AN: The chapter has been slightly rewritten.

Summary: Harry gets resorted into Slytherin, Dumbledore is being an ass, frustration, anger, longing, abnormal magical talents, wondering and feelings. Might become slash.

¤¤ Harry's thoughts¤¤

&&Draco and Snapes thoughts&&

€€Other not so important peoples thoughts€€

"Everybody when they talk"

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Chapter 1: What……

All the curious students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry waited, it was the beginning of the 6th year for Harry Potter, aka. the Boy Who Lived. Dumbledore had risen to say something. All the eyes where on him now, even Draco Malfoy looked like he might care about what was about to happen, something which happened VERY seldom.

Dumbledore gave sign for stillness, cleared his throat and said loudly with a clear voice, "Dear student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I have something very important to tell you all today". Whispering broke out, Dumbledore continued with a smile.

"Take it easy, it's nothing to worry about, rather the contrary. Today some of you will be written into the history books, as the first students ever to be resorted here at Hogwarts".

Impetuous chaos broke out. Change houses? Why? How would be the 'lucky' once? Was this some kind of joke? Nobody wanted to change houses, they all waited for their doom.

Snape rose with a smirk and started to read up the names. Oh this was just too good to be true, Snape smirked like a mad cat. He cleared his throat loudly and the hall went silent. He started to read the names, saving his favourite, oh how he wished he had a muggle camera, it would be so pleasant to see the look upon the person last on the list when he read it out loud, &&Life is good.&&

Someone cried when they heard their name, the Gryffindor trio held thigh onto each other, breathing relieved out every time some others name but theirs were read. Cho from Ravenclaw was resorted to Hufflepuff, five others was also resorted, but Harry didn't know them well enough to feel sorry for them. Gryffindor had halfway through the list gotten two new members, a fifth year boy from Ravenclaw and a second year girl from Hufflepuff. Gryffindor had also lost one second year, Ravenclaw two, Hufflepuff one and Slytherin one, which surprisingly enough was Millicent Bulstrode, a 6th year, she was now in Hufflepuff.

But it was still one more left on Snapes beloved list. He smirked a thousand Gallon smile and cleared his throat again in a VERY overdramatic way. "Quiet, we're not done yet, I've still got one more person on my list. Therefore I would like &&Oh God loves me&& Mr. Harry James Potter to grace me with his presence."

"WHAT?" The whole of Gryffindor table jumped up at one, shouting is dismay. Harry didn't say anything, he was in shock, he had hoped that this day would never come, but here it was, smirking in his face. The Slytherin table laughed and Draco said out loud "20 Gallons that he ends up in Hufflepuff", Crabb and Goyle laughed with him.

Harry stood slowly up from his seat, Ron and Hermoine sent him both 'OH NO' looks, they couldn't say a word. While he went past the Ravenclaw table many shocked his hand and said "Welcome to Ravenclaw Harry", everybody in the hall believed that he would end up there, everybody besides Harry himself, and he suspected that Dumbledore knew Harry's secret as well. ¤¤Just my luck!¤¤

Harry sat down on the stool, Snape grinned and whispered in his ear "Our first famous Hufflepuff", Harry just groaned "Idiot". Snape placed the hat on Harry's head, the whole hall went quiet.

¤¤Well here I am again, I suppose I can't trick it one more time, bugger. Why must I be resorted? I haven't done anything to get Dumbledore suspicion, have I? I was pretty good at being the perfect Gryffindor, and happy too.¤¤

The hat began to talk, Well, well, if it isn't Harry Potter again, so you're being resorted, eh, yes, but where to put you?. ¤¤ Not Slytherin, NOT SLYTHERIN!¤¤.

"(hat speaking)Oh oh oh, no, no, my dear boy, you can't do that again, it only works once. No I stand for what I said for 6 years ago, you belong and are a true SLYTHERIN." The last word was shouted out to everybody to hear, nobody said a thing.

€€What? Come again. Did it say SLYTHERIN? No, it most be some kind of joke….right?€€

But it was all true and Harry saw red. ¤¤Dumbledore this is all your fault!¤¤

When the hat had shouted out the unthinkable, unbelievable word, the heads of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape had stopped dead.

&&Over my dead body, Potter in Slytherin? This is all so very wrong, in so many ways. He's the perfect Gryffindor, he can never be a Slytherin, he's to bleed innocent, good and …….Gryffindorish!&&

Their chin hung down to their knees. The rest of the school could neither get out of the shock. Nobody, and when I say nobody I mean nobody, had dared to thought that Harry Potter the boy who refused to die, would be sorted into the Slytherin house.

¤¤Ha isn't this just dandy? The newspapers are going to have a field day when the news gets out, isn't this just marvellous!¤¤