Title: Far Beyond the Stars Author: Melissa L AKA Appomattoxco Rating: G Archive: The BA Sand Lot anyone else just ask. Summary: Dru sees the future back in the fang four days. A/N I got back from a wonderful con Nashville last night and found this had come back from The Lovely Beta she did a great job fixing it up. My life can only be improved by some feedback. Also if this sound familiar it's because it's the longer version of my Sunday 100 drabble.

Far Beyond the Stars.

Drusilla lay back on the blue silk fainting couch; her eyes seemed focused somehow beyond the ceiling. When Angelus walked into the room she said in her sing-song voice, "Oh my Angel I hear such distant music today, far beyond the stars, I can barely hear the whispers."

"What is it, Dru? Is it about me?" If Angelus had floppy ears they would have pricked up. He knew that madness had not diminished her ability as a seer and it was always a good thing to know what was coming. The challenge was in deciphering her riddles. William was good at this but he cared for very little beyond the next meal or the next fight.

"It's always about you Daddy and my William too. I see a long journey."

"Now you sound like a gypsy, Princess, shall I cross your palm with sliver?" Angel said and kissed her palm.

In spite of his jealousy Spike smiled. He was the only one who could hear the slyness in Dru's voice. Angelus only heard mad rambles. Then Drusilla became afraid of whatever her mind's eye was showing her. Spike cursed Angel he was more interested in the future than in Dru's wellbeing. Spike loathed fact that as long as Angel was present his sweet, wicked girl would not accept any care or comfort from him.

"No, no, crosses burn so do gypsies. One taste and you'll be like a witch on a wheel. That's all wrong. Rats spin round and round on wheels. You won't like the taste of rats; angels should eat locus and honey. Why, both my loves are are tied to wheels. Poor Daddy, sacrifices sons and lovers and still never goes anywhere." Standing, Dru turned round and round like the wheel in her vision. "It's like a song . One takes the high and one takes. Hmm..hmm.hum."

"Shut up! You can only sing one note and none of us are Scottish."

"Yes Mother." Drusilla hung her head in shame at Darla's reprimand then she looked up as something new occurred to her, something frightening. "My Spike sings in church, Mommy, but has no time for sacrifice. He's too busy chasing the birds away. He shoos away the robin, his little golden bird and all her little fledglings just learned to fly. Then gives himself up. William, you glow so bright you hurt my eyes."

Spikes tried to smooth the worry from Dru's face, reassuring her with a calm voice and a small smile, "I'm no choirboy, pet. But I am always beating the women off with sticks or well, eating them really."

Angrily, Dru pulled away and shook her finger, "Naughty, bad boys. Someone will get hurt if you play with sticks."

"Don't worry yourself. If it's so far off, it doesn't matter today. Does it, Love? "