Android Kikaider 02: The Fanfiction

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Once again, Akira was working on the repairs to Kikaider 02. He thought to himself that the damage he had undergone was far more extensive than when he fought Shadow Golem. What seemed odd to Rieko though was that he was doing the procedure wearing gloves. "He's going to be okay, isn't he!" Suzume asked the teenage robotics expert.

"I don't know. Kuro did a huge number on him."

"And worse yet, he did it with his own power along with Sano's old gun," Jiro added.

"He couldn't do that Gemini Overdrive thing?" Suzume asked.

"The what?" Rieko asked in confusion.

"The whole golden circuitry thing with the power boost?"

Misao then said, "I think Niro doesn't know how to access that power at will."

Hiroshi looked at the fallen robot as Akira said, "It gets worse. Niro might not be able to use that power at will, but Kuro can."

Suzume kept looking at 02 and Akira finished the repairs, removed his gloves, and hit the transformation switches. "I've done all I can do. Niro will have to do the rest himself."

"I guess someone's going to have to tell Waruder that he'll have to wait around for a little bit before he can have his fight," Rieko said solemnly.

"I'll tell him," Jiro replied.

Soon after saying this, Jiro left the room followed by everyone else but Suzume. She gripped onto Niro's near-human hand as tears threatened to roll down her eyes. "Why does this keep happening? Why does this keep happening to you!"

She kept looking at the motionless android and quietly said, "Please come back to me. You have to. I need you."

She couldn't hold the tears back anymore as she said, "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."


"I see," Waruder said to Jiro.

"The extent of his damage was great. We're not even sure if he's going to pull through this or not," Misao said with Hiroshi clinging to her leg.

"02 is strong. That much is certain. I have the utmost faith in his recovery," Waruder replied.

"Even I'll admit that you're a pretty good guy. Heck, you're as good as a bad guy can get. So why do you want to fight Niro so badly?" Rieko asked the samurai android.

"Officially, it is merely because of my master's orders."

"Unofficially?" Akira asked in response.

"I see that 02 is indeed an honorable warrior and that he fights for what he believes is right. There is no doubt in my mind that he is good and just. However, I do what I can to fight with honor, and I carry out my master's orders out of respect for the life that he gave me. I need to see which of the two of us is truly just."

"In a fight to the death? Isn't that going a bit too far?" Jiro asked.

"It is the only way that righteousness can be determined, Kikaider."

Niro once again found himself in a complete void of darkness. "What is this? Another dream?"

"Niro, do you want me to complete you?" he heard from all around him, matching the voice with Suzume's.

The android looked all around him. "Suzume? Where are you? I can't see you."

The empty void soon took the form of a green grass field with a clear blue sky. "What is this place? Where am I?"

"Don't you like it here? Isn't this better than that endless black void that you were in earlier?" a voice replied.

Niro turned around to see Mitsuko standing there. "Mom? What is this place?"

"This is a place of peace. A sanctuary of serenity that exists in all pure souls," she replied.

Then Masaru appeared right beside her and replied, "And yet, you feel a slight unease about this place, don't you? You feel uneasy here because you don't know what this place is. And at the same time, you feel at peace here."

"You're not making any sense," Niro replied.

Jiro then appeared and then said, "That's because you can't make sense of what you feel just like you can't make sense out of this place."

Niro stared at his father in confusion as the three disappeared. Niro turned around and saw Suzume appear in front of him. "Do you want me to complete you, Niro?"

"How? How can you complete me? What do you want from me?"

Suzume looked him in the eye and asked the same question somewhat differently. "Do you want me?"

"Do I…what?"

"Do you want me, Niro?" Suzume asked again.

"What do you mean by that! What the heck ever happened to a straight answer! Can't I at least get a hint!" the young android yelled in frustration.

Suzume suddenly ran to him and threw her arms around him. Niro was taken back a bit by this, but the shock quickly left him as he wrapped his arms around her. "Is this enough for a hint?" a strange yet familiar voice sounded.

"It's…strange yet reassuring. I want her here with me."

