A Break in Time
By Emily Long

When Kagome awoke she wasn't bound unlike so many other times. 'Why am I not bound? Is this a trick? I don't care! He can punish me, I will always try to escape!'

She slowly rose on shaky, unused legs, senses taught. She kept her wounded arm close to her stomach to ease the pain and to shield it when she clung to the walls for support. With her good arm she shielded her eyes as she stepped into the bright sunshine. 'I made it! I'm free at last!" Kagome thought. 'But where am I? Where's Edo? Well Edo is near a forest and I am near a forest. What else do I know about Edo's location? It's a t the edge of a forest, so maybe if I continue on through the forest I will find it.' So she wandered for several days only stopping for water, because she wanted to make it back to her friends, until she collapsed as she lay there she heard footsteps and tried to rise. She rose clinging to a tree for support as the figure stepped into her line of eyesight.

"Who are you and want business do ye have in his lordship's forest?" The man whom she assumed was a guard asked. Receiving no answer from the pale, shaking girl he demanded "Answer now I haven't got all day wench!" Again receiving no answer he strode over to her to beat the answer out of her if necessary.

Right then Kagome gave her shaky reply "Where. am. I? What. forest. is this? Who. is. this. lord?"

"Everyone knows who Lord Baisotei is! And he doesn't take kindly to trespassers! Now where are you from! Answer or ye will be punished!"

"I'm. lost. Can. you. tell me. where Edo. is?"

"I will not ye is lying! It is impossible to get lost around here! Ye shall be dealt with accordingly." The guard said maliciously as he stalked toward her.

Suddenly a figure clad in red with white hair and dog ears dropped from the trees above he had been watching the scene unbeknown to Kagome and the guard. "Let her go! Or you'll have to deal with me and I don't think you'd like that!" he growled.

"Nay, she was trespassing and so are ye! I will kill ye both!"

"Inuyasha. don't. kill. him!" Kagome said as she slipped into unconsciousness as he struck the man.

Surprised by the girl knowing his name and the fact that she had told him not to kill even though the man would have killed her broke Inuyasha's concentration and he connnected but missed his mark, but still managed to cause the man to lose consciousness. These things combined caused him to heed the girl's words as he picked her up and flitted back to his village, Edo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Kagome awoke she found four people standing over her, Inuyasha, Kaede, and two villagers' she didn't recognize.

"Where Ow, am.. I?" Kagome asked still dazed and weak.

"In Edo isn't that where you said you were trying to go unless you really were lying?" Inuyasha replied smoothly.

"NO! Ow!" Kagome replied empathetically, causing herself more pain, "Why would I lie? That man would have killed me, and thank you for saving me Inuyasha."

"Wait! Where's Sango, Miroku, and Shippo? Where are they?" Kagome said her mind focusing on this one thing instead of the pain.

"Who are they?" Kaede asked.

"You should know who they are! Don't play games with me where are they?!" Kagome cried her voice rising to a feverish pitch, just before she collapsed again.

Kikyo hearing the commotion assumed that her patient was awake, and came to check on her. Seeing that the girl was asleep again she chided "Now why did you let her work herself up again? She could hurt herself even more doing this."

"She woke up and asked Inuyasha, by name, where she was. He answered and then she went into a frenzy asking for people named Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. We never really got a chance to ask her who she was, where she was from, how she knew who Inuyasha was, or who these people where before she collapsed again." Kaede told her.

"Well then we'll just have to find out when she wakes up." Kikyo


Kagome awoke later that night. As she lay listening to the evening sounds she decided to see where every one was. Seeing no one she went on a walk through what she knew as Inuyasha's forest. As she walked she thought of all the times that she had been through this forest. Most of them had been with Inuyasha or her friends. When she looked up she was at the base of the Goshinkobu (most honorable tree of the heart). As she stared up at its familiar branches where she and Inuyasha met her vision blurred. 'Shat has happened to Inuyasha? Do he and the others truly not remember? Why didn't he come looking for me? Where is Sango and Miroku and Shippo too?!' Where the questions that flooded her mind as the tears poured down and she climbed into the Goshikobu's safe embrace.


As Inuyasha went to check on the new girl he noticed immediately that she had left by the tracks on the soft ground. 'Now where could she have gone she only just arrived here and she was unconscious when I brought her here. Guess I'll have to follow and find out, at least she not in much pain.'

So Inuyasha followed her tracks and sometimes his nose (when he couldn't see the tracks), to the Goshinkobu where he found the girl curled up in its embrace. 'Guess this tree is popular how could she know its my favorite tree to sit in? Maybe its just a coincidence.' As he looked her over to make sure she hadn't hurt herself more he noticed that she was asleep and that she had been crying. 'Wonder why she was crying? No one met her on the way and it doesn't look like she hurt herself any more. Maybe she's worried about someone? I'll have to ask her once she wakes up. Anyway I'd better get her back to Edo.'


The next morning when Kagome tried to go out Inuyasha stood at the door and refused to let her out.

"Let me out please. I want to see Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. In fact I'm surprised Shippo hasn't found a way in yet."

"Nope." Inuyasha replied to Kagome's request.

"Let me out!" Kagome commanded.


"LET ME OUT!" Kagome screamed.

"Nope and you didn't have to scream it hurts."

"Then let me out."

"Nope, my orders are to keep you here after what happened last night, besides you need time to heal and should stay put."

"Let me out, please?"

"No, now go sit down before you fall."

"I'm fine."

"Whatever now go sit down."

"No two can play this game."

Inuyasha sighed as he picked the girl up and carted her back to bed, "Now stay put."

Kagome pouted at this but listened. Just then Kikyo walked in. "I see you're up. Now what's your name?"

"You should now especially since I'm your reincarnation and you've tried to kill me enough times." Was Kagome's reply.

"Now don't play games I've never seen you before and who's these people you were screaming about before."

"You really don't know?"

"No, Inuyasha found you and brought you back that's all I know."

"Okay when did this happen Inuyasha, and how did you find me? Where you looking for me?"

"No, I just saw you come out of a cave looking really horrible and I knew the cave had been uninhabited for a long time so I decided to follow you. Now answer Kikyo's question's please."

"I'm Kagome. You really have know idea who I am? Or Sango, Miroku and Shippo?"