, rocking backward and forth, her body still held in his arms. "Yasmin..." he sobbed. He looked up, his eyes still covered in tears to where Magneto was still floating.

"You." he spat, already reaching for his lighter.


John looked numbly ahead. The battle had ended almost immediately after Magneto's attack. The Brotherhood had simply melted away, leaving the X-Men alone.

"John?" Rogue said, coming over to where he was sitting. "Are... how are you feeling?"

"I dunno. Like my sister just died." John said. "It's my fault. I froze Rogue, I fucking froze! I was so scared of doing something to hurt her, like I hurt you that I didn't do anything. And now she's dead." he shook his head.

"I'm so sorry John." Rogue said, her gaze full of sympathy.

"I... I wanna be alone for a bit, if you don't mind." he muttered, his head bowed.

"Of course." Rogue said, standing up and moving away. John looked at his shoes. The lace of his right trainer had come loose. Every time he tried to focus on the fact that Spark was gone for good his mind was pulled back to the loose lace.

//When had it come loose?\\ he asked himself. It had been tight during the battle, of that he was sure of. //Sometime after then...\\

The lace was frayed at the end. Funny that. He must have stepped on it and pulled some of the treads out.

There was dirt of the lace. He rubbed at it, gently at first but then with more pressure, more anger.

"Woah, slow down John." Rogue said, having come back after seeing him rub furiously at his lace. He lifted a tear stained face to look at her.

"Yasmin is gone and all I can think about it this lace. Why is that?"

"I'm not sure... people in a state of shock tend to focus on tiny things. It... It helps them get past it."


Logan lifted the still corpse and carried it towards the jet, wincing ever so slightly every time the head moved, a grisly reminder that she was dead. He passed John and Rogue, the former buried in the latter top, a soft sniffing coming from it.

He passed Bobby and Cyclops, both faces devoid of expression. He passed Kurt and Storm, Kurt offering a prayer to the heavens.

They had all knew her and while none felt her death as deeply as John, they all felt something.

She was much to young to have died.


Spark's body had cooled by now. It was placed in the back of the jet, in it's own little space where no one could see it. This was to give anyone who wanted to sit with her a little privacy. A slow crack came from the still body. The neck began to bulge as incredibly, the bones began to knit themselves back together.

She opened her eyes and teleported off the Jet.


There you have it. She is not some kind of un-killable mutant. She's supposed to be dead, something bad has happened. (Sorry to keep hammering this point but a friend said that it could be mistaken for something good. Which made me paranoid.)

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