"Yet you don't know why you want her with you," replied the voice.

"I need her here with me."

"Yet you don't know why you need her with you."

"Is that wrong?"

"Not by any means, but this is why you can't get a straight answer. To find and explain the reasoning behind what the two of you feel and share would cheapen the feeling and emotion."

"The emotion…which comes from my Gemini?"

"No. From your heart."

Niro began to regain consciousness and sat up. He held his forehead with his hand as he attempted to make out his surroundings. "The lab?"

"Niro!" he heard someone call his voice and found the owner of it throwing her arms around him.

"Suzume?" he responded.

She let go and asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Everything seems to be working fine, but my head is throbbing!"

Suzume looked at him quizzically. "I didn't know androids could get headaches."

Niro held his forehead with his hand as he replied, "Yeah. It's news to me too."

After a bit of silence, Suzume said, "Waruder is here. He's waiting for you."

"Huh? What does he want?"

"He wants a fight…to the death."

Niro was silent for a moment, but then he nodded his head. "I guess I better go talk to him."

Akira was clacking away at the computer once again in his room. Rieko sighed as she stood at the door watching him. "How many times do I have to pull you away from that thing!"

Akira turned to her, smiled, and said, "Sorry about worrying you. I'm just going over something on the Gemini schematics that I missed before."

Rieko walked over to him and looked at the screen. "The Gemini's genetic program?"

"Yes. It's the basic foundation of the Gemini itself. This program is what allows androids to process external influences."

"Why is that so important?" Rieko asked.

"How's the cupid thing going with Niro and Suzume?"

Rieko seemed puzzled by the sudden change in subject. "Well, I think they're getting closer to a romance. Why do you ask?"

"Because I found something wet around the Gemini as I was working on him, so I had to put on gloves."

"I was wondering why you did that. You usually work bare-handed."

Akira nodded. "I ended up having to get deep and ended up having my hands against the Gemini. Take a look at these."

Akira held the gloves from the operation up and Rieko looked shocked as she saw the red spots that were on it. "Is that what I think it is!"

Akira nodded again. "Yep. It's human blood. Niro's body is changing because the Gemini has entered into another phase of evolution. I think Suzume holds the key."

Niro stood in the living room facing Waruder. "That's it! That's why you want to fight me so bad! Just to prove who's right!"

"There is no other way, 02."

"How can you say that! If we do this, then it doesn't matter who wins! We both lose!"

"Be silent!"

Niro took on a look of bewilderment at this. The samurai android continued, "When I say this is the only way, I mean it. Do not misunderstand me. I hold you in high respects, and I truly wish that it did not end this way. However, it is clear that neither one of us will change our views of right and wrong."

Niro took on a serious look as Waruder went onward with his speech. "I would not ask you to join Night and surrender protecting the people you care about the most. Likewise, I cannot resign from Night for reasons which you already know of. Despite whatever honors we hold for each other, we are enemies first and foremost."

Niro then nodded his head and replied, "I understand."

Waruder walked outside, and Niro followed him until Suzume grabbed his arm. "Please don't do this."

Niro turned to her and noticed some tears in her eyes. "Please don't fight him! I almost lost you once today! I don't want to lose you!"

Niro wiped away her tears and said, "I know. This is something neither one of us wants to do, but it must be done."

Suzume just looked Niro in his eyes. The android then held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Wait for me."

Suzume was a bit surprised by this, but she found assurance in his words. As Niro released her and caught up to Waruder, she thought to herself, "I will. I worry for you, but I know you'll come back just as you always have. I'll wait for you just as I always have."

Niro and Waruder stood facing each other in the backyard. Everyone else had gathered on the sidelines to watch. Waruder quickly drew his sword showing that he was ready. Niro placed his hands on the transformation switches and shouted, "CHANGE! 02!"

The young android's human features flaked off as usual as he transformed into Kikaider 02. He then took a fighting stance showing that he was ready for the fight. A moment of silence passed by before they charged at each other to attack.

