Ok this was a random story taht just sort of came out of my head so if it sucks

oh well anyway on with the random story


*in the middle of a forest*

Nicolette:(13 yr old girl Brown hair Blonde Highlights green/gray/blue eyes)

*stands on top of the tallest tree and stares off into the sky*

Phillp:(13 yr old boy brown hair brown eyes)"Hey Nicolette are you ever gonna

come down!"

Nicolette:"Yeahi'll be down in 5."

Phillp:"ok,but you better."

Nicolette:"yeah yeah yeah."

Nicolette:*continues to stare off into the sky then jumps down from the tree and

starts walking back towards then village*

Toni:(13 yr old girl brown hair green/blue eyes)"Hey NIcolette's finally back!"

Nicolette:"Yeah i'm back anyway"

A cat:*appears before Nicolette and rubs against her*

Nicolette:*pets cat*"where have your benn midnight?"

Toni:*walks next too Nicolette*"Hey have you seen dylan lately?"

Dylan:(13 yr old boy Blonde hair green eyes)"I'm in the stall."

Toni:"oh."*starts running towards the stalls and drags Nicolette with her*

Toni:*avords getting kicked by a horse*

Nicolette:*walks over to moonshine*"So how are ya today Dylan?"

Dyaln:"besides the stench from in here fine."

Toni:*hugs Dylan*"so are you done yet because I don't think hores like me very much"

Dylan:"Yeah i just finished."

Nicolette:"hey i'm gonna take moonshine for a ride ok,will you guys tell my mom?"

Toni:"ok sure"

Nicolette:*ride off towards the forest*

*later that night*

Nicolette:*walks in the house*

Tanya(Mom):?What took you so long tonight?"

Nicolette:"I went riding is that ok?"

Mom:"yeah there's some dinner for you in the kitchen."

Nicolette:*walks into kitchen and grabs a plate of chicken*

Pillp:walks into kitchen and hugs Nicolette*so did you havefun riding?"

(ok sorry to but in like this but fyi phillp and Nicolette and boyfriend and girl friend,

and Toni nad Dylan are Boyfriend and girlfriend too just so you don't get confused)

Nicolette:"yeah, by the way where did you go after you told me too come down"

Phillp:"I had 2 run too the lake too fetch the laundry."

Nicolette:"ok just wondering."*stares out the window out into the night sky*

Phillp:"ok well i better go before my parenst get woried"*kisses Nicolette on the cheeck

and walks out of the kitchen into the empty living room and out the door*

*the next morning*

Toni and Dylan:*knock on the door*

Nicolette:*answers the door and yawns*"yeah what do ya want"

Toni:*drags nicolette out of the house and towards Phillp's house*

NIcolette:"ok where are we going,is anyone gonna tell me or not"

Dylan:"just be paient"

Nicolette:well that's not my strong point i've never been good at being paient"

Toni:"just trust us"

Nicolette:"ok,but you two are freaking mt out"

Toni:*starts pounding on Phillp's door*

Phillps:*answers the door*"what do you people want"*sees Nicolette standing behind toni in

her pjs*

Dylan:"come the king wants the four of us don't ask just come"


*they all start walking towards the Gaint castle one in battle pj amor and 3 in regular clothes*


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