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Part 4:- Dangerous Mutants.


Pyro fell. It was impossible for him to guess how long he had been falling, only that it seemed to have neither a start or an end. He was free falling through the space of his mind, and it felt as if he would just keep falling, with nothing to land on, with no end.

The end, when it came, took him by surprise. He hit the ground on his back, his eyes tightly closed against the light that attempted to invade him. He seemed to lying on some sort of bed, muted voices all around him.

He had failed, he realized with a sickening lurch. The Professor must have pulled him out before he could enter the safety of the closed area of his mind... the Professor was going to kill him and he had nothing to show for it.

"Well, what do you know, you were right. Looks like I owe you ten cents." A female, Irish voice said.

"Looks like you do Alicia." a male voice said. "Hey, Lisa! Get over here, I think he's waking up!" Pyro groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Five faces were grouped round him, all staring down at him with varying degrees of worry imprinted on their faces. Pyro let his eyes move over the five. It was a shock to see these faces after so many years. They all looked so young, so innocent.

His gaze fixed it's self on the last face. At this one, Pyro couldn't stop the gasp of surprise, even though he had known that this person would be here.

"Oh man, this is just too weird." Pyro moaned. His younger-self nodded violently.

"I know... so this is what I look like grown up? Man, am I hot or what!" Young John said. The black haired girl who was standing next to Young John, rolled her eyes.

"Oh shut up John." she said in an Irish voice. It was the same voice that had woken Pyro in the first place.

"Alicia?" he asked. The 11-year-old nodded. John shifted his gaze to the serious looking brown boy, who was standing by the foot of the bed.

"Neill." Pyro stated, giving him a nod. Neill returned the nod, smiling, the expression changing his whole face. The girl standing next to him was Lisa, her hair blue, for some reason. Which just left the person standing by his head.

Pyro felt his breathe catch as he stared at the younger version of Yasmin. She looked slightly uncomfortable under his gaze.

"It's good to see you." Yasmin said, fingering one of her plaits. Pyro nodded, pushing himself up-right. He was now able to look over the heads of the Eden mutants and take in his surroundings. Pyro couldn't stop the shudder that ran through his body as he realized he was in the lab. Alicia noticed the shudder.

"Hey, don't blame us." She said, in her lilting accent. "When Ash was locked up in here, the scientists didn't have the imagination to make anything else. Plus all the memories to do with the lab were stored here."

"And us." Neill said. Lisa playfully slapped the back of Neill's head.

"We are just memories as well, you silly." she scolded. Neill rubbed the back of his head ruefully. Pyro, however, was still looking around the room he was in, only this time his expression had changed to confusion.

"Where's Andrew?" he asked. The other's exchanged worried glances.

"We didn't know if you would want to see him. When Ash was stuck here he didn't react very well to John." Alicia said. There was footsteps in the shadows.

"I'm here." A small voice said. There stood Andrew, just as Pyro remembered him from all those years ago with one exception. The green eyes were not hate filled but rather those of a scared little boy.

"I'm not insane. I'm not Ash." Andrew said quickly. Pyro slowly nodded, to show he accepted this, then took a deep breath.

"Just what is going on with Spark?"

"What do you mean?" Young John asked. Pyro could feel his anger rising but fought to keep it under control.

"You know what I mean. Double voice, attacking people and oh yeah, the tiny fact that I saw her die, heard her neck snap, yet she lives."

"Pyro, you have to understand that we are only memories. We know just what you know. So when you ask us, the answer will be something you already know, even if you are refusing to admit you know or if it buried deep in your subconsciousness." Lisa said, her normally laughing face, completely serious.

"Yeah, I get it." Pyro said, wishing they would just stop explaining what he already knew and start telling him what he wanted to know. "I'm really just talking to myself."

"Glad you understand." Neill muttered, "Makes a change."

"Neill!" Hissed Yasmin. "This isn't our John, this is John grown up." Neill pulled a face but muttered an apology.


"Hey!" Young John said. "Are you calling me thick?"

"Please. What the hell is going on with Spark?" Pyro begged, completely ignoring the bickering that had begun. Yasmin sighed and gestured for everyone to follow her, banging the heads of Neill and Young John together as she passed.

She led the way into a larger room, which had a table and seven chairs.

"This part of the story of your life starts about two weeks after you joined Magneto." Yasmin began.

"That would have been about the time you... I mean Spark joined the Brotherhood." Pyro said. Yasmin nodded as Andrew took up the tale.