Waruder swung his sword at the blue and red android, but 02 evaded the attack and countered with a kick to the samurai's head. He then tried to follow the attack up with a punch, but Waruder wrapped his chain around 02's arm and yanked him to the side and forced him to the ground. The samurai android then saw his chance to strike him and took it by disengaging the chain and jumping at 02, sword pointed downward ready to finish the fight. However, the young Kikaider pushed himself off the ground with his hands and planted his feet on Waruder's chest.

"He's stronger," Waruder thought to himself. "He's much stronger than he ever has been."

"Waruder really wants to end this quick," 02 thought. "Maybe I should too."

02 then brought his arms into an X and electrical blue energy surrounded them. He then charged at the Night warrior screaming, "ELECTRO END!"

Waruder then leaped over the attack and threw three shurikins, all of them landing on 02's back. The blue and red android grunted in pain. Waruder then said, "You're getting sloppy, 02. I thought you would be more of a challenge."

Jiro then said, "This is bad. Niro's not focusing enough on the fight."

Misao then commented, "Niro has a lot of respect for Waruder. I'd imagine it would be hard to kill him."

02 faced the samurai as he continued, "Do you not value your life! Are you really so unwilling to destroy me that you would sacrifice yourself!"

"What is he doing? Is he asking me to kill him?" 02 thought to himself.

"And what of your friends? Do you not care for them at all? Even that human girl you hold so close to you? Do you want to make her suffer by grieving for you? If so, then stand there and let me destroy you," Waruder kept going.

02 began to growl in anger. Waruder then topped it off by saying, "But at least she probably wouldn't have to grieve long. Odds are Lord Kuro will give me orders shortly after to kill her. Of course, your father and cousin would try and stop me, but we both know that it wouldn't be long into the fight before I destroyed them. I'd imagine that the only people that you know that would be kept alive would be Akira and Hiroshi only to be used as power sources. Mere pawns!"

02's circuitry took on a golden glow and he went into Gemini Overdrive. "I won't let you hurt any of them!"

"Yes," Waruder thought to himself, "use your full power and end this once and for all."

The enraged 02 charged at Waruder with blinding speed and hit him hard across the face sending him a good twenty feet away. Once Waruder got back on his feet, the symmetrical android charged at him once again, and he threw his chain at 02. The chain wrapped around his arm again, but the heroic android stopped, pulled on the chain, and yanked Waruder right to him. 02 then punched the incoming Waruder in the chest causing him to break the chain, send the samurai android flying in another direction, and loose his sword.

Waruder's primary weapon landed right in between where the two fighters stood. 02 and Waruder then charged at the sword to get it. The group watched on as the fighters passed each other, the sword seeming as if it vanished into thin air. Waruder turned around empty handed but was soon met with his sword going right through the chest and back thrown by none other than Kikaider 02.

Kikaider 02 then reverted back to Niro Komyoji as he walked back to the samurai. Waruder slowly and painfully said, "Very good…02…It seems…you are the one…who must continue…to fight…"

Everyone watched as Niro replied, "Why did you say all those things? Why go so far?"

"It had…to end like this…and I knew…you could not defeat me…without your full power."

Niro looked at him solemnly as he continued, "Your power…comes from…your Gemini…your heart…I see that now…But you must…beware…As you draw closer…to human quality…you must guard…you human…vulnerability…"

"What do you mean?" Niro asked.

"There is…one among Night…who can manipulate…the male…human heart…Beware of her…the Mermaid Princess…"

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because…I believe…in your honor…It is one which…exceeds my own…May you fight on…and fight with honor…Kikaider…0…2…"

The remainder of Waruder's life vanished. One small tear ran down Niro's face as he replied, "Rest in peace…honorable samurai Waruder…"

Some time later, everyone else was inside except for Niro. The teenage android then came inside and was met by everyone else. "Are you okay?" Suzume asked.

"Yeah, just a few shurikin holes. It's nothing that won't heal on its own."

Jiro then asked, "Why did you stay outside so long?"

"I had something to take care of.

Somewhere in the woods, there is a mass of dirt which indicates that something has been buried under it. At the head of that pile is a sword sticking into the ground.

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