A/N: Hi, sorry for the wait. I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I thought you needed an explanation for what I'm going to do. I talked the story over with Elerinna and we found a lot of problems with it, like Miroku and Sango wouldn't be born yet because of the time difference, and if I sent them with where would Inuyasha have been that he didn't go with them, and when we found a solution more problems arose. That's part of the reason I'm going to stop the story for now, it will be back up but it'll take awhile. Also, I'm changing the story and adding things to the beginning. The story also will have a new name, The Chessboard Effect.

Here's the explanation of why I'm making the changes and the general layout of the story: Reasons:

Less problems,

It'll make more sense,

I hopefully won't have writer's block as often,

Layout of the story:

Naraku creates a spell that creates an alternate dimension,

He sends the inu gang plus Kikyou and his gang to the dimension which is exactly like it was before Kagome came except that their all there,

No one except Kagome remembers,

The story will otherwise stay the same as before (basically following much of the same plot as the Inuyasha anime),

The title is because the dimension will be like the chessboard and the gang will be the players/chess pieces,