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Glass Statue

"Maybe I want you to kiss me. Did you ever think of that?" He walked around the stoic figure before him. "Maybe I'm tired of turning in circles before you like a performer. Tired of showing you all that I have to offer. Tired of trying to wake you when you insist on sleeping. Tired of kissing your cold lips." As he spoke he traced a shaking hand over those lips. Just as he said, they were cold, unyielding, hard. The smooth touch brought tears to his eyes. "Just once," he whispered, "just once I want you to wake up to me. Please, Ken. Please..."


Daisuke woke abruptly, as though he had fallen far, hard, fast and then been pulled back. Squinting in the evaporating darkness he glanced at his digital clock. Barely even six-thirty in the morning. Not a time for him to be part of the waking world. So why... Oh. Right. "Dreams again," he muttered to himself.

The dreams had been getting steadily worse over the past months. They began nearly six years ago, sporadic and sweet. When they first happened the elements weren't quite so clear. But always, the statue. The untouchable figure that Daisuke longed for. The one he had practically created. Years ago, that figure was sometimes Hikari. But as time went on, the glass changed, became someone else. Someone Dai wanted just as much, if not more, than he had ever wanted her. Someone so perfect, so beautiful, so ethereal...

"Ken," he whispered. The name had even been spoken in the dream itself. A sign that his feelings were growing. Some sort of signal of the subconscious that he was sick of waiting in the shadows of Ken's life. And it was true. Daisuke was entirely too sick of being in the background- watching as Ken charmed his way through the world, watching so patiently as Ken went through girl after girl. All to no avail.

Perhaps it was a selfish notion, but Daisuke felt he had recreated Ken with his acceptance of him. After everything in the Digital World...

Wincing in the darkness, Dai bit his lip at the flash of heartache. Thinking of the Digital World now always hurt. The gate had closed again. It was such a serious shutdown that if any of the digimon had elected to stay with their human partners they would have surely wasted away. But that didn't make it hurt any less. From time to time, though the connection was still a bit fuzzy, there were emails from the 'mon. Of all the Destined, Daisuke took it the hardest. Especially when he heard that Veemon wasn't doing well. Something like a sickness of the soul. Still, that had been months ago and though the last email had been typically spotty, word had been passed along that Veemon was feeling better thanks to the amorous help of his Jogress partner.

Now if only the insect's human half would listen to such reasoning. But no, of course not. Ken, the perfectly stoic human, perfectly logical, he would never understand Daisuke's reasoning. His belief that the Jogress had opened such a profound link between them that there was no possible way they could go without each other... it was more than simple fantasy to Daisuke. He knew it was reality. Even if Ken would never admit to it. To Dai it all made perfect sense. He and Ken completed each other, they belonged together. It was just that simple. Their digimon understood this, so why didn't Ken?

Not that there was a whole lot Daisuke could do about it other than dream. And hope and wish that one day Ken would break from his regime. He was like ice. No... Like glass. He was Daisuke's perfect glass statue. "So perfect," the Destined murmured. So smooth, polished, curved where he needed to be, gleaming like a crystal prince in the sunlight. Daisuke sighed as images of Ken danced through his mind. Dark hair just barely sweeping his shoulders, lips parted in a tentative smile, eyes so gentle and compassionate... Long legs, trim and lean waist, the flat planes of his chest and stomach... All kept so conveniently far out of reach.

Flopping back on his bed Daisuke pouted. "Dammit." Rubbing his eyes he thought back to his dream, his lovely glass statue. Wait a minute... Bolting upright, the keeper of Courage and Friendship smiled. Perfect.


Unknown to most of the Digidestined, Daisuke was about as artistic as humanly possible. There was nothing he couldn't paint, sculpt, photograph, or sketch. He could and often did spend hours trying to perfect his latest works. If nothing else, it alleviated a lot of tension. Besides, canvas never talked back to him when he was angry. Clay and stone never protested when he destroyed what he made only to start anew. Of course, he had never tried working with glass before. There's a first time for everything.

Checking over his tools he smiled and fastened his goggles securely in place. Blowtorch, chisel, and sander close at hand he got to work. His original plan had been to carve a life-size statue. But since he wanted to give it to Ken as soon as possible, that option was out. Actual size would take weeks. So, scaling things down a bit, Daisuke opted to create a glass figurine of Ken from a ten-inch size sketch. Hopefully things would turn out okay.

Hours later Daisuke was sweating and cursing his way through the block of glass. He had chiseled, he had sanded, he had polished and nothing came out right. Either the piece he chose was too big or too small. Setting them aside he figured he'd find a use for them later. Pulling his goggles up and wiping his hands on his apron, Dai surveyed his studio. The backroom of a warehouse that his uncle had graciously allowed him to rent. For such a small room it housed an awful lot of art. There was also a kiln and a couple wheels. The kiln had taken a lot of convincing. So had the darkroom. All in all though, if Daisuke could have lived in the little room he would have. For some reason the others had talked him out of it.

"How the hell can you hole up in here like this?" The clear voice cut through Daisuke's thoughts. "There aren't any windows- not to mention no fridge." Taichi stepped through the door followed closely by Yamato.

Despite his frustration, Daisuke smiled. "Hey Tai! What brings you two here?"

"Three actually," Yamato answered before the older brunette got a chance. "Koushiro's parking the car and muttering to himself about being hijacked." The last was said with a blatant accusation thrown Taichi's way.

"Hey, don't blame me! His mom said he needed to get out more." Holding up his hands in protest, Tai did his best to appear innocent.

"That does not involve gagging me and dragging me down here to... Where are we?" Koushiro looked around, apparently confused. Noticing some of the paintings and Daisuke's state of dress, his obsidian eyes widened. "Did you do all of these?"

