Angel Eyes

Chapter One:

"Don't touch the New Girl"

"..." speaking

*...* thoughts

.. communications between yami and hikari; also between Pierce and Amy

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"Alright!" the frazzled teacher yelled over the bustling students just beginning to take their seats. "Alright! Settle down! We've got a new student and I want you to make her feel welcome!"

By now everyone had reluctantly seated themselves and were awaiting the arrival of this new student. The last new student had been one Malik Ishtar. At this thought Yuugi glanced across the room where the blonde Egyptian was sitting, looking supremely were several others. Bakura sat a few rows over and a seat back, possessivly close to his hikari, with a disinterested, superior look. He was currently staring at a ceiling tile he had deemed worthy of his attention. Ryou seemed oblivious to his yami's inattention and was staring devotedly at the teacher, seemingly hanging on his every word. (not in a creepy "hot-for-teacher" kinda way! In the "I'm the star pupil who always does his homework" kinda way) Anzu was sitting in the desk next to Yuugi's, digging though her backpack, frantically searching for homework she seemed to have somehow misplaced. Yuugi's own yami sat in front of him. Though he could tell Yami was completely bored with the 'quaint customs' of this 'child prison' called high school, he was making an effort to seem intereted in the things going on. Seto Kaiba was, as usual, typing away at his laptop and completely ignoring anything and everything around him. Behind Yuugi sat Jounouchi, who was going though his dueling deck, staring almost obsessively at his favorite cards. Honda sat behind Jounouchi. He was making paper balls and preparing to begin his assualt of Bakura with them when the teacher announced the new student.

The teacher opened the door and in walked a young girl with clever blue eyes lined in black and long raven hair. Her hair ended just at her knees and had a silver stripe down each side of it. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with an inner amusement and light as she took in the now-silent class that stared at her in rapt attention. Even the inattentive yami's had paused in their superior disdain for all the 'common humans' to glimpse this strange beauty who had graced their world.

What caused most to stare was not her vibrant eyes, nor her silver-striped hair. It was her uniform... An extremely form-fitting white, short-sleeved shirt with a black tie in the front. A pleated, thigh-length, black and grey plaid 'school-girl' skirt over fish net black stockings. White, knee-high socks and chuncky black shoes. Topping off her ensemble was a black-leather studded bracelet and matching choker.

"This is Angelica Pierceson." the teacher said as the girl took her place at the front of the class. Turning to the girl, he said, "Why don't you tell the class something about yourself?"

The girl smiled warmly and put a hand on her hip. "Kay." she said offhandedly in a lightly accented voice. "I'm Angelica Pierceson. If you value your skins, you'll call me Pierce. I moved here from Osaka, not that you care. I'm seventeen, not that you care about that either. Don't touch me. I don't like to be touched. That's it. Call me Pierce and don't touch me and we'll get along fabulously!" All this was said in the kindest of tones and the most confident of voices. It also left most of the room speechless.

She continued smiling brightly as the teacher said unsure, "Uhhh, yeah. Well, Miss Pierce. I'll assign you a buddy for today to show you around, if that's okay with you."

Pierce shrugged and said, "Suit yourself." as if it had been a question.

The teacher scanned the room until his eyes landed on the only person in the room still smiling. "Ryou Bakura." he said commandingly.

Poor Ryou nearly jumped out of his seat at the teacher's mention of his name. "Y...yes?" he stuttered, his smile vanishing.

"You'll escort Miss Pierce around today. Show her the school and the grounds. I'll grant you both special permission to miss this class, but I want you back in time for your next class. Understood?"

Ryou stood up hesitantly and said, "Yes."

However, his bloodthirsty yami narrowed his eyes at first the girl and then his hikari and growled ominously.

The teacher had become quite familiar with Yami Bakura's 'quirks' as he put it. (psst! psst! that means he's scared of the homicidal yami! ^__^) He quickly added, "I suppose you can take your,, him with you."

Bakura stood up and joined Ryou at Pierce's side.

"Well, shall we go?" Ryou asked in his unfailably sweet voice, his smile having returned.

Pierce rolled her eyes once and said, "Whatever." She strode past the near identical boys and out into the hall, assuming both would join her. Actually, she didn't want to admit it, but she had no clue how to navigate this school. She hadn't moved here with the intention of attending the school. Why would she? She hadn't attended a school since the age of thirteen, when they had all dubbed her crazy. They said she had multiple personalitys, that she heard voices. That the voices told her what to do. She mentally scoffed. If they only knew. Back then she had been called Angel. She had been sweet and innocent, the perfect little angel. *In fact* she thought as Ryou joined her at her side, *He kinda reminds me of myself.*

Appearently she had been staring for too long at the silver-haired bish. Bakura wrapped an arm around Ryou's waist, pulling him flush against his body and glared at her. "You leave my hikari alone. Got it?" he growled at her.

Pierce had to blink a couple times to refocus her attention on the present. When that was done she gave her standard answer. "Whatever." and rolled her cerulean eyes. But then she looked back as what he said clicked. "Hikari?" she asked looking at both with keen eyes.

Ryou began to sputter. "Uh...yeah...that's...uh...yeah! That's just what he calls me! Y'know, nickname!"

Bakura didn't say anything. He just glared at her over Ryou's shoulder.

