Title: The end?

Disclaimer:  Don't own, ain't getting paid.

Summary:  Post Episode 601, pre Episode 602.  Hyde thoughts – quickly followed by Jackie's.

Pairing: J/H

Rating: PG-13

Credit:  Lyrics are from The Beatles --Carry that weight/Golden Slumbers (The End) off the album Abbey Road.

A/N:  This is just a drabble.  So it is purposely short and a one time deal.  I hope you guys enjoy.  I don't think we have enough short pieces anymore.  Series' are great –but sometimes you are so busy something quick is all you have time for.  For those whose lives are getting out of hand (i.e. me) – this one is for you.

A/N:  This is meant to be thoughtful and hopeful – but came off a little angsty.  Let the record show that I believe in our couple.  And they will prevail. 

****   Boy you're gonna carry that weight.  Carry that weight a long time.  ****

Lips touching lips.  Hands roaming. 

She is beautiful –always has been.  Last summer it was flowery dresses and tamed curls. This summer it is bikinis and wild tresses.  Her skin is perfect.  It is sun kissed and warm to the touch.  Her mouth tastes like sugar and home.  Another home he thought he'd lost.  Why did I do that to her? He thinks for the millionth time.  Why did I do this to me?

A brief pause and they are back where they started.  The couch anchors him.  It keeps him from falling into this –what they are together – the thing that didn't work.  He tells himself that even if the random girl he'd picked up (the one who couldn't be more unlike Jackie if he'd ordered her specific) hadn't walked in, he could have stopped this.  He could have resisted.  Hot Jackie – Freckled Jackie – Sweet asking please stay Jackie. But the truth is he couldn't have.  He almost didn't anyway. 

But his pride is one of the few things he has left.  She chose him.  But they hurt each other.  Hands and lips touching can't change that. 

Even if he loved her.

Last summer was perfect. But this summer is different.

****  Once there was a way to get back homeward.  Once there was a way to get back home. ****

Lips touching lips.  Hands roaming.

He is strong, always there for her.  Last summer he rescued her from boredom, sadness and untrue love.  This summer he caused it.  His presence surrounds her. Like a blanket on a cold night it shuts out the chill.  His arms feel like home.  Or at least how home should feel –could feel – if people didn't ruin it.  Why had he ruined it? She thought for the billionth time.  Why did I let him?

A few words and they are back to where they started.  The couch traps him.  It wedges him beneath her.  It traps her as well in the moment, like countless before, a moment of need and unspoken love.  She tells herself that –this – place is where he truly wants to be, despite what he said, despite who he leaves with. Zen Hyde – scared Hyde – insecure did you think I would wait around all summer Hyde.  But the truth is she doesn't know.  She doesn't know if they can get it back.

His pride, as well as her own, is a terrible foe to their fate.  She chose him.  But they hurt each other. Hands and lips touching won't change that.

Even if she loved him.

Last summer was perfect. But this summer is different.


They would have to wait to see what the fall would bring.  With luck it would bring forgiveness, trust and a new beginning.