Blushing a little Dai began to fidget with the goggles in his hands. Finally giving a small nod he looked back up at the older Destined again realizing that Koushiro's expression was not one of shock but one of awe.

"They're amazing!" Who would have suspected that Daisuke of all people could (or would) hide such a talent? Next thing someone would be telling him that Tai could actually sing better than Yamato.

His blush darkened. "Thanks, Kou." Clearing his throat a little he gestured to a stack of paintings. "I've got some of Tentomon and Kabuterimon in there if you want them." Noticing the way those obsidian eyes lit up with joy, Daisuke smiled. "You're more than welcome to take them home if you like them enough, Koushiro."

Smiling brightly, the young man went over to the pile to sort through calling out over his shoulder. "Thanks!"

Turning back to Yamato and Taichi, Daisuke raised an eyebrow. "I have a fridge."

"Yeah that's full of film, clay, and paint," Tai shot back as he began to fiddle with the blowtorch Daisuke had set aside. "Tasty, tasty treats."

Yamato made a grab for the torch. After wrestling it away from Taichi he held it out to the artist. "You going through another pyro phase?"

Shaking his head, Dai motioned to the block of glass he had been working with. As the blond went over to inspect he felt himself beginning to reminisce. Ah, the Pyro Phase- as it had come to be called. When Ken first began seriously dating girls and Daisuke had gone to Tai's in a state of complete distress. After a long explanation filled with hitching breaths and half sobs he had explained his theory on Jogress and his feelings for Ken. That was when Tai had suggested a way to take out his upset and Daisuke explained further about his art. Needless to say, Taichi had been intrigued. So much so that he had dragged Yamato along to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. Each of them had paintings of their digimon... a lot of paintings.

"So what're you working on?" Tai frowned down at the sketch of Ken and assorted tools.

Daisuke had to repeat himself a few times before they heard him. "Making a glass figurine for Ken."

Koushiro's eyebrows were in his hair. "Glass? Isn't that difficult?" When the younger boy nodded he looked thoughtful for a moment. "Why a glass figurine?" He never bothered to ask 'why Ken'. A genius would know those things.

At that, Dai had to look away. "Because that's what he is to me. A perfect glass statue that sits high on a pedestal. Someone I can't touch or be near. I don't think he'll understand it though." Swallowing the thickness in his throat he brushed a tear from his cheek. "I just wish he would see."

The three in the room looked at him with matching sympathy. It was hard to watch someone who was normally so happy be so utterly miserable. Tai stepped forward to offer a hug. "You want some company while you work?" No one bothered to protest that they had other plans.


Sometime later as Daisuke chiseled away at the glass trying to make it utterly perfect, things had settled down a bit. There was laughter and shouting in the studio, and occasional music as Yamato sat down with his guitar. Tai kept causing a general ruckus, but that was simply Tai. Even Koushiro was grinning from ear to ear.

"You know," the redhead spoke up, "if I were in Ken's place I'd certainly be impressed by a gift like this one." His words caused Daisuke to look up, a question clear on his face. "Well, it's very obvious how much you care about him. I think Ken's a fool to treat you the way he does. If you made something like that for me, I would have to all in love with you."

And the figure fell to the floor when Daisuke's chisel slipped. Ken's arm was broken. "Shit," the artist muttered.

Koushiro had the grace to blush. "Er... sorry?"

Dai merely shrugged. "It's ok. As you can see, I've got a lot of glass."


"So, Koushiro, you're saying that if someone gave you a gift like this you'd fall at their feet?" Tai grinned at the redhead.

It was two hours later and Daisuke was working quicker. He knew what to do and had started with a smaller piece of glass. Working diligently he was only half listening to the conversation.

"Well, I doubt anyone else would be that willing to make a glass figurine for me, but yeah. It's obvious that the gift is special and that the person who made it cares a great deal. All in all, though I completely object to such notions on a general basis... it's entirely romantic."

Daisuke was listening fully by then and joined in his staring by both Yamato and Taichi.

"So, if someone wrote you a song would you feel the same way?" Yamato's voice was careful, unsure. Tai sent him a quick glare.

Koushiro was silent for a few moments. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason! He's not asking for any reason!!" Taichi leaped up and grabbed the blond's guitar before he darted around the studio, Yamato snarling at his heels.

Dai chuckled and went back to work. Only to be distracted by another question.

"Daisuke, do you think it's only possible for Jogress partners to fall in love among the Digidestined?" Koushiro's eyes were intense, his face set.

Thinking for a moment, Dai felt his eyes flicker to the brunette running through his studio. "No. In fact I thi-"

"He doesn't think anything!" Taichi yelped and moved to clamp a hand over Daisuke's mouth... and knocked the statue...

Daisuke caught it in a pure reflex of adrenaline...

Only to lose his hold on it when Yamato slammed into Tai.

Ken's legs broke.

Tai let go of Daisuke as he gaped at the statue on the floor. "Oops?"

"Son of a bitch." Daisuke reached for another chunk of glass.

"Hey! Don't call my mother a bitch."


Three more times the statue broke. Another attributed to Taichi's antics, one time to Daisuke's own clumsiness, and lastly by Yamato when he had thrown it at Tai's head in rage. He, at least, offered to pay for his damage.

Down to his last piece, Daisuke threw the three elder Destined out of his studio with a harsh promise that they were to tell no one what he was working on else death would come swiftly. And probably in the form of glass.

Settling down again to work, he took a deep breath and pictured Ken. Deep blue eyes, shy smile, angled features, soft hair, delicate hands... Ah yes, nothing like love to clear away negative thoughts. Reaching for his chisel, Daisuke began to work. There was a smile on his face as he realized how glad he was that the last piece of glass was much larger than the others. Perfect.


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