She once again rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure." she said, pretending to lose interest and directing her gaze elsewhere. The taller boy's glare was giving her the creeps, not that she would admit to it. "So?" she said, trying to change the subject. "You gonna show me around or what?"

"Introductions first." Ryou said kindly. "I'm Ryou Bakura. This is Yami Bakura." He gestured to the still glaring bish behind him.

"Pierce." she said with an offer of her hand. Ryou gladly shook her hand, however Bakura didn't seem inclined to. So she didn't offer. "Wait, are you two related?" she asked, confused by the names and the possiveness of Bakura.

"Well, kind of." Ryou began. "But not really. Um, it's complicated."

"Che. What isn't?" Pierce responded casually while studying the wall of lockers on her left. "Lovers then?" she asked, only half paying attention. *Hey, isn't that supposed to be my locker?* she thought, growing bored with the conversation.

Ryou just nodded while blushing. Bakura was about to make a bold declaration of how Ryou was HIS, but the girl had turned her back and begun to walk off, not paying him the slightest attention.

To tell the truth, she could feel Bakura's maniacal angry stare on her back. But she had learned long ago not to show fear. Fear only shows weakness, and weakness makes you vulnerable. Besides, who said she was afraid of him!?

Walking over to the locker that had caught her attention, she tapped it with a long manicured nail. "Hmm. It is." she said absently.

"What?" a thoroughly confused Ryou asked.

She spun on her heel and said brightly, "Nothing. So, are we just going to stand around here all day or what?"

Ryou smiled again and said with a laugh, "No. Let's go."

Ryou and Bakura showed Pierce around the school; Ryou pointing out the cafeteria, the gymnasium and everything else along the way. To tell the truth, she was becoming bored with Ryou's long winded descriptions of simple things. And the entire time Bakura continued to glare at her, making it appearant he did NOT like her! She just shrugged it off. What did she care if people liked her?

You care. came the voice she had come to despise.

Leave me alone, Amy. she replied angrily.

The voice inside her head sounded slightly hurt. What? I'm just here to act as your conscience! Now I'm supposed to tell you that you want people to like you and to belong somewhere. Suddenly Amy burst out into laughter that filled Pierce's head and made her furrow her brow.

Will you stop that!? Pierce yelled inside her mind. Other people live here too, you know!

This just made the laughter increase in volumn and Pierce was looking seriously peeved.

"Um, Miss Pierce?" Ryou asked, placing a gentle hand on her arm and pulling her to a stop.

Pierce snapped her gaze to his face and made a "hm?" noise.

"Well, you almost walked into that pillar." he said, motioning to the giant white column not three inches from her nose.

She blinked in astonishment a few times before ducking her head, muttering a thank you and walking around it. Ryou heard her mumble something like "damn her" as they resumed walking.

She's a bit odd, don't you think? Ryou asked his yami through their mental connection.

Bakura laughed out loud. Odd like totally insane!

Ryou thought of scolding his darker half, but instead just said, No, that's you.

Ryou continued the tour of the school, noticing that once again the one they were supposed to be showing around had a glazed over look and wasn't paying much attention to anything. *She must have a lot on her mind,* he thought. *She did just move here. Maybe she's worried she won't make any friends. Well, I'll just have to be her friend then!* With that decided, he redoubled his efforts in gaining her attention.

Amy had stopped her raucous laughter and actually seemed to be in deep thought. Pierce knew that couldn't be good. The last time Amy had a 'thought' they had gotten arrested. Or rather, Pierce had gotten arrested. Because, of course, no one believed her when she used the 'the voice in my head made me do it' defense. Well, actually they had believed her! And she had spent three months in a mental hospital because of it! When she escaped her parents had just decided to ignore their daughter's appearant insanity and let her do whatever she wanted.

Hey P? Amy said cautiously.

What? Pierce growled back.

Pierce could feel Amy smile in sadistic amusement as she said, Did he just touch you?

Pierce's eyes flew open wide and she stopped in midstride. Ryou and Bakura both stopped and looked back at her. They both watched several emotions flicker across her face. First shock, then realization, then...anger. Her eyes narrowed into slits and Ryou could swear they flashed red.

"" she said slowly in barely controlled rage. "No" She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. *Don't hurt him, don't hurt him, don't hurt him.* she chanted in her mind.

Ryou took a step back. Yami, what's going on? he asked, clearly afraid of recent developments.

Bakura stepped in front of his hikari, ready to defend him from any attack. I don't know, koi. he said. But I'll protect you. He smiled wickedly. If things kept going the way they were, she was going to attack Ryou any second now. Bakura hadn't expected to be able to physically hurt the woman, his hikari wouldn't allow it. But if she attacked first, he knew Ryou wouldn't scold him for fighting back. He really didn't like her. This was going to be so much fun.

*Don't hurt him, don't hurt him, don't hurt him...* Pierce continued her inner mantra, intent on fighting back her anger. She really didn't want to hurt Ryou. He had been nothing but kind to her. But she knew someone was going to walk away missing a limb if she wasn't careful. *Don't hurt him, don't hurt him, don't hurt him...* She opened her eyes to see Bakura shielding Ryou. She suddenly became very still and a cruel smirk played across her lips. *Well,* she thought. *There's a target I can't pass up.*