The Savior

Stephanie Funston

Summary--Another Severitus Challenge; but different. What if Harry hadn't grown up with the Dursleys, what if he had spent most of his life knowing who he was and what he was, in the hands of a man who hated his father but loves him. NOT SLASH!


Disclaimer--I do not own Manchild, which was written by Creatures (a rock group I believe), I just saw the lyrics and found them fitting for Harry Potter. Anyway I do not own Harry Potter either, I do own the cat, lol he was my creation, so are the people you don't recognize. Please R&R Thanks!

Manchild--By Creatures

They would seek high they would seek low

Calling their manchild as the trouble did flow

There's always somebody to watch over me

I'm never alone I wish they'd leave me be

Never alone, I'm never alone

I'm just a boy not long for this world

I'm called Nelsito and I'm thirteen years old

For nearly two decades this vendetta has raged

There are no men I'm the last in the chain

Last in the chain I'm manchild man

Marimba sing high marimba sing low

Marimba sing high as the cemetery grows

All have been wept for husbands, brothers, grandsons,

Nephews, cousins, uncles, fathers and sons

I walk in boots too big for me

The women do cry as they watch over me

I work at the altar I try to be good

But just like the others I'll soon travel in wood

I try to be good manchild in wood

I wait for manhood I'm the manchild


            The young thin man watched in complete horror as the Potter house was attacked. The screaming of a child could be heard as green light filled the house for a moment then it went black.

            He was sure everyone was dead, he was sure the prophecy was dead, would never live to be told. The Dark Lord had won. He had seen Black and Pettigrew leaving, just as the Dark Lord was coming, he was sure something went very wrong. He hadn't spoken to Voldemort in months. He had long since left the Dark Lord's side and joined Albus Dumbledore's fight against him.

            He felt a hand on his shoulder as he began to move towards the house, people would be talking about this for days, probably years. About the day the Potters…were murdered.

            "Severus?" a tall skinny man with sandy hair began, but Severus said nothing, just stared at the house, as another man, a giant like man went ahead and entered the house.

            "We've been sent to collect Harry, Dumbledore says he's alive, Sirius was just arrested an hour ago, he murdered thirteen people, including Pettigrew. Several other Death Eaters are being apprehended, I just wanted you to know," Severus still didn't acknowledge the man called Remus Lupin, an enemy to Severus.

            "They…he killed her…he killed Lily," whispered Severus, staring intensely at the house, as if willing the Potters to be alive.

            He wanted them alive, even if it meant James Potter was back to hate him for the rest of his miserable life. Anything would be better than knowing Lily; the only woman he had ever loved was alive.

             Just then Hagrid, the giant emerged again, this time a small bundle in his arms. The baby was crying loudly, as was the giant. He approached the two men.

            "Harry?" Remus inquired softly looking as though he would cry; Rubeus brought the child close and allowed both men to look at the whimpering child. Severus noticed the scar on the infants head.

            "The scar…." Remus began, Severus interrupted him, "will be there forever, and become a blessing and a curse. Harry Potter will be famous, known as the boy-who-lived…" Severus finished.

            The three men were silent for a moment, each having lost someone important to them. Severus gazed at the baby, wishing he could turn back time, wishing he could have stopped Voldemort from trying to harm such an innocent child.

            "I'll be meeting Professor Dumbledore at 'Arry's Uncle's 'ouse," explained Hagrid, tears filling his eyes. Severus shook his head, he had heard, from Lily, all about her sister Petunia and the woman's husband Vernon. He didn't like them at all, didn't trust them either.

            "Good luck Harry," whispered Remus as he placed a kiss against the boy's forehead, looking intently at the lightening bolt shaped scar on the infant's head.

            Severus said nothing, as he stared at the tiny green eyes: Lily's green eyes. Hagrid looked at him, and noticed both baby and man were not handling this well, but seemed to have caught one another's eyes. Hagrid took a deep breath and headed towards the bike that Sirius had lent him; mounting the motorcycle Hagrid took off into the night.