"You see this was before Spark found out that Ash was loose and locked him back in here. Before you know he was loose, Ash was able to take control of your body while you slept, careful not to alert you to his presence." Andrew explained. Pyro pulled a face.

"But Ash could remember everything that happened to me after I left this lab, so why didn't I remember him sneaking around in my body at night?" he asked.

"Simple. Ash only remembered things that happened while he was here. You were never in here, so you never got his memories." Yasmin answered.

"Anyway, as I was saying." Andrew said loudly. "Ash knew how the scientists had inserted him into you. He played about with it and finally came up with a way to place himself in Spark as a backup in case anything went wrong. So one night he set it up. If you managed to beat him, he would wake up in Spark's body." Andrew paused, an unreadable expression on his face.

"Something went wrong. We don't know how it happened but instead of waking up in Spark's body he only started to wake up after she had died. Yet even that didn't work as it was supposed to." Andrew finished.

"So Ash is controlling Spark?" Pyro asked. Alicia shook her head.

"We don't know for sure but by the way she's been acting and her voice... well, we think that when the program was activated and her neck was healed, somehow a tiny... well spark of Spark was still in there." Alicia told him.

"That girl isn't Spark or Ash." Yasmin said, in a solum voice. "She's a completely new person. They merged." At that moment a hard, thumping sound could be heard on the roof. Everyone looked up in alarm.

"What is that?" Pyro yelled.

"That would be Xavier's mind hitting the shield." Yasmin said. "You need to wake up now." she added before running off, the other kids right behind her. Pyro stared after her, his face empty of any expression. Then he turned away and walked though the door he had come in.


"I need to wake up? Great and how do I do that?" Pyro muttered, wandering the corridors a little later.

"You open your eyes of course!" A voice said. Pyro spun around, his eyes trying to locate the body belonging to the voice.

"Hi Pyro... I wanted to talk to you before you left." Andrew said, stepping closer so that the other fire mutant could see him. "I... I wanted to say sorry."

"Sorry?" Pyro asked in surprise. Andrew shrugged his shoulders and looked nervous.

"Sorry about Ash... sorry about Spark." He said quietly. Pyro froze, his expression becoming un-readable.

"Not your fault." he said at last. "Besides you're not really... well, real." Pyro added. Andrew nodded.

"True. But that doesn't mean I don't feel guilty. Anyway... you should wake up, so you can stop Fireshower." Andrew said.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Pyro answered.

"Well... you might be able to reason with her. There will still be some part of Spark in there but you have to remember that there is also elements of Ash." Andrew warned. Pyro nodded. Suddenly he gave a little frown, his gaze fixed on the door behind Andrew, a door marked with the words 'Fire Exit'.

"Hey... that door..." Pyro said slowly. "Does it lead outside?" he asked. Andrew's face lit up, a beaming smile on his lips.

"It took Ash years to work that out!" he said. "Bye Pyro... and good luck." he added. Pyro nodded a little awkwardly and headed towards the door. He had just placed his hand on the metal handle when Andrew spoke again.

"Uh... Pyro?" he said, a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Pyro turned back to face the 11-year-old, who was nothing but a memory.

"Yeah Andrew?"

"Could you... I mean... could you not forget us this time?" Andrew blurted out. Pyro just looked at him, a confused expression on his face. Andrew hurried on.

"You never think about us and we are a part of you." Andrew said.

"I know..." Pyro admitted. Andrew smiled weakly.

"You better go and stop her quickly." Andrew said, making a 'shooing' monition with his hands. Pyro turned back to the fire exit door and pushed. Light rushed in, covering Pyro's whole body. He only time to blink before the world behind him vanished in the light.


"I think he's waking up!" A female voice said to Pyro's right. Pyro blinked a few times, letting the world slowly come into focus. Rogue bent her head over Pyro's and smiled.

"I was so worried John..." She muttered quietly. "The Professor's going to be here in a minute... what are you going to tell him?" she asked. Pyro didn't answer, his mind buzzing as he tried to work out what he should do.

He had to find Fireshower and stop her before it was too late, but John was too scared to fight in case he hurt someone, John cared about people, John loved Rogue...

He couldn't let himself be John. He had to be Pyro.

Pyro didn't care about anyone, Pyro liked the fight.

"John?" Rogue asked, a frown on her face. Pyro didn't answer.

"John?" She asked again. This time Pyro answered her, hoping that she would understand.

"The name is Pyro." Pyro said. Rogue gave a sharp intake of breathe and took a step backwards from her boyfriend. Pyro nodded.

"Just Pyro."


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